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As of version 1.1, Acrobatics no longer affects jump height.
As of version 1.2, the player character's base jump height has also been reduced.
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This mod forces the player character and all NPCs to walk and run at the same unchangeable rate. As an added bonus, it also reduces player jump height to something a bit more realistic, and makes the walk speed slightly faster, so that NPCs (and your character as well) no longer mosey around town, but actually appear to be walking to their destinations with a purpose.

So how does it work?

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Here are the original mathematical formulas that Oblivion uses:

JumpHeight = fJumpHeightMin + (fJumpHeightMax - fJumpHeightMin) * Acrobatics/100
Walk Speed: BaseSpeed = fMoveCharWalkMin + (fMoveCharWalkMax - fMoveCharWalkMin) * Speed / 100
Run speed: fMoveRunMult + fMoveRunAthleticsMult * Athletics / 100
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I made fJumpHeightMin and fJumpHeightMax equal values (both 64), so that they would equal zero. Since anything multiplied against zero will always end in a sum of zero, the effects of Acrobatics on the equation were successfully nullified.

Similarly, I made fMoveCharWalkMin and fMoveCharWalkMax equal values (both 140), so that they would equal zero. Since anything multiplied against zero will always end in a sum of zero, the effects of Speed on the equation were successfully nullified.

As for the third formula, I set fMoveRunAthleticsMult to zero. Again, abiding by the rule that anything multiplied against zero would end in a sum of zero, I managed to successfully negate the effects of Athletics on running speed.

Also, not listed here is another value that I changed: fJumpFallVelocity Min
It was originally set at 600, but I doubled it, setting it at 1200. This was initially intended to make players fall 2x faster, but it appears the effects were lower than anticipated. So, in v 1.2, I decreased the fJumpHeight Max and fJumpHeightMin values (both to 32) to compensate.

Special thanks to Niev for showing me the walk/run speed formulas and how to alter it in order to accomplish what I wanted. A Skyrim-inspired movement system is now finally possible for Oblivion players. Try using this mod alongside my other related mod "Stunted Acrobatics and Athletics", which prevents Speed from stealing multipliers whenever you level up.