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Adds an immersive ability to sprint, and to gallop faster on your horse.

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  • German
If you upgrade to version 6.0 or higher, you'll have to do a clean save.

Includes new horse anims, the speed can be adjusted by opening the .kf files in NifSkope and changing the Frequency value then saving.

About this mod:
I've tried out several mods that makes the player able to sprint, but hardly any of them suited my tastes. Here I wanted to implement Skyrim-style sprinting to Oblivion.
While you're running on foot, hold down the grab key and the player gets a vast Speed boost ability as well as Strength boost, and will play unique running animations depending on if their melee weapon is sheathed or not. You can even use the sprint/grab key when on horseback. You respective your horse will also burn fatigue (obviously).
You can make NPC's stagger when you sprint into them, and knock them down when galloping. The latter can inflict damage and potentially kill the NPC-
This mod doesn't touch any actors, it just adds separate quests that check if you're holding down the grab key. They also make sure that you or your horse cannot sprint when your fatigue is below 20%, this is to prevent knockout.
The sprint key is set to 28 (grab key) by default, and can be changed in the new INI I've included for this mod, for better compatibility with Grab Companion.

PS: This plugin is masterless, meaning that it's possibly compatible with Nehrim.

If you have HUD Status Bars installed and you want to keep track of your horse's stamina, you can add the following to Hud Status Bars.ini (under the rest of your custom bars) :

set tnoHSB.hud_ref to sv_Construct "Player.GetHorse"
set tnoHSB.hud_color to sv_Construct"HUDcolorGrey"
set tnoHSB.hud_val to sv_Construct "GetAV Fatigue"
set tnoHSB.hud_max to sv_Construct "GetBaseAV Fatigue"
SetStage tnoHSB 10

The animations included in this mod belong to their respective authors. (Got them from here)

Recommended/compatible mods:
Horse Commands v4 - I highly recommend that you open up kuerteeHorseCommands_HorseSpeedEqualsPlayerSpeed.ini and set horseSpeedFactor to 0
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