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Correction of turning speed on a horse while standing still and while moving + optional horse speed. .

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Correction of turning speed on a horse while standing still and while moving.

I have always been annoyed by the slowness in turning horses (when on horseback).
And this simple mod corrects this misunderstanding of the original game.

This is not my idea, and similar mods have been around for a long time, but I didn’t like a lot about them.
- it was, or a constant increase in the speed of the turn, which greatly complicated the control of the horse when moving (fast riding).
- or there were a lot of unnecessary functions for me.

The mechanics of this mod is comparable to the power steering when driving a car. That is, while you are standing still, the hydraulic booster works at full capacity - but as soon as you start moving, these functions are gradually turned off, simplifying control.

Version 2.0 added the ability to configure using an ini file.
Edit the data/ini/Turn The Horse.ini file according to your preferences. Or use the built-in LINK configuration menu. (if you are using the LINK mod).

- Added a version of the mod - with the ability to increase the running speed of your horse. You can enable it in the ini file or the LINK configuration menu. This option is disabled by default, do not enable it if you use other mods that change speed or add canter.
- Added a version of the mod that has compatibility and customization options for the mod Steer horses with the mouse. In this version, you can also additionally configure mouse control functions in the ini file, or in the LINK configuration menu.
Attention! To use the version compatible with the mod Steer horses with the mouse, you need to install the mod  Steer horses with the mouse.

I am not aware of any incompatibilities.
- but likely conflict with mods that change GameSetting variables, such as: iHorseTurnDegreesPerSecond and iHorseTurnDegreesRampUpPerSecond
- the mod has been tested and is compatible with the mod Realistic Sprint and Gallop.

I also want to give credits:
Acleacius and his mod HorsesTurnFaster
Moogiefluff and his mod Horse Turning Fixed  
Qazaaq and his mod Steer horses with the mouse
Their mods do the same, but in a slightly different way. And thanks to them, I had the idea to change that.