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Does what other horse speed mods don't-- eliminates the 'ramping up' of the turning speed, making it a flat rate that responds with no lag.

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This tiny mod changes just two values, but that's one more than other horse speed mods do, for some reason. I don't know why anybody would ignore the 'rampupspeed' setting, but I modified it so that there IS no ramping up. As soon as you press the key, the horse will turn at its max speed (which has also been bumped up slightly from vanilla). Running speed is unaffected.

But there's a bonus side-effect, and this is the main reason I'm bothering to upload such a simple mod: If you use this with Steer Horses with the Mouse, you'll have pretty much perfect horse controls, able to turn in small and large increments, allowing you to weave in and out of objects with high precision. Finally, horse riding that doesn't feel like coaxing a ten ton tank to swivel its bulk around in a mud pit!

Recommended settings when configuring the Steer Horse mod (by typing 'startquest qazsteerconfig' in the console) are as follows:

Turn Angle: 5
Mouse Correction: 25

That should get you pretty close. Experiment from there. Turn Angle is how far you need to move the mouse from center screen in order for the horse to begin turning, and Mouse Correction is the speed at which your mouse is drawn back to center screen in order to stop the turning. Set Mouse Correction too high and it will feel like the controls are fighting against you. Set Turn Angle too low and you'll find it difficult to stop turning if your mouse is unable to re-center itself on the screen.

I've uploaded a video that attempts to demonstrate the effects of all this.

You'll notice there's no lag in turning and I can perform some very precise maneuvering (despite the FRAPS lag ;)). Honestly I don't deserve any special credit or anything, I just wanted people who are searching for better horse controls to stumble across these instructions and enjoy an almost perfect horseriding experience in Oblivion after so many years dealing with the garbage system Bethesda originally delivered. I know I certainly would have appreciated it.

So. Enjoy! And go give Steer Horses an endorsement while you're at it. :)