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Some patches for Oblivion Character Overhaul - Advanced Edition

Permissions and credits
CGS_OCO2_facelift.esp pach for Conjurer Golden Saint
CDS_OCO2+facelift.esp pach for Conjurer  Dark Seducer
CD_OCO2_facelift.esp pach for Conjurer  Dremora
MF_OCO2_facelift.esp pach for Mehrunes Femoras
SOD_OCO2_facelift.esp pach for Servant of Dawn
DrComp_OCO2_facelift.esp pach for  Dremora Companion
MC_OCO2_facelift.esp.esp pach for   Mannimarco Resurrection - Light and Dark
TBC_OCO2_facelift.esp pach for   The Blackwood Company
KR_OCO2_facelift.esp pach for   Knights of the Nine Revelation
QOW_OCO2_facelift.esp pach for    Quest of The Week
BU_OCO2_facelift.esp patch for Bravil Undeground NO MBP version
bgMagic+BgInteg_OCO2_facelift.esp patch for LAME and Integration Integrated
Patches are delivered "as is". No support