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This mod improves the game's melee combat system while maintaining the overall balance and feel of Oblivion combat. It gives combat more dynamism, variety, and depth by adding features to both the player and the opponent's combat mechanics.

Permissions and credits
DOC Version 2.1
This mod improves the game's melee combat system while maintaining the overall balance and feel of Oblivion combat.  It gives combat more dynamism, variety, and depth by adding features to both the player and the opponent's combat mechanics.
Opponents will use their new abilities to counter the player's offensive and defensive moves.  Combat style, choice of moves, and strategy become important to victory.

Major features added by this mod are:

• Timed Block
• Overhaul of the Stagger-Recoil system
• Bob and Weave style dodge for both player and opponents
• Acrobatic Roll style dodge for player and some opponents
• Shield Bashing, power bashing, location based bashing. Bashing drains target's fatigue too.
• Cancel your power attacks with bash. Bash your way out if cornered by multiple enemies.
• Opponents can shield bash to counter a player's failed attack
• Opponents can perform a Flanking movement to avoid a bash
• Location based Leg and Head-shots and Power head-shots and Wrap shots.
• Opponent AI can predict and counter repetitive player offensive and defensive moves
• If player is disarmed the opponent can pick up and use player's weapon
• Lunge style attack
• Hit from behind knockdown on player
• Two hand weapons, in addition to damage,  also drain fatigue on target
• Augmented evade and recover AI for select opponents (ini adjustable for type of opponent)
• Combat damage multiplier
• Momentum damage multiplier
• Power Casting, stagger one or more opponents.
• Block - parry fatigue based on item weight
• Horizontal Aim now has consequences/benefits
• Changes to Oblivion's Game Settings such as:
⦁    decreased combat hit cone angle from 35 to 26
⦁    decreased Max armor rating from 85 to 80
⦁    increased magicka regeneration multiplier from 0.02 to 0.04
⦁    and several others, all easily changed or disabled in the ini file
• Extensive user adjustable ini file to customize features
• Compatible with most other mods
• Cleaned with TES4Edit.  FPS friendly.  Can be installed/uninstalled, upgraded at any time during a play-through.

2 Installation and Configuration

2.1 Requirements
This mod requires OBSE (version 21 or higher).  If you haven't  already installed it you can get it here:
This is the only requirement.  Dynamic Oblivion Combat will not run without OBSE.

2.2 Compatibility
This mod implements most of its functions through scripts.  It also adds some combat related animations and changes some combat related game settings.  No game records are changed.
It should not be used together with big melee combat overhaul mods as too many overlapping features may conflict.  It should not be used with the mod "Better recoil and stagger"

It should be compatible with most other mods, including overhauls. 

Works well with these mods and more:
Maskars Oblivion Overhaul, Basic Physical Abilities, AOG - Greed Vision, NPC and Creature Buffer, Duke Patrick's Combat Archery, Enemy Actors AutoHeal, Balanced Magic, Enemy Actors Use Powers, Weapon Reach and Speed Overhaul, OOO, Symphony of Violence.

**NOTE: If you reassign your game's attack, or block input keys to a number key on the numeric pad of your keyboard
then make sure that NUM LOCK is OFF when you play the game.  NUM PAD key
inputs will not work for BASHING unless NUM LOCK is OFF.

Vanilla Combat Enhanced compatibility:
There aren't any obvious incompatibilities with VCE's code. The problem is with the stagger and recoil animation meshes it adds for characters (the creature anims are ok).  It's not game-breaking, but certain functions of DOC will not work properly with those animations. For example, the opponent may not stagger when bashed, the stagger/recoil function will not work as intended, etc. If you really want to use both mods together, then I suggest removing all the stagger and recoil animations that VCE adds to the   "xxx/Data/Meshes/Characters/_1stPerson/"    and   xxx/Data/Meshes/Characters/_male/"    folders.

There are two methods you can use (you should have a bit of modding experience and make backups of any folder you edit).

Method 1: (recommended, especially if you use Wrye Bash)
--Create a compatible version of VCE by making a copy of the VCE package, and in that package:
--delete the entire      "00 Core/meshes/characters/_1stPerson/"folder.
--delete all the files in"00 Core/meshes/characters/_male/"         folder (keep the "idleanims/" folder).

--If you have already installed VCE then uninstall VCE (and DOC if necessary).

--Install both DOC and the edited VCE package. Load order does not matter.

Method 2:
--Install VCE if not already installed.

--go to your game's    xxx/Data/Meshes/Characters/_1stPerson/    folder and delete all the xxxxxx.kf files that VCE     added (open the VCE package and look in    "00 Core/meshes/characters/_1stPerson/"      and use it as a guide to
    see which ones).

--go to your game's    xxx/Data/Meshes/Characters/_male/             folder and delete all the xxxxxx.kf files that VCE
    added (open the VCE package and look in    "00 Core/meshes/characters/_male/"               and use it as a guide to
    see which ones.   Keep the "/idleanims/" folder).

--Install DOC.

2.3 Installation
==Manual Install==
   --Make a backup copy of your (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\Meshes\Characters\_1stPerson  and (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\Meshes\Characters\_male folders.
    --Extract the archive to any folder and then copy the contents to Oblivion's Data folder (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\
    --Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, and enable  Dynamic Oblivion Combat.esp
    --Click OK, then Exit the launcher.
    --Start Oblivion using obse_loader.exe as normal.
== Wrye Bash BAIN Install==
    --Copy the entire archive into your "Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers\" folder or just drag and drop it onto the Installers tab.
    --In Wrye Bash Installers tab, highlight the new archive.
    --If not already selected, check the Dynamic Oblivion Combat.esp
    --Right click the archive name and select "Install".
    --In Wrye Bash Mods tab, check the ESP.  Load order shouldn't matter.
    --Rebuild Bashed patch.
    --Start Oblivion using obse_loader.exe as normal.

2.4 Upgrading from a Previous Version
If you're upgrading from a previous version then you should perform a clean save before installing the new version. To perform a clean save:
   --Make a full save of the game, not a quicksave, in a spot where no combat is occurring.
   --Uninstall the previous version of this mod**, do not install the new version yet.
   --Launch Oblivion and load the saved game you made.
   --Tell the game to continue when prompted about missing content.
   --Make a new full save of the game in a new slot.  This is your "clean save".
   --Exit the game and install the new version.
   --Load the clean save and enjoy.

**NOTE: make sure to uninstall ALL the previous version's files including the animation files and the ini file.  If you've previously  made edits to the ini file then your mod-manager may not uninstall it automatically, you will have to do it manually.

2.5 Uninstallation
==== Manual  Uninstall===
   --Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the  Dynamic Oblivion Combat.esp file
   --Delete the files associated with the mod.  Use the backup you made of the _1stPerson and _male folders to restore these folders to their original state.

== Wrye Bash BAIN Uninstall==
   --From the Installers tab select the package and right click on it, then select Uninstall

2.6 Configuration
This mod's combat damage multiplier is disabled by default for compatibility with other mods that also have a damage multiplier.  If you wish to enable it then open the Dynamic Oblivion Combat.ini file and set dcvars.ini_CombatDamageMult to the desired multiplier.

 The double-tap dodge control method is disabled by default.  See section 3 Player Controls if you wish to use it instead of the dedicated dodge key.

Try and use the mod before changing other ini settings, if you find combat too hard (or too easy!) then go to the relevant section of the ini file and adjust settings to your preference.

You can also shut off the "Your Offence (Defense) is too repetitive..." messages by setting dcvars.ini_NPCPredictVerbose to 0

3  Player Controls

The following combat moves are activated by these controls:

 There are two dodge styles available to the player, an acrobatic roll dodge in any direction, and a bob and weave style dodge.

To initiate a roll dodge use either of these two methods:
⦁    Press and hold any direction key (WASD) and then the mod's dodge key (H).
⦁    Quickly tap a direction key twice. (keydown, keyup, keydown, keyup).**

To initiate a bob and weave dodge use either of these two methods:
⦁    Press just the mod's dodge key (H).
⦁    Quickly tap a direction key and hold it down (keydown, keyup, keydown).**

If desired, mod's dodge key can be changed in the ini file.

**NOTE: The double-tap dodge control method is disabled by default, if you wish to use it instead of the dodge key, then you must enable it in the Dynamic Oblivion Combat.ini  file.   Set dcvars.ini_DTapDodgeTime to a positive value to enable the double tap-control method.  For example, if set to 0.35 then whenever you tap a direction key twice in less than 0.35 seconds a dodge will be triggered.

You can also choose a hybrid input method by  setting dcvars.ini_DTapDodgeTime to a positive value and setting dcvars.ini_DodgeAcroEnable to 1.  Now a double tap on a direction key initiates only a bob and weave.  To roll dodge you must press a direction key and the dodge key.

===Shield Bash===
To shield bash press and hold the BLOCK key then press the ATTACK key.

NOTE: If you reassign your game's attack or block input keys to a number key on the numeric pad of your keyboard, then make sure that NUM LOCK is OFF when you play the game.  NUM PAD key inputs will not work for bashing unless NUM LOCK is OFF.

===Power Shield Bash===
Press and hold the BLOCK key then press the ATTACK key while running forward.      (FORWARD + RUN + BLOCK then ATTACK). This is the default method, see the ini file for an alternate method.

===Power Cast===
Cast any hostile spell while running forward at one or more nearby opponents.  Or, cast the spell, then press RUN and FORWARD before the spell is released from your hand.  Continue to hold RUN and FORWARD down until the spell hits the opponent.   Only works at close range.

===Lunge Attack===
The lunge attack replaces the game's standing power attack and is initiated in the same way:  hold the ATTACK key (with NO direction keys pressed) until the move begins.

4 Detailed Description of Features:

4.1 ini file
This mod includes an extensive ini file (Dynamic Oblivion Combat.ini) located in Oblivion's /Data directory.  All of the feature described below can be customized to your preferences and most can be disabled by editing the ini file.  Use NotePad or any other file editor that doesn't add formatting if you want to change ini settings.

4.2 Timed Block
A timed block is a block that is raised just before a strike.  If a block is held for longer than 1 second with a shield, or 0.5 seconds with a weapon or unarmed, it is no longer considered a timed block (timing is adjustable in the ini file).
A successful timed block will prevent all normal weapon damage, make staggering much less likely, and possibly cause the attacker to recoil.  A block held too long will be totally ineffective, full damage will be received, and staggering will be much more likely. 

Effects from shield bash attacks, poison, enchantments, or magicka attacks cannot be prevented with a timed block.
Raising a block drains fatigue.  The amount drained is proportional to the weight of the item used to block with.
Applies to everyone.  Anyone capable of blocking (player, NPCs, dremora, etc.) is also capable of timed blocking.  See the Strategy section of this document for tips on dealing with timed blocks.

4.3 Stagger / Recoil
The stagger and recoil function replaces Oblivion's stagger/recoil system.  When a blow is landed by an attacker on a target a "stagger score" is calculated.  The formula takes into account the attacker's weapon weight, weapon skill,  strength, aim, luck, and if using a power attack or a two-hand weapon.  It then compares it to the target's shield weight, block skill, agility, aim, luck, and whether or not the target has executed a timed block.  The resulting score is used to decide the length of time, if any, the attacker will recoil or the target will stagger. By default the length of stagger is capped at 1.5 seconds, recoil at 0.8 seconds.

In addition to the formula, this mod adds new recoil animations for both the player and opponents.  These add random variety, including a blockhit animation, and make recoil more realistic and less frustrating.
(A special thank you to documn and to Souldemon, authors of "Doc Block Recoil Stagger" and  "Better Recoil and Stagger" respectively, for making their work--which is a fundamental part of this function--freely available to other modders.

NOTE:  If you prefer to use another mod that has a recoil/stagger function, (or you prefer Oblivion's normal recoil/stagger) then the stagger/recoil function can be entirely disabled in the ini file.

4.4 Dodging
There are two dodge styles available to the player, an acrobatic roll dodge in any direction, and a bob and weave style dodge.  Please see section "3 Player Controls" on how to dodge. 

Opponents also can bob and weave to avoid your attacks.  Opponents with Augmented Evade and Recover AI may also roll dodge if in trouble.

Both styles of dodges drain fatigue.  The amount drained is in part based on encumbrance.

4.5 Bashing
You can execute a shield bash attack whenever you want.  To shield bash press and hold the BLOCK key then press the ATTACK key.   If you have no shield, are fighting hand-to-hand, or are using a 2handed weapon, then the hand-to-hand bash animation will play--the effects on the target are the same as a shield bash.

If you have a bow equipped, then bash will only work if you are in bashing range (very close) to your target.  Oblivion's Journeyman marksman zoom perk will work normally when not in bashing range.

A successful bash may cause the target to be pushed backwards or stagger.  The length of time of the stagger, if any, is determined by a formula that takes into account both the attacker's and the target's strength, size, and aim.  Bashing will interrupt an opponents attack.

A successful bash does not damage health but will drain fatigue from the target.  The amount drained is determined by a formula that takes into account both the attacker's and the target's strength, size, and aim.

Bashing a friendly NPC will lower the NPC's disposition toward the player.  Repeated bashing may lead to a fight.

Opponents may also bash the player in three circumstances: if the player's attacks are too predictable; or if the player is close to the NPC and executes a poorly aimed attack; or if the player is looking down and executes a failed leg shot.

===Power Bash===
You can execute a Power Bash by running forward at the opponent and bashing.  (FORWARD + RUN + BLOCK then ATTACK).  (see the ini file for an alternate method).  A power bash will cause the opponent to both stagger and get pushed backwards.  Like the regular bash, the length of the effect depends on a formula.  Power bashing consumes more fatigue than regular bashing. It also drains more fatigue from the target.

If the opponent is Attacking, Power Attacking, or Recoiling, then a power bash well aimed at the head can result in a Head-Shot and cause a stun and/or a knockdown.  If aimed at the legs it can cause a knockdown.  Like a weapon attack to the head or legs, the opponent will quickly learn to protect itself if repeated too often. 

You can hit more than one opponent with the same power bash if: the opponents are very close to each other, and you are able to target the second opponent before the bashing motion is finished (not easy!). 

Bashing and power bashing are also useful for forcing your way out if cornered by one or more opponents.

Initiating a bash will cancel a power attack.  If you begin a power attack you can stop the power attack if needed by bashing.

4.6 Flanking
Opponents can evade a bash attempt and counter with a flanking movement.  If a bash attempt is made when an opponent is in a blocking or neutral position, it may try and avoid the bash by moving sideways and then forward in an attempt to flank you (dangerous if it gets behind you).  Bashing is more effective when an opponent is attacking, recoiling, staggering, stunned, or otherwise unable to respond to the bash.  Opponents can also try and flank if bashed while casting. 

A sweeping bash can be used against NPCs that flank a lot.  Aim away from the NPC, begin the bash motion and aim at the NPC after the the bash motion has begun. If performed correctly the NPC will not have time to flank and the bash will connect.

4.7 Location based Leg-shots
By aiming at the lower legs or feet of an opponent the player has a chance of knocking down the opponent.  The attack will succeed if the following conditions are met:
⦁    the distance between player and opponent is less than 80 units (110 cm.) or 140 units if opponent is staggered, recoiling, or   attacking.
⦁    the blow strikes the lower legs or feet
⦁    player's horizontal aim error is less than 15 degrees to either side of centerline

Leg shots will not knock down large opponents like giants.

Opponents remember leg (and head) shots and will protect themselves if you use them too often.  Aiming your attacks at the body will open an opponent to leg (or head) shots later.

The player's opponent may attempt a leg shot on the player if the player is standing at least 30 units (42 cm.) higher than the opponent.  In this case, a timed block will prevent the player from being knocked down.

4.8 Location based Head-shots and Wrap shots
By aiming at the head of an opponent the player has a chance of knocking down, and/or stunning the opponent.  The head-shot will succeed if the following conditions are met:
⦁    the opponent is not blocking (regular or timed doesn't matter).
⦁    the opponent is not standing on significantly higher ground (jumping helps).
⦁    the blow strikes the head.

The length of the stun/knockdown depend on:
⦁    Your horizontal aim
⦁    Surprise.  More effective if opponent is not expecting it. Don't be a head-hunter, Work the body!
⦁    Relative level difference between player and opponent.
⦁    Power attacks (forward, left, right) to the head can cause a much longer knockdown (knockout).

===Wrap Shots===
If an opponent is blocking, you can try a wrap-shot to the head.  A wrap shot goes around a shield or block and strikes the head.  To perform a wrap shot you must:
⦁    be very close to the opponent
⦁    perform a forward, left, or right power attack aimed at the head.

A successful wrap shot will result in the same stun/knockdown effects as a regular (not power) head shot.
A shock effect visual will briefly play on a target hit with a head shot.

4.9 NPC AI Predict Offense
This function improves the combat opponent's AI. If the player repeats the same attack too many times, the opponent will be able to predict the next similar attack and attempt to either disarm the player, or knockout the player with a quick headshot counterattack. In case of disarm, the opponent will then attempt to pick up the player's dropped weapon. The player has a brief time to recover the weapon before the opponent  pick's it up.

Opponents with high intelligence will be better at learning the player's attack patterns.  Opponents have a "two deep" memory. They can learn to predict combinations of two moves.  If for example, you repeat "bash then lunge" combos two many times consecutively, your opponent will learn to predict them.

The following attack moves are considered as unique: Normal AttackLeft,  Normal AttackRight, Lunge Attack, Power AttackForward, Power AttackBack, Power AttackLeft, Power AttackRight, Shield Bash.  If you use a mix of some of these types of attacks in a fairly random way then your attacks will not be predictable.

4.10 NPC AI Predict Defense
This function improves the combat opponent's AI.  If the player repeats the same defensive move too many times, the opponent will be then able to predict the next defensive move and the player's next defensive move may not be effective.  If the predicted move is a timed block, then it will be considered a failed block and full damage will be taken and a stagger may ensue.  If a bob and weave, then the chance of getting hit will not be reduced.

Opponents with high intelligence will be better at learning the player's defensive moves.

The following defensive moves are considered as unique: Block, bob and weave dodge, roll dodge.  If you use a mix of two or more of these types of defenses in a fairly random way then your defense will not be predictable.

4.11 Lunge style attack
A lunge attack is an attack where the front foot is placed forward and the body moves forward while the weapon is thrust out toward the opponent.  It replaces Oblivion's standing power attack and is initiated in the same way, press and hold ATTACK until the move begins.  It has a longer reach and does more damage than a normal attack.  The player must attain Apprentice level in Blade or Blunt to be able to perform the lunge attack.  Opponents can also use the lunge attack.

4.12 Power Casting
Any offensive spell that is cast using the Power Cast method (See section 3 Player Controls) can cause an opponent hit by that spell to stagger (in addition to the normal spell damage.)

The length of the stagger is determined by a formula (see ini file for details) that evaluates the caster's Destruction, Illusion, Mysticism and Restoration skills vs the target's Agility.  The time also reduces exponentially based on distance to target.  It only works at close range, the closer the better.

Power casting costs additional magicka to cast. The total magicka consumed is the original cost of the spell, plus an ini multiplier (Default 10) times the number of actors affected by the spell.

Power casting a spell with an "area of effect" can stagger all actors within the spell's area of effect.  So, for example, if using a spell with an area of effect of 7, and there are 4 actors within a 7 foot range, and if all 4 are staggered, then the additional magicka cost will be (dcvars.ini_PowCastCost * 4) or 40 Magicka points.

Opponents can not be "chain staggered" by repeated power casts.  They will quickly adapt, and repeated power casts will not cause any stagger until they "forget".  You should use power cast only occasionally when needed.

4.13 Hit from Behind
If the player is hit from behind by an opponent, there is a chance the opponent will land a head-shot and knockout the player.  Any opponent more then 110 degrees (the limit off human peripheral vision) to the left or right of the player is considered behind.  The chance of a head shot increases with the opponent's Blade or Blunt skill, and decreases if the player is moving fast (running).  At default settings an opponent with a skill of 90 has an 86% chance of landing a head shot on the player when attacking from behind. And an 58% chance if the player is running.

4.14 Two Hand Weapons Damage Fatigue
Two hand weapons in addition to the normal health damage they do, also drain the target's fatigue.  The amount drained is proportional to the relative strength difference between the attacker and target, and the weight of the weapon used.  A timed block will block the damage but it will not block the fatigue drain.

 A strong NPC wielding a heavy two hand weapon can be a formidable opponent.

Any actor, player included, will fall to the ground if it's fatigue is drained below zero.  To prevent chain knockdowns, fatigue will not be drained if the target is getting up.

4.15 NPC augmented evade and recover AI
Adds enhanced evade and recover abilities to NPCs.  These abilities where designed for mages and other lightly armored NPCs, but they can be applied to anyone.

Because of changes to combat made by this mod, mage type and other lightly armored opponents can be more vulnerable.  To maintain balance, NPCs have an ini configurable  chance of receiving these enhanced evade and recover abilities:

⦁    Absorb Health.  If low on health they may cast an absorb health spell on their attacker. (by default Mages only)
⦁    Recover.  They have been given additional capabilities to cast restore health and fatigue on self.
⦁    Evade.  If low on health they may use fast left, right, back movement before casting restore health and fatigue.
⦁    Dodge.  If low on health they may use an acrobatic roll style dodge to gain enough distance from their attacker to safely cast restore health and fatigue. 
⦁    Flee.  If very low on health they may cast an invisibility spell, flee, and restore health and fatigue. Opponents with very high confidence will not flee.
⦁    Dispel.  If affected by Silence, Command, Calm, Demoralize, or Frenzy spells they may dispel the effects (Mages only).

Both opponents and  NPCs friendly to the player, have a chance to receive these abilities.  Actors with a health of 1, essential actors, actors in the player faction, and summons will not get the abilities.

By default, 80% of Mages will get the abilities, non mages and armor wearing NPCs have a smaller chance. See the relevant section in the ini file for a detailed description of all the choices.

If you use another mod that adds companions, the companion may or may not receive the abilities.  You can use the Banish/Bestow spells (see below) to remove or give the abilities to your companions.  If you find that your companion behaves strangely with the abilities you can always remove them with Banish Abilities spell.

The efficacy and frequency of the various evade and recover abilities depends on various NPC stats such as Agility, Illusion skill, amount of armor, max health/fatigue, etc.  For example, an actor capable of casting absorb health will absorb more health from its target if it has a high maximum health stat.  A heavily armored actor will rarely roll dodge.  An actor with low agility will not evade much.  A mage with a Mysticism skill lower than 50 will not be able to dispel.

===Banish/Bestow Abilities===
By default you will receive two Greater powers: Banish Abilities and Bestow Abilities.  These can be removed or set to appear as Lesser powers (with 300 magicka cost) by changing an ini setting.

Both powers are touch spells, when cast on an actor:
--Banish Abilities will remove the enhanced evade and recover abilities listed in this section from the target.  It is a hostile spell.  Effects are permanent for that actor unless reversed with Bestow Abilities.

--Bestow Abilities will add the enhanced evade and recover abilities listed in this section to the target.  The spell is not hostile.  Effects are permanent for that actor unless reversed with Banish Abilities.  The spell will work on any non-creature actor, including companions, essential, actors in player faction, and summons (Dremora summons are not creatures and are quite intelligent).

4.16 Combat and Momentum Damage Multipliers
===Combat Damage Multiplier===
Multiplies all combat damage (weapon, spell, creature) by an ini adjustable amount.  Applies to everyone. 
Disabled by default for compatibility with other mods that have a damage multiplier.  If for example you also use Maskar's oblivion Overhaul, then either leave it disabled here, or if you enabled it here then you should disable the damage multiplier in MOO. 

If you wish to enable it then open the Dynamic Oblivion Combat.ini file and set dcvars.ini_CombatDamageMult to the desired multiplier.  A setting of 1.5 to 2 works well.

===Momentum Damage Multiplier===
 Adds extra damage if the attacker has momentum when hitting the target (does not apply to spells). Applies to everyone.  Momentum is defined as:

--Running Forward when performing any attack.
--Running Left when performing a right to left attack. (swing begins on the right and ends on the left)
--Running Right when performing a left to right.

Running downhill will do extra damage (running uphill will do less). The steeper the terrain the more (or less) extra damage will be added.  Works on stairs too if the attacker is actually stepping down (or up) at the moment the attack connects.  Jumping down stairs or a steep slope toward the target and holding Forward and Run while attacking will do extra damage too.

A subtle visual particle effect (sparks) will briefly play on a target if it receives a hit that causes extra momentum damage.  You can turn this effect off in the ini file.
For compatibility with resurrection mods and to prevent excessive one-shot kills, extra damage caused by the either multiplier will never result in death. Instead, Health will be reduced to 2.

4.17  Block - Parry Fatigue
Raising a block, whether using a shield, weapon, or hand consumes fatigue.  The amount is determined by the weight of the item used to block.  Bound shields have zero weight, so their armor rating is used instead.  For bound weapons their damage rating is used.

4.18 Changes to Oblivion's Game Settings
This mod makes changes to some of Oblivion's combat related game settings.  The following changes are the most significant ones:

⦁    fPowerAttackDelay    has been changed from 0.3 to 0.2
⦁    fMaxArmorRating     has been changed from 85 to 80       
⦁    fMagickaReturnMult     has been changed from 0.02 to 0.033
⦁    fFatigueReturnBase     has been changed from  10 to 14
⦁    fFatigueRunBase    has been changed from  8 to 14
⦁    fDamageToWeaponPercentage        has been changed from  0.06 to 0.04
⦁    fDamageToArmorPercentage    has been changed from  9 to 6
⦁    fCombatHitConeAngle        has been changed from 35 to 26

You can read more about them here:

For a complete list of all changes, or if you want to modify or restore these settings to their default values, please see the GAME SETTINGS section of the ini file."

Note: The following settings are also changed:

fBlockMax         has been set to 1.0
fBlockSkillBase         has been set to 0
fBlockSkillMult         has been set to 1.0
iPerkBlockDisarmChance    has been set to -100
iPerkBlockStaggerChance     has been set to -100

These five setting changes are required for the mod to function properly.  They are not listed and can not be changed in the ini file.

5 Strategy

The usual Oblivion strategy for fighting in close combat of holding up your shield and blocking enemy attacks then mashing the attack button while your opponent recovers no longer works well.  Combat is not harder but it is more dangerous, and requires proper strategy.  You to should modify your style to take advantage of the new combat mechanics.  Here are some suggestions:

Don't hold your block up too long.  Begin your block when you think your opponent is about to strike.

Try to launch your attacks when the opponent is not in a position to counter with a timed block.  If he's holding block too long or is staggered or recoiling from your timed block, then strike.

Bob and weave to try to avoid a blow while staying in combat range.  Roll dodge when you need to get some distance from your opponent.

Try to aim your attacks (and blocks) as close to the opponent's vertical centerline as possible to avoid possible counters to poorly aimed attacks, maximize head and leg-shot chances, (and improve blocking effectiveness).

Aim most of your attacks at the body to set up leg and head-shots.  Head and leg-shots are very effective but opponents will quickly learn to protect themselves if you use them too much. Follow a successful leg-shot with a head-shot or a head shot with a leg shot, your opponent will not be expecting it.  Work the body!

Leg and head shots are easier when your opponent is attacking, staggered, or recoiling.

If your opponent is just standing still holding up a block, move in close and try a wrap shot to the head. A leg shot is also effective and easier to aim too.

Be careful when standing much higher than the opponent.  Your legs will be exposed to a leg shot and may result in a knockdown.  If you can't change your position then used timed blocks to prevent knockdowns.

If you are standing lower than an opponent leg shots are easier, and head shots are harder or impossible (unless you jump).  Be aware of the effects of terrain on your choice of attacks.

Make your attacks unpredictable by mixing normal, power, lunge (standing power), and shield bash attacks in a non-repetitive way.  Be extra careful when fighting a summoned opponent, if it disarms you and recovers your weapon, it will take it back to Oblivion when it returns.

Make your defense unpredictable by mixing block and bob-and-weave dodge defenses in a non-repetitive way.  If you want, throw in an occasional acrobatic roll dodge too.

If your opponent is using a heavy two handed weapon, be careful not to let your fatigue run too low, as the next blow may cause your fatigue to go below 0 and you will be knocked down.  Use bob and weave more than block.  Move to avoid being hit.

Heavy 2hand weapons are effective against heavily armored opponents that block a lot.  They drain fatigue even if blocked and can wear your opponent down into exhaustion.

Stock up on restore fatigue potions and try to get a restore fatigue spell and hotkey it. Always watch your fatigue level and restore if it gets too low.  Restore fatigue spells and potions are now just as important as restore health, particularly when fighting multiple opponents.  Don't carry too much weight, the more encumbered you are the more fatigue you burn.  Feather spells help.

Fighting multiple opponents at once is tough.  Move.  Use doors, buildings, landscape, corridors, anything to get into a position where you can fight one at a time.

Obtain or create a moderate cost area of effect spell . "Fast" spells such as shock work best.  These are very useful when fighting multiple enemies at once. When close, use the Power Cast method to cast it at them or at the ground close to them to stagger the entire group.

Don't get caught with your back against an obstacle or in a corner. 

If cornered by one or more opponents, try and force your way out with bashes, power bashes, or maybe by power casting an area of effect spell and then bashing.  Run or roll dodge away if you create a gap.

If an opponent is close to the edge of a fall, a good bash can push it off the edge.

Use bashing to stagger opponents and create openings for attack.  Bash to get room for casting a restore spell.

Opponents that attack a lot are vulnerable to bashes.  They also may have low fatigue reserves, bashing and power bashing may drain their fatigue enough to knock them down.  Combined with a heavy 2hand weapon which also drains fatigue, this is a new way to defeat an opponent.

Don't forget to use momentum to inflict extra damage.  Protect yourself from momentum damage from opponents that are rushing towards you.

Never turn your back to, or let an opponent get behind you when in combat range.

If you get knocked down, if your opponent is behind you, roll dodge or bob-and-weave as soon as you get up to avoid getting hit from behind again.

Always watch your six!

6 Appendix

6.1 Credits
Special thanks and credit to:
documn, author of "Doc Block Recoil Stagger"
Souldemon, author of "Better Recoil and Stagger"
For making their work--which is a fundamental part of the recoil/stagger function--freely available to other modders.

6.2 Tools Used
Oblivion Construction Set
Construction Set Extender
BSAUnpack by Timeslip
HxD Hex Editor

6.3 Licensing / Legal
Redistribution is forbidden without prior consent. This means do not upload it anywhere unless you have obtained permission from me.  All inquiries regarding this mod must be directed to me.  I can be contacted via PM at nexusmods.com, username Tharkun221.
This software (Mod) is provided on an “as is” basis. This means that the author of this Mod is not making any promises to you (i) about the standard or quality of the Mod, (ii) that the Mod is error free, or (iii) for any loss or damages that the Mod may cause.  I as author disclaim all warranties and liabilities with respect to the Mod. You use this Oblivion mod on your own risk and on your own responsibility, and installing it on your computer means you understand that. I as author cannot be held responsible for any damage it does to your computer, saved games or game or otherwise.