About this mod

Very detailed normal maps that add a ton of texture to Oblivion\'s vanilla textures. Now with Shivering Isles.

Permissions and credits
5/13/11 Removed the "Obelisks" folder from the Shivering Isles archive, there were normals inadvertently created from effects files which could possibly cause the game to crash when approaching an activated Obelisk of Order. For those who have already installed the Shivering Isles package it is necessary to delete the files from your "Oblivion\Data\Textures\Obelisks" folder in order to prevent any crashes. I sincerely apologize for overlooking this and for any issues or frustrations it may have caused anyone.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me fix the handful of issues I was oblivious to when I initially created this mod. Without the generous and helpful comments from everyone here I would never have been able to make this a mod that functioned for everyone and not just myself. My knowledge of modding and computer graphics is limited and I would like to thank everyone for bearing with me.

alt3rn1ty has uploaded a BAIN friendly version of this same mod, a link is in the "Mirrors" tab. If you like having a bit more control over your mods and files it's really worth a look.

Yet Another New Version!
1.1 Regenerated the mipmaps down to 32x32 and removed waterfall normals so they should be animated again, if you installed a previous version you'll have to manually remove landscapewater_N.dds, landscapewaterfoam_N.dds, landscapewaterparticles01_N.dds and landscapewaterparticles02_N.dds
from your Oblivon\Data\Textures\Landscape\ directory.
A great big thanks to Selene310187 for pointing that out to me.

Added Shivering Isles v.98 in a separate file, everything should be in . I'm looking into finishing up the rest of Oblivion's normals before I upload another version of it.

1.0 Fixed texture bug, should work on any texture setting now, the complete size is now about a third larger so it exceeded the 300MB file size limit for this site so I've split the files into two stand-alone 7zip files. Simply extract them both into your Oblivion\Data\ folder and make sure to update your archive invalidation, I strongly recommend using a program like Oblivion Mod Manager because it automates the process.

*Important Note* Anyone can do anything you like with these textures, I encourage anyone that wishes to to take these and improve them or manipulate them or better yet fix any issues I overlooked making them. Just stick my name(Jarod) somewhere in there and I'm a happy guy. Hell if you forget to put my name I'm still a happy guy cause I just want this game to look as awesome as possible, just let me know where I can download the better files at.

*Less Important Note* Screenshots were taken with Depth of Field enabled, I should have turned it off but the blur is not from the textures, it's pretty self-evident but I just thought I'd put that out there.

Vanilla Oblivion textures may not be super high resolution but they have always been plenty detailed for me and I like the performance they give, but I've never found a set of normal maps which have the depth and contrast I've desired. I made the normals with the intent to actually add texture to the world, I may have gone overboard in some cases, but for the most part I think it is a drastic improvement in the world, walls and building don't look like cardboard cutouts anymore, and clothes actually have the appearance of weight to them. I've generated the normals from the original Oblivion textures and made them for just about everything except clutter and Daedric statues; the clutter is an enormous and tedious undertaking I don't have the time for right now and I couldn't get the statues to look the way I wanted them to right now.