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This mod adds new colored quest icons for the various questlines in the game. It is a small update of the mod Colored Quest by Darkyne to make it compatible with the Unofficial Patches, and has fixes for the wizard installer.

Permissions and credits
This is just a small update to the mod Colored Quests by Darkyne.

This is for BAIN (.wizard.txt) only. If you only use FOMODs, then just use the original mod's FOMOD package.

Things changed:

  • It is now compatible with all Unofficial Patches for Oblivion by default, and requires them (Thieves Den not truly required because of the new Filter tag).
  • It is now also compatible with Oblivion Uncut and all other mods that modify quests, due to the new bash tags being added to the plugins - Filter, Graphics and NoMerge. Deactivate the plugins before rebuilding your bashed patch - the bashed patch will do this automatically with the Filter bash tag. Only the new icons will be taken from the plugins and no other quest changes will be merged into the bashed patch.
  • The wizard installer now properly works - previously the daedric quests icons were not being installed (resulting in missing icons if you didn't notice it). The incorrect file paths of Sub-Packages has been fixed, which will also fix missing quest icons.
  • I've removed the renaming of the Tutorial quest, because I felt it was unessesary for this type of mod. I also don't think it was intentional, but I may be wrong.

If you aren't using Wrye Bash to deactivate and filter the main plugin, you will also need the Thieves Den official DLC.

That's all, please, endorse the original mod if you like the mod. I am not the creator of it, but merely posting this here to fix up some issues that never were addressed in the original, allowed to by Darkyne's kind permissions.

If Darkyne ever gets around to correcting the problems of the original mod, I will take this file down as everyone should be using his/her version again.

Thank you TesaPlus as well for the wizard.

I only support Wrye Bash 309.1 or greater. Don't use CBash on older versions as it's redundant now and highly broken. Don't complain if it does not work on older Wrye Bash versions; just upgrade to the latest.