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Glowing Fractured Soul Gems is a retexture and minor mesh edit to Oblivion's soul gems, making them glow when filled, as well as to make each grade of soul gem visually different from each other.

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Glowing Fractured Soul Gems

Isn't it kind of odd that in vanilla, petty soul gems glow all the time, yet the other soul gems don't glow at all, even when filled?

Then there is the fact that 4 out of the 6 soul gems have the same texture and shape!

Glowing Fractured Soul Gems changes this,  filled soul gems will glow (and even pulse!) along the crystalline fractures that are present in the original texture, also empty soul gems will also have a very weak glow. 'Cuz Magic!

Each soul gem now has its own coloured texture, instead of sharing one with the rest.

Currently, there are 2 different "inspired" recolours, Morrowind and Skyrim, there is also an upscaled vanilla texture (as well as the vanilla glowmap), for those that may prefer the original look.

The meshes for the soul gems have been resized so that the different soul gems actually look slightly different, instead of them being the same size.

Petty soul gems are now slightly smaller and narrower,
Lesser soul gems are now slightly smaller,
Common soul gems now use a bigger version of the Petty soul gem mesh, but are also narrower to match,
Greater soul gems have not changed in size,
Grand soul gems are now bigger, because they are supposed to be Grand!
Black soul gems are now bigger, the same size as Grand soul gems.

A patch for Soulgem Magic is in the Optional section of the downloads.

Changes made by the UOP to Falcar's Black Soulgem were carried forward.

Other soul gem related recommendations:
Soulgem Magic, lets you put the souls into the right size soul gems!
(Note: Personally, I use "Soulgem mode 0", which means the size of the soul must match the size of the soul gem).

Empty all White Soulgems, sometimes you will find a soul gem with an incorrect sized soul in it, now you will be able to empty that gem so that it can be filled properly!
(Note: Depending on if you have any mods that change "Calindil" (Market Quarter, Imperial city), you may not be able to buy the spell from him!).

Credits and Inspiration:
Kartoffels for Oblivion Upscaled Textures, for the Upscaled Textures
Quazz for Improved Soulgems, inspiration for the Morrowind colours
Gamwich and Saerileth for Rustic Soulgems, inspiration for the Skyrim colours
waifu2x for the ability to further Upscale the images
UOP Team for Unofficial Oblivion Patch
xEdit Team for xEdit
NifSkope team for NifSkope