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Makes soulgem change price according to soul level you fill it with, and let you fill multiple souls in one soulgem or prevent it from getting filled with inferior souls.

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========= SOULGEM MAGIC 2.0 ============

Makes soulgem change price according to soul level you fill it with, and let you fill multiple souls in one soulgem or prevent it from getting filled with inferior souls.


Author: Ole Boe, a.k.a. TheNiceOne
Date:July 7, 2011

OBSE v 20 (or newer) required.

=== Pricing

In Oblivion, empty soulgems are generally worth much less than pre-filled ones, but when you capture souls into them, they keep the same price as before, still being worth less than a pre-filled one of same type/level.

Soulgem Magic changes this functionality. When you now capture a soul, the newly filled soulgem will change its price according to the soul level filled into it. Soulgem Magic handles this by replacing all soulgems you fill by a pre-filled of exactly the same type/level. A side effect of this is that all the soulgems of the same type/level will stack in your inventory too.

=== Waste control

But there is more. One problematic facet of vanilla soulgems is that if you're not careful, your empty grand soulgem may suddenly be filled by a petty soul. With Soulgem Magic, this is no longer any problem, and how it solves it is dependent on your ini settings, specifically the "soulgemMode" setting.

Set soulgemMode to a value between 0 and 4, and this value controls how well a soul must match the soulgem to not fall right through it. Normally, if the only empty soulgem you have is a grand one when you slaughter a rat, the grand soulgem gets wasted with a petty soul. With the soulgem waste control feature, you can set up the amount of waste allowed (0-4). With 0 waste, a soulgem will only hold souls equal to its capacity. With waste 1, a soulgem will only hold souls equal to, or one less than its capacity, etc., and with waste 4 (or higher), there are no restrictions.

Ex: Set soulgemMode to 1, and your grand soulgem may accept grand or greater souls, but any soul of a lesser type will fall thtough the soulgem. You will get the normal "You have captured a soulgem" message, but the soulgem will immediately empty itself again.

The waste control will have no effect on Azura's Start, since you are free to empty it and reuse it any time you want.

=== Multi-soul gems

Finally, the most advanced part of Soulgem Magic is to allow soulgems to become filled with more than one soul. Don't despair if your grand soulgem gets a petty soul. Just capture some more petty souls, and the soulgem's level gets increased from petty to lesser, and so on. By default, you need 4 more souls of one level to increase the soulgem to the next level, but this can be controlled in the ini file. So a grand soulgem with level common, will need 4 more common souls to get to level greater (or 16 lesser souls, or 64 petty souls, or a combination thereof). This works just as well with a pre-filled one you find, as the ones that start out empty.

You can control whether your biggest soulgem always get filled first, or whether the smallest capable of holding the soul will get filled first (as in unmodded Oblivion). However, there is a special setting for Azura's Start, making it possible to fill it first even if you normally prefer to have the smallest soulgems filled first. You can also control whether a message is displayed when a soulgem increases its soul level.

If my mod Display Stats 1.3 (or later) is installed and your inventory is displayed, whenever you point your mouse at a soulgem that is partially filled, the popup will not only display the soulgem's current level as normal, but also its partial fill, as a percentage to next level. So if your grand soulgem is filled with a common soul, but has also captured one more common soul, the display popup will say "Soul level: common", and "Partial fill - 25%".

=== Compatibility and issues

If you kill several enemies in a very short time, some of the souls may not be captured even if you have only one soulgem that could hold them all. You will always capture at least as many souls as you could without this mod though.

Soulgem Magic is partially incompatible with, and needs to load later than any other mod that affects soulgem. However, if you use Wrye Bash and have a Bashed Patch, it can be made compatible with mods changing other aspects (like graphics) of soulgems. This is done by making sure that you import Scripts from Soulgem Magic and keep the esp active.

========= Installation

The mod is OMOD-ready, with an install script that sets all values and install correct files according to your choices, so installing with OBMM is adviced, butt is also packed in a BAIN-ready format. For manual installation, copy "Soulgem Magic.esp" and the "Ini" folder to your Oblivion/data folder.

========= Changelog

* Added support for Azura's Star
* Added support for Black soulgems
* Added an option to make Oblivion only count the number of (empty) soulgems you fill and keep, instead of counting every soul you capture.
* The ini file must now be in Data\ini
* OBSEv20 required
* Various tweaks/fixes