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Let you add any number of new bars and other hud elements, displaying any data, also from other mods. Adds an encumbrance bar, a weapon charge bar and a few other useful bars by default, but easy to add the bars you want. Also allows for completely new HUD styles.

Permissions and credits
========= HUD Status Bars 5.3.2 ============

Author: Ole Boe, a.k.a. TheNiceOne
Date:Oct 25, 2011
OBSE 19 (or later) required. OBSE 20 is recommended, and required for some bars.
MenuQue required.

[size="4"]========= Have as many bars you want and make the HUD look the way you want! [/size]

* More Bars
You have the three HUD status bars at the bottom left (most likely) of your hud, but with HUD Status Bars you can easily add more status bars that display anything you want it to display, like health of companions or summons, your encumbrance, charge of equipped weapon, sleep status (of sleep mods), etc. The bars can be horizontal, vertical or filled circles, or be completely custom. And the bars can have text (with or without the bar).

HUD Status Bars has big depth but is easy to use. Just install it (and OBSE+MenuQue if you haven't already) and start up your game. The immediate change will be an Encumbrance bar above your health bar, a diseas display telling you when you're diseased, a weapon charge bar that is only visible when you have an enchanted weapon equipped, above the weapon icon - and a few other useful bars for you to discover. :)

You can easily add more bars like this yourself, by adding 2 or more lines in HUD Status Bars' ini file for each bar. "docs\Hud Status Bars ini file examples.txt" contains many other examples for you to copy into "Hud Status Bars.ini", so it is easy to add more bars even for relatively inexperienced mod users.

The bars can be horizontal, vertical or a filled circle - or even completely custom styles, and can easily be placed anywhere, relative to your other hud components. The bars can also display text, both static and variable text in a number of different ways (value of max, percentage, etc). The bar can have one of any of 15 different base colors, and the color can further be adjusted individually for the red/green/blue components.

* New look
HUD Status Bars lets you completely change the look of the HUD. This is done by moving/resizing/hiding the standard bars/icons, and by completely changing the look and improving the functionality of bars/icons replacing them. Example of improved bars/icons are colored enemy health bar that also works when enemy's health is buffed above normal, or sneak icon that also displays amount of light falling on player, and health bar that changes color when you get a disease. See the preset ini files, or ini file examples for such bars.

HUD Status Bars have an "Hud Status Bars - base.ini" file where you define the position/hiding of standard bars/icons, and the standard look of the bars to use. By changing those, you can get a slightly improved HUD, or a dramatically different HUD.

HUD Status Bars comes with three preset ini files to choose from: vanilla style, Skyrim style, and Orb style inspired by Diablo 3. Just swap ini files if you want to change it later, or adjust the existing one to your liking.

* New and better compass!
HUD Status Bars also comes with three optional compasses. Round, orb style, Skyrim style or DarNified UI style. Those are fully optional, so you can keep the standard compass instead, but HUD Status Bars' versions have some advantages: In the "Hud Status Bars - base.ini" file you have a number of compass settings, that allows for the following changes:
* Free compass zoom (make it the size you want)
* Markers change size/opaqueness depending on their distance (and also move closer to the centre of the orb compass).
* Choose the area the compass displays (only a narrow front, or full 360 degrees)
* Enable/disable quest arrows
* ...and of course free positioning

* Also...
HUD Status Bars has an option to correct a vanilla bug in the Encumbrance display in the Inventory/Container/Barter menus - in order to avoid confusion when HUD Status Bars display one (the correct) value and the inventory menu another (incorrect) value.

* See the "Hud Status Bars ini file examples.txt" for lots of new bars to add to your game (enemy/companion/summon/horse stats, clock, Oblivion gate info, levelup info, status from other mods, etc.)
* See the "Hud Status Bars user guide.txt" for details of how to set up bars displaying more advanced values.
* See the "Hud Status Bars custom bar guide.txt" for details of how to set up bars with completely custom look.

========= NEW BARS
The following new bars are added by default (but can easily be removed from the ini file)
* Encumbrance bar (displays current/max encumbrance)
* Summoned creature health, only visible when currently having one
* Disease status, only visible when currently having one (icon of effect and name of last received disease, and number of current diseases)
* Current spell effectiveness (small bar above magic icon)
* Weapon charge and health (small bars above and below weapon icon)
* Improved enemy health bar (colored, and also displays if enemy has buffed health above base health - which vanilla bar is not displaying)

The following bars/hud elements are defined in the Hud Status Bars ini file examples.txt file, and can be copied into the ini file.
* Health bar that also displays when enemy health is buffed and gradually changes color
* As above, but with different coloring
* A triple enemy health/magicka/fatigue bar, displaying the three in different colors.
* Enemy name and level
* Immersionist sneak icon, changes color and transparency to indicate light, but not detection
* Sneak icon that changes transparency to indicate light, and color to indicate detection
* Light falling on player
* Enemy Name, level, health, magicka and fatigue bars
* 24hr clock, displayed as hh.mm
* 12hr clock, displayed as h.mm am/pm
* Custom Breath meter
* Current FPS
* Safe container check
* Legal container check (for 3rd person view)
* Legal + safe container check (for 3rd person view)
* Legal door check (for 3rd person view)
* Empty container check
* Vampire Level
* Level up progress
* Skill progress
* Bounty
* Shivering Isles Bounty
* Player Fame
* Player Infamy
* Murder count
* Items Stolen
* Current Gold
* Oblivion gate count
* Weapon health bar
* Equipped helmet health icon (and equipped armor's health)
* Combined equipped items health
* Chameleon status
* Resist status for Disease, Fire, etc.
* Training sessions used
* Day of the week and Date
* Month and year
* Torch remaining time
* Companion name and health
* Enhanced Economy legal NPC loot check
* Oblivion XP progress
* Deadly Reflex Momentum Bar
* Spell failure chance from Fizzle
* Ltd Vampire Overhaul level
* Unholy darkness blood craving status & vampire bounty
* Duke Patricks - Philosophers Stone Artifacts Reward score bar
* Real Sleep Extended tiredness
* Real Hunger
* FF Real Thirst
* TFE hunger & exhaustion
* nGCD level progress
* SimpleEssentials Food, Drink & Sleep
* Kuertee Eat and Sleep

Other mods, like Basic Primary Needs and Deadly Reflex 6 have HUD Status Bars ini settings in their documentation. See also webrunner's HUDStatusBar icons page (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=37965) for more bar ini settings, and additional icons to go with them.


HUD Status Bars is generally compatible with any UI mod (and vanilla UI), and automatically makes the bars the same size and look, and in correct position relative to the hud elements in your current setup. HUD Status Bars has been tested with:
* Unmodded (vanilla) UI
* Darnified UI
* DarkUId DarN
* BTmod
* Dark UI
* Immersive Interface

There are a number of incompatibilities with Oblivion Interface Overhaul or mods using it (Nehrim, OWC-ND). HUD Status Bars should partly work with them, but vanilla items (status bars, location text, compass, etc.) will not be recognized by HUD Status Bars, so you cannot position bars relative to those or adjust them with HUD Status Bars. I recommend that you install HUD Status Bars' optional vanilla HUD base with a compass if using Nehrim or OWC-ND. This will revert the HUD back to a style recognized by HUD Status Bars.

I would appreciate comments from people using other UI mods, telling me if it works or not. HUD Status Bars should be compatible with all non-UI mods, and can be used to display values for all other mods.


The mod is OMOD-ready and BAIN-friendly so installing with OBMM or BAIN is recommended. For manual install, extract the archive. Then copy the content of "00 Core" to your Oblivion/Data folder. Also copy the content of one of the "01 ... style" folders. If you use Unnecessary Violence II and want the bars for it, copy the content of one of the "20 - UVII addition..." folders too.

After installation, start your game and you should see an Encumbrance bar, and a charge bar when an enchanted weapon is equipped (and a few other useful bars), without having to do anything with the ini file! But you can of course remove them or add others by editing the ini file.

Make sure that you have OBSE 19 (or later) and MenuQue. Without, HUD Status Bars will simply not work at all.

For the optional compasses, you must install the content of the "10 - Optional compass HUD base..." folder that is correct for you, and the "11 - Optional ..." compass folder you want. This will overwrite one file ("data\menus\main\hud_main_menu.xml") installed by your UI mod, so you may want to take a backup of the original.
If you use other UI mods than the 3 supported (BTMod, DarNified UI, DarkUId Darn) or vanilla HUD, or if you already have another mod that changes the hud_main_menu.xml file, and still want the compass, look in the "HUD Status Bars custom bar guide." for details.

========= CREDITS

The OBSE team for OBSE - an absolutely necessary tool for this mod
kyoma for MenuQue, a powerful OBSE plugin for handling menu/hud elements
kuertee for Customisable HUD components, which was my main inspiration
The players (espeacially webrunner) for using the mod and coming up with creative ideas for bars. With special thanks to:
+ webrunner for constantly coming up with new bars
+ forli for his custom bars ideas
+ zilav for the Diablo-inspired orbs

========= CHANGELOG

* Rewrote the new initialization scripts for safety.
* Stopped the friendly wounded health bar from displaying when looking at dead actors.
* Added a custom breath meter in the example ini files
* Uncompressed an Orb compass texture to make it work for people using medium/low resolution.

* Rewrote initialization scripts to make HSB start up much faster after starting the game
* Changed the setting for the sneak icons to ensure that it displays correct detection
* Added non-enemy health bar for wounded actors in your croshair
* Added vertical Skyrim bars, and made it easy to support HUDbarVertical with custom bar styles
* Made text color automatically use hud_color, hud_color_min/max, hud_color_r/g/b if the bar is a text-only bar.
* Fixed a bug that made text-only bars not use hud_color_min/max, hud_color_r/g/b even if hud_textColor was set to "tnoHSB.color"
* Added Menu50/Menu80 versions of some textures that otherwise became broken for people using medium/low resolution.

* Added optional Skyrim style compass, round Orb style compass, as well as an improved DarNifiedUI style compass
* The location text (the text displaying a location you get near), can now be moved, hidden or displayed as a normal message instead
* Made it possible for text color to use bar color also when bar color uses hud_color_min/max/r/g/b
* Changed calculation of all player health/magicka/fatigue bars
* Orb style demon and angel now change color if your physical or mental attributes are damaged
* Updated Kuertee Eat and Sleep bars in the example ini

* hud_direction can now be used for horizontal and vertical bars to control on which side (or both) the bar drains/fills, and to vertically flip HUDbarCentered bars
* tnoHSB.hud_textColor can now be used to hide the text (only), whenever the result of it becomes 1
* HUDweaponHigh and HUDweaponLow added for hud_y positioning
* Vanilla weapon and magic icons can now be hidden
* Added upside-down images for the Skyrim style HUDbarCentered bar
* Made sure that the hud_visible_on/time variables reset for each bar
* Fixed a bug with the custom dynamic bars, if hud_min > hud_max
* Width used for a text only "bar" now follows hud_custom_bw/bar_back_width

* Added a custom bar type, HUDbarCentered, that behaves like the Skyrim enemy health bar and shrinks symmetrically on both sides.
* Changed the look and position of enemy health bar in Skyrim style 2, to below compass and in the new HUDbarCentered style, and added enemy name below
* Improved positioning of compass
* Made all health bars change color to brown when diseased, and magicka bars to grey when silenced
* Reduced base size of Diablo style orbs by 50% to avoid size confusion. Added a orb_large folder with the old size for those who wants them that large.
* A couple of code tweaks.

* Added custom bars that work exactly like a standard horizontal or vertical bar, but with custom size/texture.
* Made it possible to move/zoom weapon/magic/levelup icons, to move/hide compass, and to hide the weapon durability bar added by some UI mods.
* Added new bar type: HUDbarSmall, a custom horizontal bar supposed to be used for small bars (like the weapon durability bar).
* Split the ini files into a base ini file containing the base settings, and the main ini file containing the added bars.
* Added 4 different ini file sets, 3 of them with completely different styles (Skyrim, Diablo 3).
* Rewrote how coloring of bars work. There is now only one (white) image for each bar, and use of hud_color changes the colors without changing the image.
* Added visibility timing, making it possible to only display a bar a number of seconds after something change.
* Added more options for positioning bars.
* Rewrote much of the xml.

* Added hud_depth to control the order of overlapping bars
* Changed how the default size of bars is detected, to avoid problems with some UI mods
* Made hud_val optional (not necessary for bars that only display an icon that doesn't change)
* Added a number of the standard Oblivion icons to the Misc folder (weight, book, talk, activate, etc.)
* Added HUDcompassHigh and HUDcompassLow settings for hud_y
* Added "hud_visible" to make it easier to control a bar's visibility.
* Made it possible to display the icon of any inventory item, spell or summon reference, by setting hud_type to HUDbarRefIcon.
* Made it possible to display the icon of any spell effect, by setting hud_type to HUDbarEffectIcon and hud_spell_effct to the effect code.
* Added default global settings for bars, and ensured that they can be changed between bar definitions.
* Removed "hud_custom_color", since it is no longer necessary.

* It is now possible to display bars for multiple summoned creatures.
* It is now very easy to make bars that gradually change colors (see enemy health bar in ini examples file).
* Corrected a bug that made it impossible to control color of static custom images.
* Made text display type default to HUDtxtValue if only text is displayed.
* Renamed the documents folder to docs, to fit with BAINs docs structure.

* Rewrote the use of "player.<anyfunction>" to avoid an Oblivion/OBSE bug that causes bad things to happen in combination with other mods.<br><span class="wbbtab"></span> - This should hopefully fix any problems with certain HSB bars and mods like Drop Lit Torches and Shild on Back.<br> * Added GetDisease special function/variable.<br><span class="wbbtab"></span> - When used in hud_ref, it sets the ref to the current disease the player has (if any)<br><span class="wbbtab"></span>- When used elsewhere, it returns the number of diseases the player currently has.<br> * Added a circular bar that is only visible when the player is diseased. If so, the name of the last received disease plus the number of diseases is displayed<br> * Added HUDtxtNoBar as a legal setting for hud_type, as an alternate (and more logical way) to specify a "bar" with text only<br><br>4.1.x<br> * Added setting to make some bars update less often than others, for optimalization purposes<br> * Added complete custom control of red/green/blue color components for bars<br> * Added hud_alpha_min to control the minimum alpha for a bar<br> * Added option to remove vanilla enemy sneak, since HSB can provide a customized sneak icon<br><br>4.0.x<br> * Added support for completely custom bars, or static images<br> * Added possibility of removing trailing spaces from the advanced text expressions<br> * Added option to remove vanilla enemy health bar, since HSB can provide a customized health bar<br> * Correct Encumbrance value will now also be displayed in Container/Barter menus</anyfunction>