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The Sonic Screwdriver is a powerful tool to unlock/lock doors, push your enemies away, make you invisible, and much more. It's based on the Sonic Screwdriver of the 12th Doctor from the Doctor Who series but with effects suiting a fantasy world like Oblivion.

Permissions and credits
23 July 2018:
I added a note for Oblivion Reloaded users below the video

I'm a fan of the British science fiction series called "Doctor Who" for many years. Someday, I felt the desire to wield a Sonic Screwdriver in Cyrodiil. It had to be the blue one of the 12th Doctor, who is my favourite Doctor, and which I recreated from scratch as a 3D model in Blender.
The Doctor himself gives you the Sonic Screwdriver (abbr. Sonic). You can find him in the Mages Guild of Skingrad. His face is mostly based on my memories. 

You can watch a demonstration video of the different functions of the Sonic if you wish: 

A note for Oblivion Reloaded users:
If the Camera Mode is enabled, the Sonic Screwdriver's scripts won't recognize if you are in first person or not (some function work in first person only). You can disable the Camera Mode in the Oblivion Reloaded's ingame menu or via editing the OblivionReloaded.ini (Data\OBSE\Plugins). If you edit the .ini, just change "CameraMode = 1" to "CameraMode = 0" (you can find this line under [Main]); save the .ini at the end. Thanks to stimpson89 for making me aware of this issue.

The functions of the Sonic Screwdriver:

  • Pressing the action key (default: V): Unlock/lock locks, information on the opponent
  • action key + blocking: calls the Special Actions Menu. Here you can toggle the Torch Mode ON/OFF, open the Doctor's Purse (a remote sack to store your stuff), get a more detailed information on the opponent ("Deep Scan") if you stand in front of him, change the range of the Sonic, set the action key to a different key on your keyboard and recharge all weapons in your inventory
  • Power effects: if you are in trouble, you can use them to get out of it. They are triggered by performing power attacks and work on all opponents within a defined radius.

normal power attack: Paralyze (10 seconds)
backwards power attack: transfer the weapons and arrows of your opponents to the Doctor's Purse
power attack to the left:  corrode all weapons and armour
power attack to the right: Chameleon for 30 seconds (based on the Doctor's invisibility watch)
forward power attack: push your enemies away

For balancing reasons, the Sonic doesn't do any direct damage to your opponents because it's primarily for self-defence.

Plans for the future:

I plan to create a Doctor companion using the Doctor NPC of this mod as base. No CM Partner or similar. I want to make his personality as unique as possible. That's why I will write all companion dialogues and scripts myself. Maybe I will do a Skyrim version of the Sonic Screwdriver as well. But before I do this I like to finish some unfinished projects first. I put them off in favor of new modding projects and other games (like Enderal) for a long time. I'm still learning to prioritize. 


 - Oblivion Version 1.2.0416
 - Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) v21 or higher 
 - OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice

Recommended mods: 

- TARDIS by Eolhin
(what whould a Doctor be without his TARDIS?)
- Oblivion Character Overhaul Version 2
   (so that the Doctor's face looks like the picture)
 - An ENB mod of your choice
   (making the faces of the NPCs and the textures of the Sonic look better. I used my own ENB in the pictures which is the "Luminous Sky ENB" (All Natural Version))

How to install:

Copy the "meshes", "sound" and "textures" folders, and the "12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver".esp to your Oblivion Data folder. Activate the esp via Oblivion launcher -> Data Files, and launch the game.