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An ENB preset with a nice glowing sky and lighting settings suiting All Natural and atmospheres version 2, 3 and 4.

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This is my personal ENB setting with a nice glowing sky and lighting settings suiting All Natural and atmospheres 4 (2 and 3 as well; just look at the "Old Versions" section in the Files tab).

You can find more images of the All Natural version in the "From Users" section in the Images tab. Tdk01 made really great screenshots of this version. Here are some examples:

If you have transparent weapons in 1st person view, there's a solution for this problem in the trouble section below.

How to install:

First of all, you need the "d3d9.dll" from the WrapperVersion of the original Oblivion ENB version 0.181. Put it to the "Oblivion" folder (that's where the "Oblivion.exe" is located).

Choose either the All Natural version (for the "All Natural" weather mod) or one of the Atmospheres versions 
(for discovery1's "atmospheres" weather mods). Extract the content of the downloaded archive to the Oblivion folder as well. 
Optional: If you haven't done it already, install "All Natural" or one of discovery1's "atmospheres" weather mods.

You can use both mods together, if you install one of the weather mods the normal way and only install the textures of the other (the esp files of All Natural and "atmospheres" may conflict). 

DOF (Depth of Field) is disabled at default (not in the Atmospheres v3 or v4 version) but you can easily enable it via the ENB ingame menu (SHIFT+Return).

Important: Please, deactivate Hardware AA/AF/SSAO in "Nvidia Control Panel" or "Catalyst control center".

atmospheres 4

All Natural

Do you have trouble with ENB?

Well, your ENB looks nice but I don't want to lose my custom ENB installation...
That's why I use ENB Manager (works with Oblivion, too). This little tool makes multiple ENB configs possible. You need to put the program and its folders to the Oblivion folder (I don't remember if I created the ENB config and the ENB version folders myself or the program did it, long time since I installed it). Back up your current config and move the files to a new custom folder under the ENB configs. Make another custom folder and put my files into it. The Oblivion ENB v0.181 files come into the ENB versions folder and have a separate custom folder as well. Give each new folder a unique name. Open the ENB Manager and select and activate your desired ENB config (make sure to change to the Oblivion directory while selecting; Skyrim folder is the program's default directory). Before you switch to another ENB profile, deactivate the current profile and then activate the other one.

If everything is correct, you should have the following folder structure:

Oblivion/ENB Configs/YourCurrentENBConfig
Oblivion/ENB Configs/LuminousSkyENB
Oblivion/ENB Versions/v0.181
and the ENB Manager inside the Oblivion folder 

1st person transparency issue (transparent weapons in 1st person view):
there are two methods to fix it.
method 1:
Install OBSE and Enhanced First Person Camera. Open the OBSE_EnhancedCamera.ini and set bUseThirdPersonArms to 1, save the ini. You can find the ini under Oblivion\Data\OBSE\Plugins.
method 2:
Put OBGEv2.dll from OBGE version 3 to Oblivion\Data\OBSE\Plugins.

Very blurry screen or no DOF after enabling DOF and using ATI/AMD cards:

I'm using an AMD card and found a working solution for this. You just need to disable Catalyst AI:
Open your registry editor and go to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet \Control \Class\ {4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} \ 0000 \UMD
Set CatalystAI to  30 00 00 00 which disables it. Sometimes it's possible that the value is resetted after next computer restart, so you may edit this value again or disable DOF completeply or use a non-ENB DOF mod.


Yes, the OBGE effects of the latest version of Oblivion Reloaded do work with ENB.

ENB and programs like MSI Afterburner?

They don't work together with ENB. Please, deactivate them.


Credit goes to following people:

astrob0y for letting me use "A Tweaked ENB" as base for my setting.
and all the others who contributed to this mod like Matso, Midraths and Alenet (a full credit list is inside each archive).