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Bugfixed version of original 'AV Uncapper settings mod' by JCN (original by JRoush). Fixes Luck calculations if you want to use diminished returns formula for luck/skill.

Permissions and credits
Bugfixed version of original 'AV Uncapper settings mod' by JCN (original by JRoush). Fixes Luck calculations if you want to use diminished returns formula for luck/skill.  

Note: You need the original AV Uncapper mod by JRoush installed, without his .esp, to use this mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/34841)

What AV uncap does:
It primarily fixes all the calculations for various magic effects and skills, armor ratings etc. so that it uses a diminishing returns formula. DR formula uses exponential/logarithmic formula for calculating actor values (skills etc.). It is compatible with all other mods except other uncappers to my knowledge (like elys which is inferior to AV uncap). This means that all fortify etc. potions/spells and similar stuff now makes sense since vanilla game is capped at 100 points.

The second option it gives is to uncap all skills so that you can progress beyond 100 skill points by natural xp leveling (this option I don't personally use, I just lower all my skills by certain percentage when I reach too high level and create a new character - visually and otherwise by a simple console command to bring up character creation menu and later by manually setting all AV values by console too, which for me creates a new character for roleplaying while keeping the finished quests :)

What this mod does:
This is an .ini and .esp configuration which makes AV Uncap mod work, or makes the wheels spin if you like. It's actually a bugfixed version of JCN AV Uncapper settings mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/35675). I noticed problems while using Luck diminishing returns formula, especially with Fizzle and such mods as it kept the base luck value (iActorLuckSkillBase) at -20 while modifying other stuff which in turn meant I couldn't cast spells :/ I modified the script in the .esp so that it includes this Luck value and .ini file as well.
There are 2 versions available, first (01) which keeps the settings from JCN and fixes the bug, and the other version (02). The second version, besides fixing the bug puts values for 'd' and 'g' (decay growth) variables to original AV Uncap recommended settings (this is further explained in JRoush readme). So, if you plan to use the mod only to fix the vanilla Oblivion behavior use the second (02) version (recommended by me) or modify the .ini file to your liking. If you plan to uncap stuff it's preferred to use the 01 version and enable the uncaping in the .ini file (this can be done in 02 version as well, but .ini needs to be modified to a greater extent I think). 
A word of caution if you are using the automatic uncaping in the .ini, which is right at the start - it uses the JCN versions for 'd' and 'g' values (1.12 and 0.83) and this is hardcoded into the script. I guess this is the 'I don't want to read no silly .ini files and extra readmes' version for general population :D

I hope my english was on par, it's a foreign language for me and I'm not spellchecking right now (first mod for me too)... Do with this mod whatever you like, in accordance with JCN and Jroush original permissions (JCN says to modify his mod and upload as you want, that's why I released this bugfixed and explained version).

Install instructions:

This is an updated, bugfixed version. The rest of the readme is unchanged (except link to original mod with .dll files etc.)
Instructions are simple:
1. Install original AVUncapper without the .esp (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/34841)
2. Install this mod after the original (choose version, use only one, this time activate .esp, Wrye Bash will merge it in bash patch):
(01) Only FIXed - only fixes bugs, leaves the rest of the settings alone as JCN set them.
(02) FIXed and adapted - fixes bugs, reverts 'd' and 'g' values to original Jroush and sets all values
so that all settings are ON (usage of all diminished values), Skills capped at 100 (not magically altered
or fortified, but advanced regularly through LevelUP xp) . This is recommended if you don't want to go
beyond 100 level in skills in other ways than normal lvl up (fortify and similar are still accounted for up to 200)

Tried with a lot of mods at the same time (around 450 - FCOM, various tweaks, Fizzle, Audacious Magery, MOO, Supreme Magicka, nGDC, Fundament, LAME, willfull resistance, Haldar's mod pack, armory advantage etc.) and works fine. If someone discovers an incompatibility besides other uncappers, let me know and I'll post it here -.-

====Original readme=======
NOTE: This is just the settings and ini file for AVUncapper. You MUST download the actual mod located at https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/35675 (old link: http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34841)
NOTE: using AVUncapper with the wrong verison of Oblivion will, *at best*, cause it to crash.
- Oblivion v1.2.0416
- OBSE v0018 or higher
NOTE: This is a *beta* version of this mod.
  Extract the archive to the Oblivion\Data folder. Activate JCN_AV Uncap.esp in the launcher. Set the settings in JCNAVUncap.ini located at Data\Ini.
  By default, all values are set to match vanilla rates (ie, capped at 100). To simply uncap attributes and skills, set "iavuUsePreset" to 1. To also use diminishing returns on the more exploitable abilities, set "iavuUsePreset" to 2. To customize your settings, set "iavuUsePreset" to 0.
  Delete JCN_AV Uncap.esp from your Data folder. Delete JCNAVUncap.ini from your Data\Ini folder.
- Bethesda Softworks, whose game has sucked up far, far too much of my free time
- JRoush for the AVUncapper mod which this was made for.
Tools Used
- Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE): http://obse.silverlock.org
- TES Construction Set: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=11367
1.0, 11/16/2010Initial release
1.01, 11/17/2010New presets, rewrote ini, new example txt+spreadsheet
1.02, 12/23/2017Updated and fixed one bug