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Uncaps skills, attributes, and other actor values. Also modifies game formulas so that values above 100 actually have an effect.

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Name: Actor Value Uncapper
Version: v1.beta1
Date: 2010-09
Category: Gameplay Effects and Changes
Author: JRoush ([email protected])
Forum Thread: Bethsoft Forums
Contact: [email protected]

NOTE: using AVUncapper with the wrong verison of Oblivion will, *at best*, cause it to crash.
- Oblivion v1.2.0416
- TESCS v1.2.404 (only if you are planning to make mods using AVU)
- OBSE v0018 or higher

NOTE: Although this mod is still technically in beta, it is quite stable and safe to use. I have not upgraded it to a regular release because using AVU can make some subtle yet important changes to game balance. Until I find a way to deal with that, the version number will remain "1.beta1".

This plugin for the Oblivion Script Extender `uncaps' all Actor Values. The meaning of `uncap' varies between AVs, but the general idea is to allow any floating point value. For some things, like Resistances or Armor Rating, it means replacing the game's formulas entirely. For skills & attributes, it usually means removing the hard limit of 100, and also altering the game formulas so that values over 100 are meaningful - yes, skills above 100 *will* be meaningful. Details for individual AVs are given in included `Features' pdf.

The behavior of this plugin is governed by a series of new game settings. The default value of these settings recreates the original vanilla behavior. To see the new behavior, you must use a .esp file (like the included demo) to change these settings. If you do not use such a file then this plugin essentially does nothing.

The included demo mod, AVUncapper_Example.esp, uncaps all the actor values that are currently supported.

Installation & Uninstallation:
See the included Readme file for instructions. To help with customization, freestylejc has created a very nice mod which allows all of the settings to be configured through an ini file. If you are using AV Uncapper by itself, this mod is recommended to make configuration easier.

Questions & Bug Reports:
If you encounter a problem, something that is confusing or doesn't seem to work as expected, *please* do the following:

1. Read the readme, and the AV-related pages on the TESCS & UESP wikis carefully. Often 'bugs' are actually documented limitations of the game.
2. Reproduce the problem. If it's a crash, restart the game try to make it crash again.
3. Narrow down the cause. Try to figure out the circumstances that lead to the problem. Specific bug reports are easy to fix, while bug reports like "the game crashed after I installed this mod" are just a waste of my time.
4. Send me an email at [email protected]. Include (!0 the details, (2) the version of OBSE you are using, (3) a copy of your savegame, and (4) the log files "AVUncapper.log" and "AVUncapper_CS.log", which can be found in your "Oblivion\" folder.

Compatibility with other mods:
AVUncapper is incompatible with Elys' Uncapper, which it is intended to replace.

=== v1.beta1 (after split from AddActorValues) 2010/09 ===
- Split from AddActorValues to be a seperate plugin
- Simplified DP calculation
- Renamed all new game settings to include the prefix 'avu'
- fMaxArmorRating is now applies after all all other armor calculations
- Implemented flexible caps for base skill experience levels (up to 255)
- Implemented flexible caps for base attribute increases in levelup menu (up to 255)
- Implemented flexible cap for Sneak skill in detection calcs
- Implemented flexible cap and diminishing returns forumla for magic skills in magicka calcs
- Implemented flexible cap for Alchemy skill in potion and wortcraft strength
- Implemented flexible cap for weapon skills & attributes in weapon damage calcs
- Implemented flexible cap for hand to hand skill & strength in unarmed damage calcs
- Implemented DP for damage reduction from block
- Implemented DP for Spell Absorbtion
- Implemented DP for Spell Reflection
- Implemented flexible cap for worn armor skill
- Implemented DP for Resist Normal Weapons
- Fixed Weakness to Normal Weapons (it did nothing in original game)
- Added a `multiplier' bonus to skills from luck, in addition to the existing additive bonus
=== AddActorValues v1.beta3 (while still bundled with that mod) 2010/08 ===
- Implemented DP for Armor/DefenseBonus
- Implemented DP for magic effect resistance (set by individual magic effects)
- Implemented DP for magic item resistance (Resist Magic & Resist Poison)
- Implemented DP for reflect damage, plus option to make it work for projectile attacks
- Implemented DP for chameleon
- Implemented DP for blindness

- Bethesda Softworks, whose game has sucked up far, far too much of my free time
- The OBSE team for their incredible modding resource, without which this plugin would be a joke.