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Increase your immersion and realism seeing the outside world of the Imperial City from the interior windows.

This is a continuation of the original Immersive Interiors mod by SomeWelshGuy.

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Immersive Interiors
Imperial City

Thanks everybody for your endorsements and votes, you made this mod a hot file. I really appreciate all the support!

This mod continues the work from SomeWelshGuy adding the long awaited Imperial City to the Immersive Interiors series of mods.

Basically this mod allows you to see the Imperial City when looking to the outside from the interior windows.

Creating this mod was not an easy task, no wonder nobody released it before, the interiors do not match the exteriors and in the Imperial City this goes to a higher degree. For example, in Ungolim's house in Bravil, if you look from the outside you can see three frontal windows and two in the left wall, but when you enter the house, there is only one, closed, lateral window. That's just a small detail on Ungolim's house, but on the Imperial City things get bigger.

First the interiors are much bigger than their exteriors, for example, the King and Queen Tavern has two lateral windows from the outside, but three from the inside; and while the houses are curved from the outside, they are perfectly square in the inside, so I needed to move some stuff to give the correct effect. And second, the houses have windows where it does not make any sense, for example, Tertius Favonious' house is in between the Guard House and Othrelos' house, still it has windows at the left wall when you enter, so I had to hide some windows.

This mod is a work in progress and so does not include the whole of Imperial City, each release will include a new district and all the previous. So v0.2 will include the Elven Gardens District and so on. No need to keep multiple esps.

List of supported districts by version:
0.1 Elven Gardens District
0.2 Imperial Prison
0.3 Arcane University
0.4 Market District
0.5 Talos Plaza District
0.6 Temple District
0.7 Green Emperor Way (Imperial Palace)
1.0 Waterfront

The Arboretum does not have any buildings. The Arena is already covered by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch which is highly recommended. The Temple is covered by All Natural which is a Requirement.

This mod is already manually cleaned, there's no need for you to clean it.

# Requirements

  • All Natural - Controls the weather and has the transparent window meshes.
  • OBSE - Required by All Natural.

Here's the list of the previous mods in the Immersive Interiors series adding the other cities, they are not required by this mod, but it does not make any sense to download this mod and not have them.

Load Order
It just has to load after All Natural.

The order between the Immersive Interiors mods is irrelevant.

# Open Cities Outer Districts Patch

I've created an optional patch for Open Cities Outer Districts. This patch replaces the magical purple flames to the same flames included in OC-OD that turn off during daylight.

This patch is not required, it's just so the flames also match their states from the outside. The patch was made entirely with TES4Edit so it's clean.

Open Cities Outer Districts is available with any version of Open Cities:

# BAQ (Before Anyone Questions)

Q. I have a mod that changes the Imperial City or one of the interiors, can you create a compatibility patch for it?
Q. Can you offer a version that does not require All Natural?
A: No. I don't have time for that.

Q. Can I see the Imperial Palace?
A: But of course.

Q. I found a bug, there's a Fly Amanita missing in a very far place visible in an almost impossible angle.
A: Seriously?

Q. Should I report if I have an FPS drop?
A: Sure, just let me know in which house it is, and which walls you were facing. How much FPS drop you had is also a good information. I tried my best to remove the maximum of objects that are not visible, but on heavy areas I might need to optimise.

Q. There's a bug in one of the other Immersive Interior mods, can I report it to you?
A: Yes, I'm willing to fix the bugs from the older Immersive Interiors as well as adding any missing interiors for them.

# Landscape LOD - Thanks to tes4ll

The Imperial Palace & Waterfront terrain LOD were generated with tes4ll by Gruftikus using all official DLCs plus the unofficial patches and Open Cities Classic.

A huge personal thanks to Gruftikus for all the help, tips and assistance to generate the best looking LOD with good optimisations.

# Legal

This mod is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, which means:

As long as you credit me and declare the mod original download page is this page, linking here, you can:
  • Modify this file and upload it anywhere
  • Upload anywhere as long as you do not receive any monetary compensation
  • (like charging for the mod or hiding the download link under some ad link)