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About this mod

Enables vanilla style combat on horseback.

Permissions and credits
Enhanced Mounted Combat
by LogicDragon

This is an OBSE plugin dll that enables vanilla style mounted combat on horseback. I also plan on adding better support for features in my Enhanced Camera mod (visible body while mounted).

- Vanilla style mounted combat
- Upper body rotation in 3rd person
- Ability to see back weapon/quiver in 3rd person

Alenet also has a mounted combat mod though this mod isn't based on his version and was created separately. I had contact with him from earlier last year, but I was delayed and he released his version. We agreed that I could release my version (I still need to investigate support for Enhanced Camera and it may also conflict with his camera feature) and we would work together on future updates.

I actually started development with the Show Weapons While Mounted mod (the ShowWeapons.dll does a check to disable itself if a MountedCombat.dll exists - can be seen using a hex editor, it's not in the released source code). But my version got delayed due to the visible body mod situation in Skyrim. It has 3 visible body mods, I had to help fix The Joy of Perspective, which I was involved with before Enhanced Camera.

Known Issues
- Cannot switch to/from bows while mounted.
- 3rd person upper body rotation disabled with bows/magic.

This mod is not compatible with any other mods that add mounted combat.
Don't use with my older Show Weapons While Mounted mod, this has the same feature so it will conflict.

0.7 - Fixed equip bow bug. Enabled blockhit, recoil, and stagger animations.
0.6 - Initial release

The OBSE team for making this possible.
Ishmael, Flyfightflea, Skycaptain, Hex for creating other mounted combat mods
mmmpld for the Show Quivers mod idea
Bethesda for creating Oblivion, and Skyrim (and adding mounted combat to Skyrim)

Also check out Alenet's Oblivion Reloaded project for mounted combat and more features (you can consider my version to be a standalone version that I'm also planning on updating to have better support for my Enhanced Camera mod).