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For Enhanced Mounted Combat.

Fixes the infamous issue with getting expelled from the Thieves Guild after attacking from horseback.

Permissions and credits
Enhanced Mounted Combat (You'll need that.)

You, with your powers of equestrian warfare, will no longer be a danger to yourself and others. At least not when those are the same thing...

What it does:
Whenever the TGCastOut script checks whether you've attacked a guild member or waterfront citizen, I check for an attack against PlayerFaction, which is you. In those cases I cancel out all the attack flags.

Replace EnhancedMountedCombat.esp from LogicDragon's mod with this one.

Known Issues:
The TGExpelled quest only updates every several seconds. You might sometimes be able to attack protected persons with impunity. Don't do that.
If a mod adds followers to PlayerFaction and you attack them, this can "false positive" in the script as well. Again, don't do that.

Fun Fact:
The original ESP contains exactly one GMST, and (oddly) no master file dependency.

LogicDragon: Original plugin creator.
Bethesda: TGCastOut script. Oh, and the game.
NeuralStunner: Putting this thing together.