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Ever tried to immerse yourself in conversations between your character and an npc, only to find your character supposedly walks up to people saying 'Rumors' and expecting an answer. Well worry no more, as this mod currently makes around 250 changes to well over 400 npcs, improving the overall player dialogue experience.

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Ever tried to immerse yourself in conversations between your character and an npc, only to find your character supposedly walks up to people saying 'Rumors' and expecting an answer. Or lines such as 'Tell such and such's story' and 'Weynon Priory' Well this mod aims to remedy that by changing topic names and player dialogue to be more natural and realistic. For example, by addressing npcs by name more often or full sentences as opposed to one word statements; this mod really gives a sense of character to your character!

The changes range from subtle, word/punctuation additions, to more natural dialogue choices. For example, 'Follow Me' to Ulrich in 'Corruption and Conscience' has changed to 'Llevana wants to see you', making Ulrich's response of 'So you say Llevana wishes to see me? Very well, lead on. This should prove amusing.' Make more sense, as the player actually mentions Llevana by name.

This mod is basically finished and currently makes around 250 changes to well over 400 npcs, including:

Jauffre, Baurus, Hundolin, All Guards, All Beggars, Owyn, Ysabel Andronicus, Agronak gro-Malog, Uriel Septim, Bongond, Brother Piner, Prior Maborel, Ursanne Loche, Armand Christophe, Modryn Oreyn, Countess Valga, Ajum Kajim, Valus Odiil, Dar-Ma, Mazoga the Orc, Ulrich Leland, Carahil, Norbert Lelles, Harrow, Farwil Indarys, Hirtel, Snak gra-Bura, Denel (Vahtacen's Secret quest), The Battlemages in the quest, 'Ambush'
and many more!


These new changes affect many npcs including: Vilena Donton, Modryn Oreyn, Savlian Matius, Ormil, Rythe Lythandas, Hannibal Traven, Owyn, Ysabel Andronicus, all master trainers, Skingrad Mages Guild Members, Valus Odiil and his sons, all Innkeepers, all the Blades, all Dark Brotherhood Members, residents of ALL cities, Border Watch residents, aleswell residents and many more!

Rumors - Heard any good rumors lately?
Agata - How do you feel about Agata?
Amantius Allectus - Where is Amantius Allectus' house?
Anaxes - Who's Anaxes?
Ancotar - How do you feel about Ancotar?
Battle Matron - What's the role of the Battle Matron?
Bed - I'd like a bed for the night.
Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw - What's the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw?
Argonian Blood - About that Argonian Blood...
Bonus - How do I earn a Bonus?
Blackwater Brigands - Know about the Blackwater Brigands?
Black Soul Gem - This Black Soul Gem...
Blackwood Company - About the Blackwood Company...
Border Watch - What can you tell me of Border Watch?
Bloodgrass - About the Bloodgrass...
Bleak Mine - What is Bleak Mine?
The Bloated Float - About The Bloated Float...
The Blades - Anything I should know of the Blades?
Bleak Flats Cave - Bleak Flats Cave?
Brother Piner - Who is Brother Piner?
Brush of Truepaint - What's this 'Brush of Truepaint'?
Castle Gate - How do we open the Castle Gate?
Causing Trouble - Those members causing trouble...
(Changed previous Cheydinhal improvement to 'What can you tell me of Cheydinhal?', so it fits the character limit.)
Champion of Cyrodiil - Champion of Cyrodiil?
Confidence - He lacks confidence?
Contract - Got any advice on my Contract?
Countess Carvain - I'd like to see the Countess.
Countess Valga - I'd like to see the Countess.
Covenant - Covenant? What are you on about?
Creatures - The Creatures at Odiil Farm...
Duties - What are my duties?
Fighters Guild - About the Fighters Guild...
Guard House key - Do you have the guard house key?
Hrota Cave - Can you tell me where Hrota Cave is?
Imperial Dragon Armor Is Imperial Dragon Armor rare?
Joining the Fighters Guild - I'd like to join the Fighters Guild.
Joining the Mages Guild - I'd like to join the Mages Guild.
Knight-Errant - A Knight-Errant?
Lord Drad - Who is Lord Drad?
Lucien Lachance - What of Lucien Lachance?
Mannimarco - Mannimarco...
Mages Guild - About the Mages Guild...
Mountain Lions - Mountain Lions...
Mysterious Note - What's with this mysterious note?
Shadowscale - What of the Shadowscales?
Sithis - What do you know of Sithis?
Training - Can you give me training?
Unicorn - I've been told to hunt the Unicorn.
Unique scroll of summoning - How's this scroll 'unique'?
Uriel Septim - So, the Emperor?
Visions - Visions? Tell me about them.
Vitellus Donton - Who was Vitellus Donton? (Edited Viranus' audio file slightly as well, to match topic. Removed 'yes'.)

Mages Guild Staff Options:
Destruction/Illusion/Mysticism - I'll take Destruction/Illusion/Mysticism.
Fire/Frost/Shock, Charm/Paralyze/Silence, Soul Trap/Telekinesis/Dispel - I'll have Fire/Frost/Shock, Charm/Paralyze/Silence, Soul Trap/Telekinesis/Dispel.

For a mostly complete list of changes this mod makes, read the readme and Change Log.


No conflicts or requirements, just paste the .esp file into your Oblivion data folder, activate it and you're good to go! ;)
FOR VERSION 1.5 ONWARDS: Make sure to extract the voice files as well!

(Do not re-upload anywhere else! That is theft and I don't appreciate it, even if isn't the most impressive mod ever, it still took time!)