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This mod rectifies the beggars' inconsistent voices by making their voice acting consistent! No more mid-dialogue voice changes, hooray!

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The beggars' inconsistent voices is probably one the most notorious and hilarious audio mistakes in gaming history. But, did you know the issue did NOT affect Oblivion on the Xbox 360? That's right. The Xbox 360 version of Oblivion is actually an earlier build, with quite a few differences lurking in-game and in the files, but this is the main one. In fact, it was only last year I myself realised this, even though I'd spent years playing Oblivion on my Xbox, before I even had Oblivion on PC! But now, with this mod, the inconsistent crotchety beggar voices are gone for good, and now you'll never have any mid-dialogue voice changes ever again, hooray!

What the mod does:

Replaces the male and female imperial beggar dialogue, with the original versions from the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Just extract the files to your Oblivion/Data directory, click yes to overwrite anything, if prompted, and you'll be good to go! :D

Not using the provided esp file will result in some vanilla beggar dialogue returning during the quest Untaxing The Poor. You have been warned.

[credit to elevenlabs for 3 new lines of dialogue in 2023 version]

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