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This mod adds 62 additional Fighters Guild contracts obtainable at guild halls across Cyrodiil.

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        This mod adds additional Fighters Guild contracts obtainable at guild halls across Cyrodiil.

 The new contracts are, for the most part, available for the whole time before, during, and 
after the vanilla Oblivion Fighters Guild quest is being played if you belong to the Fighters Guild.  
They mostly do not check your faction rank or anything else.  They are mostly available to players of 
any level, so it is possible that you could get in over your head with a contract that is too difficult.

 Some of the contracts are very small and simple to complete.  Some are very elaborate and
time-consuming.  There are new locations, large battles, new dungeon cells.  There are some recruitable
companions that have the share feature.  There are a few new meshes and textures that have either been 
used in just a few mods or that are seen here for the first time.

 To play the mod, Join the Fighters Guild and then talk to the quest-givers located at Fighters
Guild halls across Cyrodiil.
 The 62 quests:

15 contracts in Bravil from Nahsi.
2 contracts in Bravil from Barg gro-Malgum, one of them repeatable.  You do not have to belong to the 
  Fighters Guild to get the repeatable contract.

7 contracts in Bruma from Bumph gra-Gash.  If you can't find her, look downstairs or at Olav's Tap and Tack.
9 contracts in Bruma from Alderil.  The last one is repeatable.  These quests are only available 
  before you become the head of the Fighters Guild. 

1 contract in Cheydinhal.  Ask Burz gro-Khash about the Topic "Another Contract" to get it.

15 contracts in Leyawiin.  Talk to Ragar-Left-Hearing to get them.

13 contracts in Skingrad.  Talk to Ah-Malz to get them.  Ah-Malz can be hard to find sometimes.  He goes
   downstairs to practice with his claymore now and then.  At other times, he will go hang around in the 
   street in front of The Two Sisters Lodge.  The quest "The Valenwood Rebels" adds a repeatable battle.