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About this mod

This mod adds a beautiful manor to the Anequina\'s Desert that the player will claim as his own via a journal quest.

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Reaper's Anequina's Manor V_4
By: Reaper9111
V4 update by Chaky

If you're using RAEVWD, you can skip "anequina\rocks" and "trees" folders (both meshes and textures, plus "plants" subfolder in textures) RAEVWD meshes are superior* to mine. However, my tower_far mesh (anequina\architecture\orcrest) is superior* to one found in RAEVWD, so I suggest you use mine. For the contents of "textures\Anequina\lowres\architecture\orcrest", the differences between mine and RAEVWD are in textures sizes. Mine are of lower resolution, which should give you lesser performance hit than RAEVWD, so you choose which ones you want. Keep in mind that RAEVWD doesn't have all the needed textures in that folder, so in case you want to use RAEVWD textures, simply don't overwrite them when installing.

*By "superior" I mean lower vertex count and better UVW mapping.

About the mod:

This mod adds a beautiful manor to the Anequina's Desert that the player will claim as his own via a journal quest.
This mod adds a brand new amulet (custom made) to the game. The amulet is not enchanted in this release.
This mod adds a retextured armor to the game wich is also not enchanted.
This mod adds a quest to obtain the manor as your new home in Elsweyr.
The quest will start when you first try to enter in the manor...
The manor has a map marker visible whe you load the mod, but you will have to reach it yourself to be able to fast-travel to it.


- A brand new amulet meshes
- A retextured armor
- A retextured manor in the color of Anequina's Desert
- A scripted set of weapons
- Static alchemy station in the manor
- Lots of safe storage in the manor
- A quest to gain owership of the manor


- You guessed it: You will need The Desert of Anequina V_3 to be able to play this mod.
- The latest patch
- Shivering Isles

Last word:

Everything has been tested and work just as expected. No Bugs and No Conflicts!
This mod will not conflict with anything as long as other mods do not modify the areas modifyed by my mod.

Manual installation:
Unpack the contents of the archive to oblivion\data folder. All _far meshes are optional. They might have a FPS hit on the game.
Don't use "Reaper's Esmeralda's Desert Manor NoTail Scarf.esp" if your character doesn't have tail. You don't need it. It patches the scarf in "Reaper's Esmeralda's Desert Manor.esp" to make it use amulet slot, and not tail slot.

OMOD installation:
Activate the OMOD and chose the options given by the script.

You must run TES4LODGen after installation to make use of _far meshes.

Updating from V4.0 beta:
Make sure you don't have anything of value in basement drawers (one beneath the Rose Essence Tanker) since that one is gone. Those two drawers are single container now.