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Book Jackets replacement for Knights of the Nine

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Knights of the Nine:
Book Jackets v1.0
By Rob B. ([email protected])

NOTE: To view this readme properly in Notepad, turn on "Word Wrap" on the "Format" drop-down menu above.

01> Installation/Unistallation Infos
02> Version History
03> Information/Description
04> Saved Games
05> Dependencies
06> Known Issues/Bugs
07> Credits
08> Permissions/Legal
09> Warrenty/Disclaimer

01. Installing & Uninstalling
To install, simply extract the contents of the archive to your "Data" directory. To uninstall, simply delete all related files. Saves made while ESP is active will simply need to be re-saved to clear errors of missing files.

02. Version History

03. Description & Information
This mod was created to fill the void of having no book replacement mods for KOTN - even if there are only a few new books, it still looks odd when all the books have new unique textures while others use the default book meshes.

I created from scratch new textures for the few books that are added by KOTN. Because I implemented the changes to only a few records in the original Knights.esp, I decided to use mod "de-isolation" to create a patch that only replaces those records. This techinique was used in the Unofficial Official Mods Patch (UOMP), and allows mod authors to edit existing records, while also making ESPs dependent on the original ESP.

As such, this mod REQUIRES you to have KOTN installed and enabled - without it, Oblivion WILL CRASH. You must place the ESP AFTER Knights.esp in order for the game to load properly. Not doing so will cause the Oblivion to crash the same as if Knights.esp was non-existant.


04. About Your Saved Games
If uninstalled, save games made while the ESP was active will display an error about missing files - simply re-save and the error will clear.

05. Dependencies
Oblvion.esm - Oblivion's master game file;
Knights.esp - REQUIRED as this mod only contains the edited records.

You'll also need to have BJOB (Standard or Hi-Res) fully installed in order to take advantage of the higher resolution textures. You can download a copy of BJOB (Standard Res) at TES Nexus, the Hi-Res version is on ElricM. Copy and paste the following links to these mods into your browser's address bar:

Book Jackets: Oblivion Standard Res (approx. 27.70MB)

Book Jackets: Olbivion Hi-Res (approx. 92.81MB)

If you have Shivering Isles installed, you may wish to play with Grimbot's Book Jackets DLC (includes new meshes/textures for SI and DLCSpellTomes):

06. Known Issues & Bugs
None that I can think of.

07. Credits
Firstly to Bethesda Game Studios for developing such a wonderful RPG. In spite of Oblivion's minor faults, it still is one of the best RPGs to date.

To Phoenix Amon for creating BJOB, and replacing the dull shite that Bethesda gave us.

To Grimbot for creating book jackets to replace SI books and Spell Tomes.

To Herculine for testing this and making sure it works as it's intended.

To the GIMP, a wonderful little image-editing program that's almost as good as PS.

To my own brain for thinking up something like this.

08. Permissions/Legal
You MAY use this mod as a base for whatever you may be doing, as long as the author is given FULL credit for this mod. Other than that, feel free to alter this mod to your heart's content. I don't really care about legal shite, so do whatever pleases you.

09. Warrenty/Disclaimer
I give no warrenties that this mod won't break your system - YOU, the end user, take FULL responsibility for YOUR OWN actions. YOU use this software at YOUR OWN risk.