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This will add a new starting menu allowing you to choose your own role with new custom content and starting locations.

Permissions and credits
***New version 1.2 is out!***

-Reuploaded Screenshots in Higher Quality.

Version 1.2
-Fixed Mythic Dawn Assassins finding the player.
-Increased amount of starting gold to equal gold gathered from sewers.
-Removed references to unfinished content from stories.
-Changed loading screen texts when entering your room.
-Added misc objects to fill scholar room.
-Removed some of the foliage clipping through assassin tent.
-Removed some of the foliage blocking the scholar ruin.
-Quests now complete after reading story.

NOTE: If you are updating from a previous version Mythic Dawn Assassins may still try to find you, in that case you will have to kill them or use a console command to disable them. New games started with version 1.2 will not have this problem again.

Version 1.1
A severe bug preventing the player from gaining DLC and SI quests has been found, this has been fixed and included in the emergency V1.1 update, please redownload the mod and overwrite the old files. To continue using your saved game please enter this into the console, accessed by pressing the tidle key:

setstage charactergen 100

Then all your dlc and si quests will appear. Anyone downloading the mod for the first time will not need to do this. I will continue to make fixes that make old save files compatible, my highest priority is to make sure you do not need to start over so keep looking forward to updates :)

Sick of the same old prison start? Shamed of breaking out of jail even though you are trying to have a good character? Try these 3 alternative starts instead ranging from good to neutral to evil characters.

This will add 3 alternative stories to the game which you can choose from to fit your play style. Start in Bruma as the Blacksmith's adopted son, or become an Assassin running from the law, or you can be a rising Scholar, training to become the greatest mage. All these starts come with their own advantages and custom content and will better fit the players who are sick of starting in the prison. You will also be able to obtain the Amulet of Kings optionally if you wish to do the original main quest. But you can leave it if you just want to explore or do other quests.

Requires Patch v1.2.0416

The 3 stories and their advantages are as followed:

The Blacksmith's Heir
Recommended Classes: Heavy
Starting Location: Bruma - Hammer and Axe

Easy Access to Chorrol Fighters Guild and Arena
-Free room and place to sleep in the shop.
-Increased Heavy Armor and Armorer skills.
-Defend Ability.

An Assassin on the Run
Recommended Classes: Light
Starting Location: Nibenay Basin - Forest Camp

Easy Access to Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood
-Your own camp in concealed location.
-Resist poison and paralyze slightly.
-Sprinting ability.

A Scholar in Training
Recommended Classes: Spell
Starting Location: The West Weald, Skingrad

Easy Access to Western Mages Guilds for Recommendations from west to east.
-Your own Ayleid Ruin!
-Increased intellect and wisdom.
-Occasional free herbs including a new custom ingredient.

At the start of a new game you will be given a menu to choose one of the 3 above stories, at which you will automatically start in the respected location with gear and spells fit for your choice. You will be able to choose your birth sign and class right away. You can optionally pick up the Amulet of Kings to begin the original story, but you do not have to get it for those who do not want to be burdened with it.

Blacksmith's and Assassins will not be stuck with useless starting spells, instead they will gain abilities fit for there classes, if you choose to become a Scholar then you will gain the original starting spells. The starting locations where chosen to reflect easy access to their respective guilds, Blacksmiths will have quick access to Chorrol Fighters Guild and the Arena, Assassins start between the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, and Scholars will begin in the western provinces to make it easier to gain recommendations in west to east order. They are also near The Apprentice Stone, The Mages Guild of Destruction and around plenty of herbs for best starting conditions for new players.

You will not only have the start items given to you, useful items will be placed around your starting location for those who like alternative classes like battlemages.

I hope you enjoy these 3 alternative starts as much as I am, it is something I think we all needed for those who don't like starting in the prison, plus these stories offer lots of rewards you can use towards the main quest if you choose to get it, or just random exploring. It is also done as immersively as possible to integrate well with the game without strange or weird events that don't make sense.

Good luck and have fun :)

Expected Bugs:
I have worked very hard to keep this as bug free as possible and most of the bugs have been squashed before the initial release, but if you find any or for some reason cannot continue through the main quest please report it here. There may be some awkward dialog that mentions you being in the prison when you weren't, just ignore it for now, it will take a lot of time and effort to make the 3 Alt Stories immersive as possible.

Incompatibility has been found with Kobus's Character Advancement System, Please update to 1.1 and run the console command "setstage charactergen 100", you do not need to do this if you did not play 1.0

No spell is selected at the start, instead players will be able to cast a blank spell, just choose a spell in your spell tab to fix this.

Some of the objects inside the Hammer and Axe are still unowned to you, this is not necessarily a bug due to the shop keeper not wanting you to steal all his products he is trying to sell. Everything else like the repair hammers and jars and all the armor and weapons in your room you can still take and you can use your key to enter the shop at night without trespassing so you can access your room to sleep.

When starting a new game after quitting back to the main menu, the choose menu may take time to reappear, just be patient and it should take no longer then 10 seconds.

How To Install:
1. Locate your Oblivion folder, default is: C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion

2. Copy the data folder from this zip into your oblivion folder.

3. Run the Oblivion Launcher and click on Data Files.

4. Check the 3 Alternative Stories.esp (Player File) and hit OK.

5. Start a new game and choose your adventure :D

If you would like to start a game with the original start, just disable the mod temporarily.