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Added: 30/03/2006 - 01:41PM
Updated: 03/03/2008 - 09:58AM

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Last updated at 9:58, 3 Mar 2008 Uploaded at 13:41, 30 Mar 2006

This mod will make all flora behave more realistically by changing their appearance when you harvest them (whether you are successful or not). When you harvest a plant if its ingredient is a flower then the plant's flowers will disappear and so on, through some plants ingredients are roots which they don't have and you can't see them anyway so the flowers disappear instead (think of it as you snapping them off to let yourself know you've already collected the roots from it).

This will makes mushrooms disappear entirely when harvested instead of leaving stalks behind.

Installing: Copy the contents of the NoMushroomStalks folder into your Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data folder.
Uninstalling: Delete the HarvestFlora folder located in Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\Meshes.

Harvest [Flora] - Shivering Isles.esp
Adds support for the new flora added by the official expansion pack: Shivering Isles.
Note: This must be loaded after Harvest [Flora].esp

Harvest [Flora] - DLCFrostcrag.esp
Adds support for the new flora added by the official mod: Frostgrag Spire.
Note: This must be loaded after DLCFrostcrag.esp and Harvest [Flora].esp

Harvest [Flora] - DLCVileLair.esp
Adds support for the new flora added by the official mod: The Vile Lair.
Note: This must be loaded after DLCVileLair.esp and Harvest [Flora].esp

Notes, Known Issues & Incompatibilities
-Behaviour of Nirnroot remains unchanged.
-Pitcher Plants have no ingredient so they will now become un-harvestable (next time the cell resets you'll be unable to attempt to harvest nothing from them).
-Attacking plants like the Spiddel Stick will no longer attack you once harvested.

1.) Extract the files from the archive and place them into your Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data folder.
2.) Start the Oblivion Launcher and go to Data Files.
3.) Enable the plugins you want.
3.) Enjoy!

1.) When upgrading from previous versions of Harvest [Flora] make sure you remove all the old files located in your Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\ folder:
DEJ Harvest - Flora - CPU.esp
DEJ Harvest - Flora - LIST.txt
DEJ Harvest - Flora - LITE.esp
DEJ Harvest - Flora - README.txt
DEJ Harvest - Flora - STOP.esp
DEJ Harvest - Flora.bsa
DEJ Harvest - Flora.esp
2.) Install new version and activate the plugins and you're good to go!

1.) Delete the following from your Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\ folder:
Harvest [Flora].esp
Harvest [Flora] - Shivering Isles.esp
Harvest [Flora] - DLCVileLair.esp
Harvest [Flora] - DLCFrostcrag.esp
Harvest [Flora].bsa
Harvest [Flora] Readme.html
2.) And you're done!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Question: Something strange is happening, plants aren't appearing harvested or it's happening very slowly, what's wrong?
Answer: What you have is the animation bug (not caused by Harvest [Flora] or any other mod), it usually happens in gamesaves over 200 hours and affects anything animated. To fix this problem you'll need to use zBobGuy's Animation Fixer on your afflicted gamesaves.

Q: Will I loss my plants if I remove Harvest [Flora] or upgrade to a new version of Harvest [Flora]?
A: No and No. Since Harvest [Flora] v3.0.0 plants are no longer disabled and it also acts as a STOP plugin from the previous versions of Harvest [Flora] undoing any disabled flora thus it is safe to enable/disable Harvest [Flora] whenever you like without fear of losing flora.

Q: Harvest [Flora] broke my plants in the Vile Lair!!! what do I do?
A: Was a nasty little bug but has since been fixed in Harvest [Flora] v3.0.0, to get your flora back you'll need to disable DLCVileLair.esp load any afflicted gamesave and resave them then enable DLCVileLair.esp again. Warning: make sure you take any items you want out of the Vile Lair or you'll lose them, also you'll have to purchase all the upgrades again!

Version History
v3.0.1 (3/03/2008)
-Added Harrada fix by Deathless Aphrodite.
-Added OMOD script by -pk-.
v3.0.0 (28/04/2007)
-Everything has been redone.
-Realistic Flora has been merged into Harvest [Flora] and thus Realistic Flora has been discontinued.
-All plants now utilizes nif animations which eliminates gamesave bloating and the flickering during transition to the harvested plant.
-You can now enable/disable/remove Realistic [Flora] when ever you want now without fear of losing flora or having to run a STOP plugin.
-Now fully compatiable with any mod that adds new flora (harvested versions won't be left behind if you disable that mod) or mods that move existing flora around the place.
-Added support for all the new flora added by the official expansion pack: Shivering Isles.
-Added support for the new flora added by the official mod: Frostcrag Spire.
-Added support for the new flora added by the official mod: The Vile Lair.

Harvest [Flora] is provided free and "as is", use at your own risk; we cannot be held responsible/liable for anything that happens while using it. Feel free to host the Harvest [Flora] anywhere you want but only in its original unmodified package; please do not release your own modified versions of it.

The NifSkope Team - Big thanks for this very awesome tool, this mod wouldn't of been possible without it!
XMarksTheSpot - For showing us the way of visibility animations.
DrangonFireSG - For work on the previous versions of Harvest [Flora].
mmmpld - For tweaking the appearance of some plants.
Vasiliy - For his great BSA Commander program that was used to create Harvest [Flora]'s BSA.