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A replacement of the Texian\'s Window Lighting System now with animated meshes with a tool to animate your own building windows. It also comes now with Chimney Smoke.

Permissions and credits
What is AWLS?

Welcome to the most comprehensive and compatible window lighting system ever devised for TES:IV.

AWLS is an illuminated window system that has three goals:

1) Add illuminated windows to all vanilla building meshes in such a way that also allows all mods using vanilla buildings to also have illuminated windows without the need of patches.

2) Allow the player to choose to have the lights on 24/7, at night only, or also during rainy weather. The player can pick what option is best for him or her by using one or none of the three included plugins (medium and advanced plugins require OBSE v14 or higher).

3) Add smoke effects to all chimneys if desired.

Please download and read the brand-new, nicely formatted, comprehensive Readme as it covers many things not listed on this page!


AWLS can be considered an evolution from Texian's original Window Lighting System. AWLS uses a very similar method but takes advantage of newer and better methods for illumination.

A little history on illumination mods: Illumination Within by Slap & ModMan was the first mod that attempted to illuminate building windows at night. It did this by making the window textures appear illuminated and then added actual light sources hovering in front of each window. This created a realistic and very pretty illumination. However, the downside was twofold: first, a significant performance hit since light sources are very demanding; second, no mod added buildings would have illuminated windows unless a patch was made.

So Texian made his mod solve both issues, and AWLS goes even further with more features. It should be noted that Illumination Within is still considered to be the most attractive window illumination method. With that in mind, it is possible to use both AWLS and Illumination Within together. Read the Using AWLS + Illumination Within section.


AWLS is a very complicated mod with over 200 install options and folders! Therefore, it is mandatory that you use a mod manager program. Either use the easiest and simplest option, Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM), or use Wrye Bash's BAIN to install this mod. Do not try to install it manually, seriously.

Before AWLS: Install Mods AWLS Patches

For both install methods, if you use any of the mods AWLS patches, make sure you install these mods BEFORE INSTALLING AWLS! You can read more about these mods in the "Mods that AWLS Patches" section. These mods are:

Blood & Mud
Qarl's Texture Pack III
Qarl's Texture Pack for Blood & Mud
Really Almost Everything Visible When Distant
Bomret's Texture Pack for Shivering Isles
Kvatch Rebuilt
Elsweyr Desert of Anequina
Better Cities

Note: ALWS will conflict with many files from the above mods by design. Let AWLS overwrite all files!

Before AWLS: Installing the Unofficial Patches

Every Oblivion player should use the Unofficial Patches (UOP, USIP, UOMP) plus the Unofficial Patches Supplementals. Install these BEFORE AWLS since AWLS will conflict with several files, but do not worry because AWLS incorporates all fixes of these patches up to the latest 3.3.4. In fact, AWLS has several fixes not included anywhere else, including extensive exterior window UV Texture Mapping fixes.

Installing AWLS with OBMM

Run OBMM, click "Create" then "Add archive" and select the AWLS 7zip file you downloaded. Click "Yes" for the warning about .esps in sub-folders that pops up, then click "Yes" again about importing the omod script. Then click "Create omod." After it finishes, double-click on the mod package in the right hand window. Now follow the very detailed install script. After you pick all your options, if you get warnings about files already existing, pick "Yes" while holding down the "Ctrl" key to let all files overwrite.

Installing AWLS with BAIN

BAIN is more complex so it's assumed you are comfortable with Wrye Bash and BAIN. If not, please read the Wrye Bash readme and read through this pictorial guide.

With that said, run Wrye Bash, click on the Installers tab, add the AWLS 7zip file to your BAIN archives by either dragging and dropping as of Wrye Bash 291 or by manually moving the archive to your "Bash Installers" folder. Select the AWLS archive in the list of packages and right-click and pick "Wizard." Now follow the very detailed install script. After installing you can check to make sure no other mod is overwriting AWLS's files by clicking on the "Conflicts" tab and making sure no files are listed as "=Higher=."

Extra Information about the Structure of the AWLS Archive

The key to know is that any set of folders with the same starting number should only have ONE of those folders installed since they directly conflict with each other. Folders with their own unique number should be installed if you need or want what the folder installs.

Folders generally are numbered in groups and options that require previous options are usually placed right after the requires options. For instance, the "40" series is the Shivering Isles options, and the "RAEVWD" folders follow each different window type series (42 SI Settlements has three options and then the three corresponding 43 RAEVWD SI Settlements options follow).

Only install folders with specific mod names if you have that mod installed. For example, a folder that has “QTP3” in the name should only be installed if you use QTP3. A folder with “B&M” in the name should only be installed if you use Blood&Mud.

The above also applies to specific parts of AWLS. For instance, a folder with “Chimneys” in the name should only be installed if you picked one of the Chimney-enabled .esp files.

Manual Install for Those who Clearly Don't Know How to Install Mods Properly

Please download the archive and open the full Readme file to detailed instructions.


Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) version 14 or higher is required to use the plugins. Nothing else is required.

Version History
AWLS 5.5.4 - June 13, 2011
-Updated BAIN install script to support Wrye Bash version 292’s new comma requirement. Thanks to alt3rn1ty for the updated script.
-Fixed one incorrectly name texture under “500 Leyawiin Yellow Ismelda” option. Now the lowerclass windows will light up properly for users of Ismelda’s Yellow in Leyawiin.

AWLS 5.5.3 - March 30, 2011
-Fixed missing lit arch windows from many Anvil buildings when using the certain curtains options.
-Added a note for install scripts indicating your choice of Chorrol windows also affects many Skingrad windows.

AWLS 5.5.2 - March 22, 2011
-Fixed missing lit Mages Guild windows for people who used Red Curtains or Red Dark Curtains Chorrol option. Note the missing windows do not have curtains on them by design. Also added the appropriate RAEVWD versions.
-Updated install scripts to ask user if they want chimney smoke even if they don't use an .esp. Thanks Corepc for making the suggestion.

AWLS 5.5.1 - February 17, 2011
-Fixed install scripts errors like Advanced .esp No Smoking description. Renamed BaseESP folders to BasicESP to match the install script.
-Fixed missing architecture folder for 050 Bomrets folder for meshes, thanks UndWDoG.
-Fixed install script error regarding Cheydinhal RAEVWD Yellow options, thanks KarmaPowered.

AWLS 5.5.0 - February 15, 2011
-Merged mesh pack and texture pack to create one unified AWLS install file. This required massive restructuring of package and scripts. Many folders have been renamed or changed.
-Renamed .esp folders to have them all use the same number (01) to signify a user should use only one of the six options.
-Changed both Advanced plugins to fix the Game Month && bug, which has been present for a long time. Now && has been replaced with || in order to allow the script to properly detect the month.
-Advanced scripts "IsRaining" checks changed to "IsRaining > 0" to fix issues reported by a user a while ago.
-Renamed "Gray" folders and script install options to "Yellow" to match actual color in-game to make more sense for end-user.
-Included all Unofficial Patch Supplement changes including all the Shivering Isles Palace fixes. Also fixed collision errors on exterior SI Palace that the USIP Supplement didn't fix. Also includes additional Leyawiin Mages Guild exterior building fixes not in UOP Supplement (UV errors, crack around Mages Guild Circle Window).
-Added compatibility option for Bomret's Textures for Shivering Isles. This will preserve all the parallax shading on the meshes AWLS edits and also allow you to use whatever install options you want and still get full compatibility.
-Fixed window clipping error in SkHouseMiddle04.nif mesh; fixed regular, QTP3, and Kvatch Rebuilt versions of mesh. (This was a vanilla issue.)
-Changed all Farmhouse meshes to use the Farmhouse window style for all windows instead of using the Chorrol window style. This also matches upcoming All Natural changes.
-Changed Weynon House windows to use all Weynon House style windows instead of partially using Chorrol windows as in vanilla. This change now matches how the interior looks in the mod "All Natural".
-Added a few new window install options (like Cathedral Orange Sterile, Imperial City Blue) and redid screenshots so that every single option has a preview image.
-Add new options for cities that previously were forced to use Chorrol window textures, such as Leyawiin and Bravil. Now you can use greenish colored curtains for Leyawiin or Blood Red windows and curtains for Bravil.
-All meshes optimized with PyFFI 2.1.8.
-New single combined readme with nicer format.
-A bunch of other minor tweaks and changes, wow, a lot of work.

Please download the archive and open the full Readme file to view the entire version history.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the performance impact of AWLS?

Answer: Basically zero impact.

How do I install this manually?

Answer: We do not support manual installs. AWLS is very, very complicated to install manually. There is no reason to not use either Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM) or Wrye Bash's BAIN feature. The time it would take to read how to manually install this mod is longer than it would take to download and use OBMM. That being said, there is an install guide for manual installations provided.

How do I make my mod I created support AWLS?

Answer: If you are using vanilla buildings, AWLS is will work already. If you've altered a vanilla mesh and created a new static ID for your building, then you can use the IllumAnimation.exe tool provided as an optional download on the Tesnexus.com page. Please read the readme included with the tool.

Can I use Illumination Within with AWLS?

Answer: Yes, you can and this will provide you with the best visuals. See the AWLS + Illumination Within section for details.

Legal Information

Feel free to use the textures and meshes as you wish in your projects. Grant back credits to the people mentioned in the credits here.


Ismelda: Orginal concept of the Texian's Window Lighting System enhancement.
Brumbek: For the Mixed Textures packs and the work on the windows UVmaps and meshes.
Dev_Akm: For Qarl Textures Pack III for Blood & Mud.
Dev_Akm and Kivan: QTP3 UOP32 Compatibility Patch.
Quarn and Kivan: for their job at fixing meshes.
Ryan: For Blood & Mud.
Arthmoor: For RAEVWD.
Qarl: For QTP3.
Slap & ModMan: Textures from Illumination Within.
Texian: For the creation of the Window Lighting System.
XMarksTheSpot: For the animated meshes, the program to animate buildings, and the basic script to make the animation usable.
Vargr: For fixing some errors in the BAIN Wizard script!
KarmaPowered: Pointing out install script errors.
UndWDoG: Pointing out install script errors.
MadCat221: For reporting the glow map issues and proper DDS compression.
ThreeD: For motivation to create a better OMOD script.
Belphegor: For finding an OMOD scripting error.
Metallicow: For the initial BAIN Wizard script.
Kalikut: For the Anvil wood window frames.


IllumAnimation by XMarksTheSpot
Oblivion Mod Manager
Oblivion Mod FAQ and OMOD Creation
Wrye Bash and BAIN


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