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A castle in the Jerall Mountains with many riches.

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A castle in the Jerall Mountains. But the lord of the castle has been murder. You must investigate and find out who the murderer is. There are five quest that come with this mod. The castle gets its money from the mine inside the castle. There is a huge armory that has many sets of armor and weapons. An alchemy room that has every ingredient in Cyrodiil with potions. A barracks which is where the guards eat and sleep and towers for storage and to view the castle and Jerall Mountains. One tower has clothing from robes to shirts, and rings and one tower is for the guest to sleep in. And another Tower offer spell and enchantments and magic items and spells. A Dinning room which has a lots of tables and a bar with a great cook. A cellar with rare wines and lots of beer, ale, and mead. A Library with lost f books to read and nice place to read them. It uses Better Bookshelves to easily store the books on the bookshelves. A Chapel to pray in. A stable where you can get any horse you wish. Private Quarters for the nobles to rest. Shipping House where the gold and silver gets shipped out and the people of the castle gets its pay there. Homes for the miners. And a Hall full of decorations.

This castle is the castle of dreams. To find the castle and to start the Murder At Castle Goldmore quest you need to ask around Bruma for the latest rumors or get a new issue of the Black Horse Courier in the Imperial City.

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