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Manually made models for distant objects with next to none performance impact.

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Displaying distant objects (aka VWD) in Oblivion has always been known to come with a large performance impact, even on a good hardware. The reason for that is existing solutions are made from full-size models by simply reducing the poly-count and texture resolution - however, model structure remains the same and it still consists of multiple separate parts, each using it's separate texture.

Now, if you look at vanilla distant models made by Bethesda, they are different - all separate model parts are combined in a single simple shape, using only one texture, specifically made for distant objects.

As you may have guessed, this mod is my attempt of creating custom Bethesda-style distant models. Here's some numbers, for comparison:
  • Vanilla full cathedral model is 2657 Kb, has about 25k verticles, 41 different model parts and same number of different textures;
  • Existing distant model is around 800 Kb, 21k verticles, and still uses 40 parts and textures;
  • My model is 20 Kb, 243 verticles, uses one part and one texture.

You need to run TES4LODGen after installing these models, otherwise they won't show up in game. For proper VWD object generation, you need to run TES4LODGen every time a mod is added or removed from load order.

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