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Grass, plant, sand, water, snow, & more... color mod. Compatible with NMS v3.10

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Compatible with NMS v3.10


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THANKS TO ALL MODDERS FOR YOUR WORK AND INSPIRATION.Special thanks to monkeyman192, Lo2k, GaticusHax, RaYRoD, LawnReality, Exosolar and many others for hard work helping modders and making tools work like MBINCompiler!

All mods in this pack can be used together or independently.

The goal of all of the mods was to add more variety, improve, and balance grass, grass alternate, plant, leaf, sand, rock, snow, sunset/sunrise, sky, space, and water colors.
All colors are hand made and were tested under many in-game conditions. There was an attempt to keep the same "feel" of the vanilla/default color scheme.

The vanilla/default colors of grass, grass alternates, leaves, and plants were kept, but they are all custom versions of that default color.
i.e. blue grass will still be blue, but a slightly different version of blue. There are also 8 new/added custom colors for grass, grass alternates, leaves, and plants.
16 custom sand colors.
8 new rock and stone colors added.
Added 8 colors of rare multi-colored grass.
Lightened rock terrain colors. 3 shades X 12 colors.
Added all new grass colors from "Beyond". Adjusted colors to blend better with palette.

The vanilla/default colors of water were also kept, and 6 new water colors have been added.

Added several dirt colors.
Changed all plant and leaf colors.
Added 32 RockSaturated, RockLight, and RockDark colors.

5 custom snow colors.
Added new grass, plant, and leaf colors.
Enabled trees in FrozenHQ biome to use procedural colors!
Improved texture saturation of several leaves for balancing.
Added small color variation to leaves.

Added custom sunset/sunrise colors.
Added blue-light/sun, green-light/sun, yellow-light/sun, and purple-light/sun to existing red-light/sun. (During sunrise/sunset only.)

Frozen planets can have all sky colors. (Not just a single blue.)
Added custom main sky colors.
Added custom rare sky colors.
Added space fog color to planets.
Adjusted duration/transitions of sunset.

Added several flora and terrain colors.

Added several flora and terrain colors.

Added several flora and terrain colors.

Added several flora and terrain colors.

Enabled procedural coloring for several underwater rocks, crystals, and flora.

Enables entire HG space color palette to be used in every star system.
Added 20 custom space color palettes.
Added versions with bright nebula.
Added versions with big star.

Removes the flat high altitude clouds.

Darker night light.
Removed dark sky horizon line.
Added rare custom night skies.

1. Add any "combination of" the .pak files inside DUD' file to:
   C:/(NMS installation folder)/No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS folder
2. Rename or delete C:/(NMS installation folder)/No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/DISABLEMODS.txt
3. Enjoy

*See readme for more details.