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Extensive modular collection of color and visual effects mods that can be used together. Compatible with NMS v4.72

Permissions and credits
Compatible with NMS v4.72


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Special thanks to monkeyman192, Lo2k, GaticusHax, RaYRoD, LawnReality, Exosolar, Gumsk, gurrenm4 and many others for hard work helping modders and making tools work like MBINCompiler!

Some content was created using: NoMansSky.Api (A C# modding API) by gurrenm4
Available here: https://github.com/gurrenm3/NoMansSky.Api

For anyone that has donated: It means more to me and my family than you can imagine. I won't go into details here because I don't think it is appropriate, but everyone in my family thanks you very much!

You don't have to use all the mods here! You can pick what you want to use!
This is not one big mod. It's a bunch of mods that all work nicely together!
All mods conveniently available in one location.

All colors are hand made and were tested under many in-game conditions.
There was an attempt to keep the same "feel" of the vanilla/default color scheme.

Replaces (first person) atmosphere entry effect with custom effect.
Effect is designed to give more of a heat feel.
Colored to resemble heat and fire.

Barren biome colors.
Custom flora and terrain colors.

Dead biome colors.
Custom dirt, sand, and rock colors.
Custom plant and leaf colors.

Reduces the sun/light glare on ship and exocraft display screens.
No more complete whiteout glare on display screens when faced toward light.
Can see display clearly even when in bright light.

Changes behavior of fireflies to be more "natural".
Reduces amount of fireflies.
Fireflies can have various sizes.
Minor performance gain.

Frozen biome colors.
Custom snow colors.
Custom grass, plant, and leaf colors.
Procedural coloring for FrozenHQ trees.
Improved texture saturation of several leaves for balancing.
Custom color variation to leaves.
Procedural coloring for rocks, ice crystals, and ice.
Enabled possibility of more than one color HQ pine per planet.
Added completely frozen HQ pines.

Custom procedural coloring for SporeBag/GasBag hazard plants.
Rework of SporeBag/GasBag textures for better environment blending.

Increases sunlight intensity.
Planet surfaces, underwater, and space will be more vibrant and naturally lit.
Makes the planet screen filters work the same (properly) while in spaceship as they do on-foot.
Adds DOF to distant underwater objects.

Replaces default/vanilla glow effect around Helios pet with custom effect.
Custom effect is 3D volumetric light vs vanilla 2D low res billboard.

Lava biome colors.
Custom flora and terrain colors.

Custom stone colors.
Custom wood colors. Used for tree trunks and various other flora.

Main color palette used for several biomes.
Custom variations of native color grass, grass alternates, leaves, and plants.
Custom colors for grass, grass alternates, leaves, and plants.
Custom sand colors.
Custom rock and stone colors.
Custom colors of rare multi-colored grass.
Custom lightened rock terrain colors.
Custom procedural color blending for several grass and plant types.
Custom planetary ring colors.
Custom space station interior light colors.

Custom LUT filter for Nexus.
Gives Nexus/Anomaly a vibrant neon/synthwave look.

Night sky colors.
Darker night light.
Removed dark sky horizon line.
Custom rare night skies.
Custom rare solid color nights. (i.e. solid red, solid green, etc.)
Custom "Void" Dead planets with no stars/black sky.
Custom "Void" Dead planets with no stars/black sky and thin colored atmosphere.

Removes flat high altitude clouds.

Removes blue ring effect at start of freighter/frigate warp-in effect.

Improved fade-in distances of some planet screen filters.
Replaces 7 planet screen filters (either redundant or ones I don't like) with custom made filters.
Replaces in-game planet filters only. Photo mode filters are unchanged.
Custom Radioactive biome planet filter.
Custom Toxic biome planet filter.

Radioactive biome colors.
Custom flora and terrain colors.

Changes behavior of rain particles to be more "natural" and less of a repeating pattern.
Minor performance gain.
Improved rain particles.

Scorched biome colors.
Custom flora and terrain colors.

Improved cloud and horizon blending.
Custom rare bold colored skies.
Custom rare Synthwave skies.
Custom main sky colors.
Custom rare sky colors.
Improved planet fog.
Added space fog color to planets.
Adjusted duration/transitions of sunset.
Custom Frozen biome specific sky colors. (Makes the planet look colder.)
Custom Scorched biome specific sky colors. (Makes the planet look hotter.)
Custom Lava biome specific sky colors.
Custom Swamp biome specific sky colors.
Improved horizon for Lava, Swamp, Gravitystorm, and Firestorm biomes.
Reduced chances of finding binary and ternary star systems.
Improved planetary storm fog.
Improved extreme planet fog.
Extreme planet fog is persistent while on foot and flying.
Adjustments to cloud speed and formation.
Nebula adjustments and added variation.
Dead planet dust effect reduced and falling cold particles removed.
Custom slow cold fog volumetric effect for Cold Dead planets.
Custom fog volumetric effect for Swamp planets.
Custom fog volumetric effect for Frozen planets.

Custom snowflake particles.
Changes snow particle behavior to be more "natural".
Minor performance gain.

Enables entire native color palette to be used in every star system.
Custom space color palettes.
Custom systems with nebula/cloud and black space.
Custom systems with pure black space with distant suns.
Variable nebula brightness.
Variable sun size.

Custom Lush biome storm filter.
Custom Barren biome storm filter.
Custom Radioactive biome storm filter.
Custom Scorched biome storm filter.
Custom Toxic biome storm filter.
Improved light level and saturation level balancing during storms.
Sand storms and Rain storms have more natural brightness and saturation.

Custom sunset/sunrise colors.
Custom sunset/sunrise colors specific to Lava and Swamp biomes.

Swamp biome colors.
Custom flora and terrain colors.
Custom cave colors.
Procedural coloring for mushrooms.

Adds custom tile color palette choices to all biomes.
These are not additional colors. They are control sets for different ground elements. (Grass, snow, dirt, rock, sand, etc.)
Vanilla NMS uses 1 color palette per each ground element/tile.
This gives some ground elements multiple palette choices.

Toxic biome colors.
Custom flora and terrain colors.

Enabled procedural coloring for several underwater rocks, crystals, and flora.
Enabled procedural coloring for underwater gasbags.

Custom LUT filters and frames for the Analysis Visor (binoculars).
All 3 visor modes modified.
All filters and frames designed to work well with gameplay.

Custom retro warp effects for all warp types.
Replaces warp effects for portal, teleporter, ship warp, freighter warp, and black hole.
All warp tunnels are different, yet have a similar style.

Includes native water colors.
Custom water color variations.

Weird biome colors.
Procedural coloring for large "trees" in Hexagon biome.
Procedural coloring for light beams in Beams biome.
Procedural coloring for glow inside objects in Fract Cube biome.
Procedural coloring for many objects in Contour biome.
Procedural coloring for many objects in M-Structure biome.
Procedural coloring for many objects in Shards biome.
Added safeguard systems to prevent coloring of weird fauna and weird collectible objects.

1. Add any "combination of" the .pak files inside DUD'SSKY.zip file to:   C:/(NMS installation folder)/No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS folder.
2. Rename or delete C:/(NMS installation folder)/No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/DISABLEMODS.txt.
3. Enjoy.

*See readme for more details.