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Added: 08/09/2017 - 02:37AM
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Last updated at 22:33, 12 Oct 2017 Uploaded at 2:37, 8 Sep 2017

Compatible with NMS v1.38 (Older versions also available)

Special thanks to monkeyman192, Lo2k, theFisher86, GaticusHax, RaYRoD and many others for hard work helping modders and making tools
work like MBINCompiler!

All mods in this pack can be used together or independently.

 -Changes ship flight characteristics to a more "natural" flight model.
 -Maintains default max speed values.
 -Braking is reduced and is balanced with acceleration.
 -"Over-speed brake" minimally reduced.
 -Adds reason to have thruster upgrades.

 -Increased exo-suit inventory slot upgrade cost.
 -Serious effort put into balancing with all other gameplay.

 -Creature draw distance doubled while keeping current max creature draw distance.
 -Double view distance for most creatures while having very low impact on FPS.

 -Removes creature icons for "happy/fed", "scared", and "pooping". (Happy face icon, sad face icon, and magnifying glass icon)

 -Same as _MOD_DUD_LessCreatureIcons_v13001.pak except:
 -Red dots and pulsing white rings around dots are also removed for an added challenge!

 -Increased difficulty of obtaining discovery milestones. You will have to actually earn them!
 -Alien race relationship ranks harder to establish.
 -Serious effort put into balancing with all other gameplay.

 -Shooting a sentinel while alerted causes alert level 2.
 -Destroying a sentinel causes alert level 2.
 -If (and only if) Sentinel shoots first, it can be destroyed before going to alert level 2.
 -Sentinel attack range increased.
 -Sentinel firing range increased.
 -Sentinel attack movement speed increased.
 -Sentinel search movement speed increased.
 -Harder to run away from trouble.

 -Asteroid view distance increased.
 -Asteroid fields more rare.
 -Asteroid distance from planets, space stations, anomolies, etc. doubled.
 -Slight change to small asteroid size variance.
 -Asteroid distribution and spacing slightly changed.
 -Retains default chance of asteroid types and drops.
 -Asteroids now drop about twice as much & drops are more varied.


 -Spaceship weapon impact particle effects adjusted.
 -Changed camera shake to happen only when asteroid explodes, not during weapon impact.
 -Several changes to the way asteroids break up and move after an explosion.

 -Many changes to exo-craft driving characteristics to make a more "natural" driving model.
 -All exo-craft acceleration reduced.
 -All exo-craft engines fuel consumption rates lowered to match vehicle speed.
 -Suspension adjustments.
 -Tire traction adjustments.
 -Increased boost recovery time.
 -Other slight boost adjustments for vehicle balancing.
 -Slight adjustments to wheel particle effects.
 -Adjusted exo-craft underwater driving mechanics.
 -Exo-craft are tuned to have "more casual"/"less cartoony" driving mechanics.
 -Adjusted exo-craft cameras.
 -Removed brown dust particle effects for Nomad.
 -Improved grass blowing effect for Nomad hover thrusters.
 -Creates more of a driving challenge.
 -No more press accelerator and go straight over anything.
 -For those that want a fast, cartoony, easy driving experience, this is not for you.

 -Exo-craft lights brighter.
 -Exo-craft lights tilted higher to see forward instead of mostly at the ground.
 -Exo-craft lights range increased.

 -Flashlight brighter
 -Changed light into a flashlight type shape in front of player vs. 360 light.

 -Removed red pirate icon.
 -Removed red creature attack icon and arrows.
 -Removed blue "sentinel watching" icon and arrows.


 -Changed tractor beam pull on freighter and space station to mirror the tractor beam light.
 -Slowed down the entrance and exit speeds in space station.
 -Slightly slowed down the lift-off speed.

1. Add any "combination of" the .pak files inside DUD' file to:
   C:/(NMS installation folder)/No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS folder
2. Rename or delete C:/(NMS installation folder)/No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/DISABLEMODS.txt
3. Delete C:/(NMS installation folder)/No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/SHADERCACHE folder
4. Enjoy


I am not the originator of several of these mods.
They are only my version of a particular type of mod.
Here are some of the originals you might want to check out:

LowFlight by: Hytek

Milestone Pacing Fix by: SweetDaggerfall

Better Asteroid Explosions by: Lo2k

Asteroid Fields by: Lo2k

Better Flashlight by: Sixsocket

No Danger Marks by: Lo2k

Freighter Landing Range Decreased and Invisible Wall Fix by: JovianStone