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★ FULLY MP compatible, this mod adds an extreme degree of freedom to the vanilla base-building options

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What is this Mod?
There are now almost 1,000 buildable base parts in No Man's Sky! It's a dream come true!
This mod adds an extreme degree of freedom to the vanilla base-building options.

It is fully compatible with multiplayer, co-op building, uploading, etc, because it does not add any parts, which would cause issues in multiplayer.

★ Beyond Basebuilding is fully Lua scripted, with script provided for easy updating and merging and carries over all of the official updates and improvements offered by Hello Games plus:

  • All parts can be Scaled except prefab building parts, Exocraft Geobays, Mineral/Gas Extractors and Base Computer (Door attachment points bug out when scaled, and issues persist with scaled base computers and geobays).  Be aware, scaling breaks snapping.
  • Many parts can be built in a Freighter.  Exceptions  include the Base Computer, Industrial Mining parts, Vehicle Summoners and planet-based teleporter.
  • Many parts can be built at a Planetary Base except the freighter teleporter and the Orbital Exocraft Materialiser
  • All parts can be built above and below water
  • All parts can change color and material
  • All parts, which can be deleted, can be deleted without also deleting attached objects except Decals and Posters
  • No build-count limits except for parts related to resources harvesting, certain terminals, beacons and message capsules (and others with limits that are hard coded into the game, as they are added or changed by Hello Games).
  • Unlimited Storage Containers—*This does not increase actual storage amounts: Each numbered container acts as an index to the store rather than a physical box
  • Foundation, Pavings and Communications Station can be placed anywhere (not only on bare terrain)

This MOD makes changes to the placement and usage setting of vanilla parts.  If the MOD is removed, the vanilla settings will be restored and parts that "violate" a vanilla setting as well as those connected may go "poof".  Best practice is to regularly backup your saves for semi-painless recovery from the unexpected.

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Any mod files which are not hidden or demoted to the "Old Files" area can be expected to work.
All uploaded files (on the Files page) are maintained with their packing date and version of the MBINCompiler used to pack it. Older mod versions, no longer compatible with the current version of No Man's Sky will be demoted to the "Old Files" subsection, but will remain available for download. There are no side-effects to using this mod.

How to update, tweak, combine, or patch the mod with AMUMSS?
As this mod is now Lua scripted, you can easily update, tweak or merge the mod yourself (if a game update breaks this PAK of the mod, or you have other PAK or Lua mods that could conflict with this one). —*Click on the spoiler below for more

All the erroneous limitations in building are pretty silly, aren't they? In making this mod, I paid specific attention to making sure I did not make changes that will invalidate the bases built with it from online play. Any base made with Beyond BaseBuilding will be fully viable and visible in online play, even when other players don't have this mod! It does this by only editing placement rules while you are in the building editor and not modifying any of the actual base parts themselves.
We hope you enjoy the mod and naturally, your comments are most welcome. We can also be found on the No Man's Sky Discord or reached directly at: Babscoole #6326 or Exosolar#5120, or if its about the Lua script: NeptuneX3#8095 or s p a r k y#0536

Credits and Special Thanks!
Hello Games for making the wonderful, vast, and fun game, No Man's Sky!
monkeyman192 for the MBINCompiler and his continued efforts to keep it up-to-date
Mjjstral & Wbertro for the AMUMSS script-based auto modbuilder/updater,
Tub0Crisco for the No Man's Sky Mod Station A.K.A. NMSMS

Big thanks to all of you lovely people who offer donations! It is greatly appreciated, and will help Exosolar buy lunch as a busy and broke college student! :D

And, of course, thanks to all of the other modders who make mods too, as we often inspect the work of other modders to learn how things are done: RangerDulann, Redmas, WoodyMontana, jasondude, Gumsk, Mjjstral, moddinaccount, Devilin Pixy, saa044, and others have all helped us learn to mod effectively! Without the above-mentioned, their mods and applications, we would be unable to make any mods at all!

"If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants"
-Sir Isaac Newton