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Hi everyone,

i am a No Man's Sky Modder working mostly alone, some rare colaborations excepted, that create mods since April 2017. 




I've been following the developpement of No Man’s Sky since pre release. Always supported HG before and after the release, being a developper myself, i know it must have been a lot to go through for a small team. I love the game, and had one of my best gaming moments with this game. I am foud of video montages and playing games, so i had lot of fun doing all my trailers for my mods or for other modders' mods.


I am working with very few tools : Monkeyman's MBINCOMPILER , PSARCTOOL and Notepad ++. 

For doing custom models, i change scenes variables and reload the game. ( no 3D view tool used )


This game inspires me a lot and i have a lot of suggestions for it.


Discord :






I ve modded several aspects of the game since all this time, and i am keeping my mods updatodate since then
 ( that also means i had to removed ome of them ( because of the base game adding similar features ) )
Since i ve modded every aspects of the game , i started doing full game overhaul with them since 2018:
-  The Next Big Adventure,
Each of this game overhauls introduced new mods and more balancing & debuging
Thoses Game overahaul are fully splitable in several individual mods. Since thoses mods are actually a single mod splited in several pieces, you can use all of them together without conflict.
Nevertheless, I do use overwriting ( which alarms conflicts detectors tools ) in order to do alternate versions of my mods.
The key is making sure the alternative version is loaded before the normal one in the alphabetic order.
Meaning :
-> It is important to not change the filenames
-> using underscores ( "_" ) in filenames set the loading order ( the longer "_" is loaded over the other one )
My phylosophy is to "improve" the base game  ( at least give my vision ) without doing things that will change the NMS Lore or vision.
I see those Game Overhauls as "Unreleased Vanilla Updates".
Every custom models I've done in my mods are actually existing game assets that I've changed using the procedural engine ( thats why my files are so small )
I use this technique since my early mods  ( "The Redmas Pod" for example )
But my very first changes were gameplay related. I first tweaked sentinels Combat, then did an early version of the 3 Rd person view on flight under PAthFinder update.
Then, I did new exocraft gameplay and models ( I created a submarine under PathFinder )
I am playing with planet generations and voxels since pathfinder as well, but for save compatibility purpose, i ve decided to only focus on planets biomes for a while.
It's only recently (under NMS FANTASY ORIGINS) that i've returned to voxel ( terrain shapes ) modification, since i managed to do it in a way that it will keep the compatibility with vanilla saves.
I pay great attention that my game overhauls have the following:
- Flexibity ( any part of it can be removed/added anytime without corrupting the saves
- Stability ( None of the mod affects the vanilla game quests progression, i also pay lot of attention of fixing related bugs )
- Multiplayer compatibility ( the mods are made in a way that it will be playable aside vanilla players )
- Balancing ( trying to keep a balanced difficulty ( mod concidered as"cheats" are not too powerfull, and are balanced by ( optional ) Added dificulty)
Current List of mods




Some of my mods ideas were added to the base game by HG

such as : 

- The Pilgrim Exocraft ( which gave me some congrats from Hello Games  )

- The Nautilon Exocraft

- The Next HUD 

- The 3rd Person Flight

- Barried Ruins / tresors

- Exocrafts Summon station 

- Exocrafts Paints Customisation

- Advanced trading stations 






- The Community Update ( for Path Finder )

which was a compilation of my favorites mods 

- Space Adventures Update ( for Atlas Rises )

The name was shorten later to "Space Adventures" The name was an homage to my favorite anime "Space Adventures Cobra" (my avatar )  love shared by other French modder "LO2K" whom was one of the only two others modders involved in this project. Since i started doing my own mods, this pack was focus on only 3 modders work

- Lo2k

- JJhookah

- And Me ( Redmas )


- No Man's Sky Origins

 This was a smaller version of "space adventures"  with a dedicated biomes mod that was focusing on the early concepts of NMS 


- No Man's Sky - The Next Space Adventures ( for Next) ( renamed later " the next big adventure" )

This is my first fully solo modder project. the continous updates for Next made any co-working too complex.

I tried to do most of the portage from the space adventures mods that i did while adding new needed stuffs for Next.


- No Man's Sky Fantasy 

  This was a smaller version of "the next big adventure"  with a dedicated biomes mod that was focusing on the early concepts of NMS 



o  The community Update ( Path Finder )

    - Cool Spaceships controls 

    - Improved Birds Flight and Flying snakes

    - Cool Exocrafts Controls 

    - Hardcore Sentinels 

    - Usefull Sprint, Jetpack, andHyperdrive  

    - Hello Games Easter Eggs

    - Hot Gun Fights

    - NMS MOVIE MAKER Tool ( 3rd person flight views) 

    - Submarine and usefull underwater helmet 

    - The redmas Pod


o  Space Adventures Update ( Atlas Rises ) 

   - Super Vehicles

   - Super Vehicles 2

   - More Base Objects Interactions

   - Full Exosuit 3D Model

   - Alternative Spaceships Models  

   - More base Interactions

   - Huge Buildings No 1 Monoliths

   - Huge Buildings No 2 Ruins

   - CIVILIZATION ( Huge Buildings No 3 ) 

   - Cell Shading Reshade Preset 

   - Realistic Reshade Preset 

   - Sci Fi movies Reshade

   - Fantastic Beasts ( An Haloween Project )  

   - No Man's Sky Action Packed 

   - Alien Worlds v1 

   - Alien Worlds v2 

   - WheelBike Exocraft 

   -  Chrome Spaceships

   - Drones as Multiplayer Avatars 

   - Third Person View For Atlas Rises 

   - No Predators ( Peaceful Creatures )

   - Hovercrafts (Transforms all vehicles into hovercrafts ( easy exploration of planet and underwater ).Nomad is a flying saucer that can fly high in the skies and easily explore seas

Roamer is a hover car / speedlander that bounce on high speed on planet surface and on the bottom of oceans
Collossus is now a hovercraft that hover seas and planet surfaces.)

  - Atmospheric Freighters

  - Atmospheric effects

  - Improved Dogfights

  - Massive Fleet

  - Far cam for Exocrafts and Spaceships

  - New Game plus

  - Fonctional E3 2015 Portals ( with collisions ) 

  - Iron for Exocrafts (100 Iron for NOMAD Summon 200 Iron for ROAMER Summon 500 Iron for COLOSSUS Summon )

  - Menu Overhaull  changes the menu with cool No Man's Sky backgrounds. They are semi transparent making the menu customized according to when you pause the game. )




o The Next Big Adventure ( mods for Next, The Abyss,  Visions, Vulkan updates)   

        - Menu Overaull For Next

        - Redmas Pod 4NEXT  

        - Redmas Hoverbike 4NEXT

        - Redmas Wheelbike 4NEXT

        - Metal Spaceships ( for NEXT , THE ABYSS, VISIONS, Vulkan )

        - Alien Stuctures deposits





        - Atmospheric Freighters ( NEXT , The ABYSS )

        - Alien Worlds NEXT 

        -  Fantastic Beasts ( NEXT, The Abyss, Visions )

        - More Base Interactions ( Next , The Abyss, Visions )

        - Deployable Exocrafts ( Next , The Abyss, Visions ) 

        -  Fonctional E3 2015 Portals ( Next , The Abyss, Visions )

        - Fix NPC's Size ( rare pre next bug correction for vanilla NMS )

        - Player Revision ( NEXT, The Abyss, Visions ) 

        - Fix for clouds ( dont spawn inside orbital freighters + improved animations )

        - More Freighters Interactions ( NEXT, The Abyss )

           (This mod added new functionnalities to the Freighters Hangars

                 - A Colossus Teleporter 
                 - Guild NPC
                 - Upgrade Tech Shop NPC
                 - more decorations ( robotic arms, drones )
                 - Crates gave ressources

     - Exocraft Chrome Repaint 

     - Logo French Galactic Hub

     - Alien Worlds 3 

     - Redmas Spaceships Generation 

     - Super Vehicles 3 

     - Space Explorer Game Mode

     - Instant Spaceships Crash

     - Jumanji ( The Abyss )

     - Sons Of the Atlas ( The Abyss )

     - Instant Mining

     - Alien Worlds 4

     - Advanced Characters bodyshape's customization  



o No Man's Sky Fantasy ( Visions / Vulkan )

     - Fantasy Worlds 




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