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Full road LOD package. Adds all missing road LOD models and improves on existing vanilla meshes. LOD meshes are built from the full model to closely resemble the shape and coloring of the original.

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The kit includes 55 meshes to cover all roads. It features bugfixes to the existing 19 vanilla meshes, like wrong orientation/rotation, misalignment, color mismatch etc. It adds vertex coloring to make LOD seamlessly blend with the full detail meshes to minimise the pop when LOD loads/unloads. It adds detail where necessary, for example, broken roads will appear broken in LOD.

The meshes retain original UVs, which makes them compatible with road texture replacers (unlike Much Needed LOD), as long as those follow the vanilla texture layout.

The mod does not cover highway and overpass models, which are mostly covered in other LOD mods.

To benefit from this mod, you will need to generate LOD, following this guide. This mod should have higher priority than other LOD mods. Make sure to *NOT* tick the "No vertex colors" checkbox.

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