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Makes the grass 3d. Seven new meshes for all the basic grass types in New Vegas. Includes high resolution textures of Mojave native plants.

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This mod reworks all 7 of the regular grass types of the Mojave adding new 3d meshes and textures. These models have separate stems, stalks, branches. No more clustered 2d billboards for the New Vegas grass.

Plants in this mod:
Toad Rush -- GrassWasteland01
Toad Rush -- GrassWasteland02
Unknown / dry desert plant -- GrassWasteland03
Mojave Saltbush -- GrassWasteland04
Unknown / dead shrub -- GrassWasteland05
Tambookie grass -- GrassWasteland06
Catclaw Acacia -- GrassWasteland07

Performance impact should be negligible (thanks Wall for helping me figure out optimal poly count & profiling). Depending on the area the mod will add up to 2 draw calls when compared to vanilla grass. Should run fine on any system.

I've added higher poly meshes for grasses 01, 02, 04 and a normal/specular map in the misc files. If one day Wall decides to add instancing or otherwise improves the grass shader, those can be used (merge/load after main mod). The vanilla grass shader can't handle the poly count so using those meshes without said improvements will significantly increase draw calls.

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