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The classic sniper rifle and assault rifle from russia.

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
- Description -

One of the most aesthetically pleasing gun (in my opinion). Took a while for me to get it to how i want it to be in FNV.

- Features -

  • Custom high quality model and textures
  • Fully animated (first and third person, and also canted sight)
  • B42 Dropmag compatible
  • B42 Optics Compatible
  • Interior & exterior sounds
  • Custom ammo with recipes and ammo box
  • Scripted Perks & Leveled list intergration
  • 3 uniques - 2 ballistic uniques and 1 energy unique

- Installation -

- Just install & activate it with your Mod Manager of choice. The
(optional) 4k textures can be use to override the base
mod (you would still need to install the base mod).

- Valerie & VSSM prototype have canted sights setup so you will need to edit the config file located in the config folder to change the key to match the key you use for Stewie Tweak secondary sighting node switching.


- How to get -
- Non-uniques added to leveled list via script, will spawn on enemies and at vendor.
- Valerie is in Gun Runners HQ
- VSSM Prototype is in Caesar's tent (it's own by Caesar so you'll have to steal it)
- Valholo is in side of Sierra Madre Vault next to the console at the end of the DLC

- Requirements -

  • xNVSE
  • JIP LN NVSE Plugin
  • JohnnyGuitar NVSE
  • B42 DropMag - not hard require, but if you want to see drop mag you'll need this.
  • B42 Optics
  • lStewieAl's Tweaks and Engine Fixes
  • Sound Extender

- Recommended Mods -

Realtime Weapon Modding System
Immersive Recoil
Deus Ex Weapon Spread

- Credits -

Mesh - 3DMA, zraider, psyti, Andruxa-snajper, PGS, Grumpy-tris, and anonx1987
Textures - 3dma, Grumpy-tris and anonx9187
Porting - anonx1987
cubemap - millenia, ajhakra, anonx1987
animation & anim sound - johnson

Firing Sound - anonx1987
Special thanks to all my patreon, this mod wouldn't happen without you.