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Touch things, shake doors, boop terminals, rip and tear - you decide.

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This mod adds a framework and animations to items
and other in-game object interactions with a wide
variety of supported events. From pushing buttons
or opening doors, to animals skinning and special
animations for unique or quest items. All ESPless

   Interact comes with a baseline of object animations, such
as opening doors or containers, interacting with activators,
terminals and even actors. It includes lockpicking, hacking,
and unlocking animations for all of the above.              

   Special animations like skinning or unique items, are not
included in this mod. They are entirely standalone mods made
by Hitman47101, using B42 Interact framework for his work.  

ESPless framework, with a wide variety of supported events
Comes with ton of animations for game objects interactions
● Doors: opening, lockpicking, unlocking.           
    ● Containers: grabbing from them, lockpicking, unlocking
● Terminals: activating, hacking, unlocking         
   ● Activators: activating, buttons, harvesting, looting.
   ● Actors: pickpocketing, looting and waving (disabled).
First Person and Third Person support for most anims.     
Link to B42 Loot v0.15+: adds grabbing for looting\harvest
Animations support all weapons, including Akimbo and Bows.
Ability to stop animations at any time: tap Attack or Aim.
Skip any activation animations by double-tapping Activate.
Everything in this mod was handcrafted for user experience
  with flavor in mind, without breaking the flow of the game
  or overloading it with slow or overly detailed animations,
that would quickly become annoying or interrupting.     
  If after few hours of playing you stop noticing animations
  without paying attention - that means we did it all right.

Seamless B42 Inject support                               
LootMenu support                                          
Quickuse support. Massive thanks to Demo!                 
Compatibility with scripted activation mods. Like this one

Underlying framework with massive possibilities and tools,
 to satisfy all needs animators might have. That includes:
   ● Per type animations                                  
   ● Per item animations                                  
   ● Per list animations                                  
   ● Keywords support                                     
   ● Skeletal detection for actors                        
   ● Animation-based events                               
   ● Chained animations                                   
   ● Animation-based sound management                     
   ● Built-in player controls management                  
   ● Conditional scripting                                

Easily the most complex "simple" mod I have made in years.
... which means "tons of bugs". Wouldn't be fun otherwise!

xNVSE 6.3.3 or higher
KEYWORDS version 0.1b or higher
JIP LN NVSE version 57.21 or higher
ShowOff NVSE version 1.75 or higher
JohnnyGuitar NVSE version 4.93 or higher

Soft req-ment. If you use vanilla anims or weapon disappears:
Vanilla Animations Weapon Scale Fix
Very highly recommended for ANY ScriptRunner mod:
Improved Console version 1.6 or higher

Highly recommended: Any animation packs. Vanilla isn't good.

Install all required mods first, only then install this one.
Install with mod manager or manually. It's up to you really.
Uninstallation: repeat the exact same process but in reverse

How to utilize the framework and details on anim creation -
will come later. Tutorial and documentation is not yet done

Jazzisparis, there is no xilandro or B42 mods without Jazz.
Hitman47101, for so so many animations that I had to fix ;D
JK. You know you're my best fren and a teammate to kill for
Demorome, The One who saved the day. Many times. We ❤️ you!
And people who kept my sanity intact in these trying times,
that are too many to list, and I'm not sure if you okay for
me namedropping you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Bethesda, for the engine
Obsidian, for New Vegas

Armed Forces of Ukraine. For keeping me alive, and safe!

Слава Україні!