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Adds Atmospheres' and Western Sky's awesome Sandstorm Weathers to Desert Natural Weathers!
FNV and TTW versions available now!

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I've always enjoyed Desert Natural Weathers for the tone and variety it brought to FNV. I've enjoyed watching how much work has gone into it since it's infancy. However, I always felt it could use sandstorm weather in some capacity. When I saw Spiff working on Atmospheres and saw the sandstorms he made for it, I really wanted to add those into DNW as I felt it could really compliment the variety. Thankfully Spiffy gave me permission to, and that is now a reality. 

I've added the Sandstorm Weather from Atmospheres as a fully integrated weather of Desert Natural Weathers.
I've set it up so sandstorms are relatively rare ; at 10%. (I may tweak this based upon everyone's feedback of how often seems preferable.)
You should also be able to completely disable sandstorms from the included .ini file if you get tired of them. (Not sure why you would download this mod if you didn't want sandstorms though?) The Atmospheres Sandstorm weather can be disabled in the ini and is controlled by the value next to SandstormWeather. 

I've also set it up so that just like rainy weathers in DNW, Sandstorms will NOT appear in game until after 3 in game days have passed. 
(You may also have to save the game and load the save or restart the game at some point after 3 in game days have passed for the script condition that controls rain and the sandstorm weather to add the weathers into the weather rotation; may not happen for everyone but I found this to be the case. I'm looking into this as well.)


As of Version 2, I've fully implemented the awesome sandstorm weather from Western Sky and it's fixes thanks to the permission of artifex0 and Nodevski!
I've set the chances of this weather occurring to 5% as this is a more intense weather and could disrupt normal gameplay in some instances.
The Western Sky Sandstorm weather can be disabled in the ini and is controlled by the value next to SandstormWeather2. 


  • Make sure the plugin from this mod loads AFTER the plugin from Desert Natural Weathers! (I've edited the main scripts in order to add the weather type into the rotation. I will update this mod as DNW gets updated if there are any new changes to the script.)
  • (HIGHLY Recommend you use MO2)


Spiffyskytrooper : 
for his sandstorm weather assets from his weather mod Atmospheres (Highly recommended if you want a different weather option)

artifex0 : 
for his sandstorm weather assets from the OG mod Western Sky 

Nodevski :
for his fixes to Western Sky's sandstorm weather 

Clayvn : 
for making Desert Natural Weathers and being based af