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Patches for the underrated Western Sky mod.

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Four tiny patches for the underrated Western Sky mod:

- Remove insane blue glow from The Strip. It is still "blueish" but in
  such a way that it doesn't bother me.
- Sound fix for sandstorms, they are no longer silent.
- Better visibility for sandstorms.
- Disable sandstorms alltogether.

Note: The sandstorms have an effect of -4 Perception and +20 sneak.

You need the original mod of course: Western Sky.

I like that mod because of the overall cinematic feel which to me is a
refreshment from the popular "realist" weathers.

And I like simplicity. I'd rather have one good weather instead of 350
weathers that often look alike.

Nevada skies also has a "Western Skies" weather, but it is quite
different. It has much more muted colors and doesn't have the
fifties technicolor feel anymore. The cloud.nif file constantly shows
a thundercloud, and it is broken. The sandstorms of Nevada Skies
however are way better. See last screenshot for comparison.


Use only one of two Western Sky files, and add the patch files you
want. Something like this:

Western Sky.esp
Western Sky - Sandstorm Fixes.esp
Western Sky - Disable Sandstorms.esp
Western Sky - Strip Fix.esp


Western Sky - Darker Nights.esp
Western Sky - Darker Nights - Sandstorm Fixes.esp
Western Sky - Darker Nights - Disable Sandstorms.esp
Western Sky - Darker Nights - Strip Fix.esp