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Towering clouds, purple mountains, bright sunsets.

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For a proper western setting, you need a sky that makes the landscape feel vast. Towering clouds, purple mountains and bright sunsets go a long way to achieving that.

The Western Sky mod adds a custom skydome, adjusts exterior lighting and modifies a few textures with the aim of improving the atmosphere of the Mojave Wasteland.

Version 0.3:
New weather for the Strip and Jacobstown, several minor bug fixes, and sandstorms, based roughly on those from the Nevada Skies mod.

Version 0.2:
I've added a new sky texture for the Colorado River and Hoover Dam region, made a lighting variation for the border regions, fixed a few minor problems, and included a darker nights variation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this mod compatible with other weather mods like Fellout or URWLNV?
A: I'm afraid not. Western Sky adds new clouds, but it also changes the same things that other weather mods do- color grading, sky colors, and so on.

Q: Would it be possible to make a mod that just adds the Western Sky clouds to other weather mods?
A: If I can figure out a way, I'll do that. At the moment, though, it's proving to be a much bigger technical problem then you'd think it would be.

Q: Will the clouds ever move?
A: Not the main clouds, but I've been experimenting with adding layers of smaller moving clouds below them.

Q: What about weather effects like sandstorms or rain?
A: I'll probably add some of that once I've finished a couple of more sky textures.