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A comprehensive melee animation overhaul for almost every single one-handed melee weapon in New Vegas, its DLCs, and TTW.

Chop, slice, and bludgeon that Pete.

Permissions and credits
Chopping Animations

Slashing Animations

Blunt Animations

  • Covers all animations related to melee: attacks, power attacks, blocking, block hit, recoil, and sneaking.
    • All weapons have more attack variation than in vanilla.
  • Retains all attack timings. Retains movement boosts/restrictions from vanilla power attacks.
  • FOV-friendly: animations are made close to the screen with the default FOV, so will adapt well to any FOV.
  • Applies to all one-handed melee weapons from New Vegas, its DLC, and TTW. *
    • All weapons are grouped into three different attack categories: chopping animations, slashing animations, and bludgeoning animations. See the above videos for the differences.

This mod combines my one-handed animations from Butcher Pete - Part 1 and Butcher Pete - Part 2 with a new, "Part 3" set of animations that covers blunt weapons.

For those of you who don't know, the goal behind this pack was simple: quickly cover all one-handed melee weapons with a basic framework, and then modify the attack animations to look distinct as per weapon type. Weapons that are best suited for chopping, such as the Cleaver and Machete-type weapons, now have attack animations that look like they chop: the slice through, but don't carry all the way off the screen, and instead quiver after connecting. Weapons best suited for slicing--knives, swords, and so on--well, slice. These are the most similar to vanilla, as they just go off the screen, although there was an attempt to make it look there was an impact halfway through.

Finally, I've added bludgeoning animations for blunt weapons. These still carry a decent way through the screen, but now have a sort of bounce to them to make it look like a violent connection was being made. However, they retain the power attacks from the slicing animations--I figured that if you were hitting hard enough, those weapons would carry all the way through and, besides, I didn't feel like making another set of power attack animations.

So, altogether, I've re-animated every one-handed weapon in the game.

As the Features note, though, there are two notable exceptions: the Shishkebab and the Ripper. Both weapons would require specialized animations to look proper, which is outside the scope of this pack; these weapons need animations that are outside the framework. This will happen, but they're going to get their own mod pages, due to the work involved.

If you notice a vanilla/DLC/TTW weapon that's not covered by this mod, and is one-handed, and isn't one of the two weapons mentioned above: this is a mistake. Please let me know, and I'll add it as soon as I can.

* Oh, as a final note: I made animations for the Dress Cane and the Cattle Prod optional. They work with the framework, but, in my opinion, they look kind of bad. They're not notable enough weapons (the Dress Cane is very hard to obtain, and the Cattle Prod is, um, useless) for me to make specialized animations for. As such, they're left outside of the main download, and I instead recommend that you let hitman's melee animations from his Anniversary Anim Pack do the heavy lifting here, as they're quite good, and do a better job showing off these rather large weapons. However, if consistency is your thing, an optional download is available.



  • Butcher Pete - Part 1 and Butcher Pete - Part 2 are no longer necessary, and should be uninstalled.
  • Out-of-the-box compatibility with any mod that does not specifically use kNVSE to edit the same animations.
  • Will never cause mesh issues or delete the vanilla melee animations.
  • No plugin. Safe to install/uninstall mid-game.

  • If you enjoy this mod in any capacity, please do consider endorsing it.
  • Donations are very helpful.


  • You don't properly grip the Switchblade or Straight Razor. I don't care enough about these animations to re-bake ~18 animations with a slightly different grip.