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A collection of smaller TTW-focused mods that are or were part of the Wasteland Survival Guide for TTW.

Permissions and credits
A collection of simple tweaks and mods for TTW that are or were part of the Wasteland Survival Guide for Tale of Two Wastelands.

These were removed for personal reasons, and full permission to re-upload them has been received.

All the files are individual mods, designed to work with the latest (3.3.2, as of this upload) version of TTW and the WSG.

Most of them are extremely simple, so shouldn't require any further patching or maintenance for this version of TTW.  In future, these may need to be updated - I cannot commit to doing so, but if I have the time and am able, I will do so.

Credit for these mods and the WSG will derive in most cases from one or more of these contributors.

In the case of the Mobile Truck Base, credit is to tdx73 for the original, as well as eddoursul and pintocat.  They cannot provide support, links are provided as a courtesy.


Mods included:

  • Mobile Truck Base Community Preview Edition for TTW 3.3 - the truck is located in the Scrapyard (near Dogmeat) in the Capital Wastes, key nearby
  • Perk Pack Plus patch for TTW 3.3.x series.  There is a patch for PPP+TTW, and one PPP+TTW+sawyerbatty
  • Wild Wasteland Prompt - gives free version of the Wild Wasteland trait via a popup prompt.  Might be considered more "immersive" than the Stewie's Tweak
  • TTW Tree New Perks - adds a new perk for each outcome of the Oasis questline
  • TTW Essential Caravan Merchants - esp-less, sets the Canterbury Commons caravan merchants to essential
  • TTW Hardcore Perk Every Level - esp-less, gives perk every level when in Hardcore mode - non-Hardcore mode TTW is already perk every level
  • TTW AWOP4FO3 Terminal Remover - removes the startup terminal for TTW A World of Pain for Fallout 3 for reasons of immersion or temptation
  • Callen's Hardcore Fixes - plugin version of the hardcore perk per level fix, since the scriptrunner is not working for some people. All credit to Callen for saving the day with this one.

Not included at this time - TTW port of Talk Thing with Cruk.  I am not 100% sure how permissions on this one were agreed, so waiting until I have confirmation.

Edit:  The original Talk Thing with Cruk permissions do not appear to allow it to be ported to TTW.  This seems to have been an oversight in the previous TTW port available on the Nexus.  It will not be added to this page.


If you need support on these, please be aware that my ability to provide it is limited.  I highly recommend the TTW discord modded help channel for specific and general mod questions.

You can generally avoid the need for support by following either the The Best of Times or for more mods, the Wasteland Survival Guide.

Many, many thanks to Cloudisms for the banner and images.

Check out my texture guide for TTW.