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Benny's comin' for that truck, Courier

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Upon using the MTB for first-time travel from DC to the Mojave, your truck will be placed in Goodsprings. However, if you use a mod which removes your gear, this can be used as an exploit to keep extra things and basically circumvent that challenge. This mod remedies that and makes the experience more challenging overall by instead moving the MTB to Gibson's Scrap Yard where you'll have to buy it back from Old Lady Gibson first before you get access to it again. Because after all, if Benny is gonna steal your stuff, why would he leave the truck full of valuables behind?

-This was designed for use alongside Benny Humbles You (and Steals Your Stuff), though it isn't a strict requirement.
-A patch is included in the optional files which requires Benny Humbles You, and will have all your things stored in the MTB stolen and stashed in Benny's safe. Don't use it if you want your things inside the MTB to stay untouched
--If you use MMTV's Sorting Addon, an alternate version of the Benny Humbles You patch is provided which makes it compatible
-Hardcore Mobile Truck Base TTW fits perfectly alongside this, and with these mods combined, will nicely integrate MTB into the balance curve of the game

-This mod will only do anything if you start in DC and use the truck for your first trip to the Mojave. It'll have no effect at all if you start in the Mojave or use some other method for your first traversal of wastelands, such as the default TTW train

-tdx73 for the original MTB
-Eddoursul and pintocat, who both also worked on MTB
-Salamand3r for the idea for this mod

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