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Plugins adding the Big Empty's presence to settlements, after the player takes over.

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So you've taken over the Big Empty, but don't like the Brotherhood's policy of just collecting and sitting on it? Then it's time to start putting it to use.
Unlike the crater, these plugins are not intended to restore areas to a nearly pre-war level, but instead to show the Big Empty's technology being applied.
I won't lie, these don't really add much to do beyond adding some eye candy.

Adds a base in Cerulean robotics.
Coordination efforts in the NCR relief outpost and Old Mormon Fort.
The Silver Rush has been liberated and converted into a school.
Turrets outside the Freeside entrances.
Work crews. Rubble has been slightly reduced in some areas, opening a couple of pathways. The broken cars are now gone.
Gate Securitrons upgraded to the Mk. 7, support version.
Crops by the water pump revitalized.
ATMs at the main entrance, and in front of the Strip.

Update 1.1 adds small features from BER 1.5, fixes a few minor mistakes and changes it so that Tapper and the NCR relief workers SHOULD get their weapons automatically.
Most notably, you can now still buy from Van Graff stock with them gone. To do so, speak with project leader Cabrero in Cerulean Robotics, he'll gladly let you poke through the confiscated weapons. They're more or less yours, after all. Note that this system does work with items added to Gloria's inventory by other mods.

Gets Goodsprings nice, clean and safe. Mainly based out of the school house.

Update 1.3  cleans up the roads between Sloan and Primm, and added 2 patrols to it.
Cleaned up the town a bit more, clears out the clearly human targeting coyotes from Goodsprings cave. Some info on it in Sand's terminal.
The cazadors north of town are cleared out, and some wastelanders have taken up residence in the tribal village, with a patrol on the road in question
Once you kill the deathclaw matriarch and alpha at quarry junction, they will disperse like Chomps said, and an extra patrol will appear on the road between Sloan and Junction 15. Be wary, as like Chomps also said, they can still be found in the hills around Sloan.
Doc Mitchell got a bit more good equipment and an apprentice.

Mojave Outpost
A small mod cleaning up the mass amount of cars cluttering the road and moving the statues a bit to not be directly in said road.
Not so much the crater fortifying the NCR's position as it is fostering trade in what's otherwise a chokepoint.
Includes a some vending services and a scholar handling trade deals and recruiting.

Update 1.1 cleans the dirt off of some of the roads, adds a little more security on the NCR's side on account of being on top of a high slope, fixes Jeremiah's speech challenges, and adds a securitron/hologram patrol between the outpost and the police station.
1.11 fixes the crater map offset, whoops.

Awesomised Sink
A modification of Elianora's amazing Awesomized Sink Mod.
Makes a couple of minor tweaks and additions, cleans up a few previously untouched pieces of the mod to Big Empty Rebuild standards, adds some decoration to the balcony, and adds examples of all the new crafting stations for your convenience.
As always, it's recommended that you empty your containers before installing or uninstalling an home modification.
This is only an ESP replacer, and does not include Elianora's asset files. Get them here www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/56162

Update fixes map offsetting.

Obsessive Recycler
Adds the new consumable scraps system from 1.5 to all vanilla consumables, modifies all recipes to give back their appropriate leftovers, and makes the Vigilant Recycler and Hand Loader perks give back almost 100% of ammo leftovers

I recommend placing this high in your load order to reduce conflicts with other mods that change vanilla ingestibles.

The Big Empty sets up in Zion. Main presence is in Stone Bones Cave, Ranger Station Osprey, and the Aerie.
The Father of the Caves is returned to the Narrows with honors.
His stashes are cleaned out and wildlife has returned to most of the caves.
The abandoned caves in the Narrows are now repopulated with Sorrows returning from their canceled exodus to Grand Staircase. If you spared the White Legs, some refugees will find a home among their former foes.
Once the main campaign is over, the temporary Dead Horses camp will disappear as the Dead Horses returned to Dead Horse Point, and it is now inhabited by wildlife. Likewise, wildlife returns to Three Marys.
The roads have been cleared and the bridges fixed, and a work crew can be found at the blocked section of road in the south.
The spore presence has been purged by hard working haz-mat crews trying to fix what the crater's previous management screwed up.

Fully compatible with Bison Steve. It is highly recommended to use FNVLodGen or another similar program, as Primm has several large objects that will ghost in and out otherwise.
Big Empty takes control of the NCR's camp on the west side of town. Given the setup, it assumes the NCR didn't place the town under martial law, but shouldn't outright conflict with this decision. Tyrone will head to Forlorn Hope with the other named NCR after choosing a sherriff.
Meyers cut deputies are enabled if he's chosen as sheriff. Prim Slim is upgraded to the specs of a Big Empty Mk 7 protectron minus a little padding.
General cleanup of the town. Primm now thrives on crops, ranching and ever elusive electricity generation.
A patrol is added up to the police station, completing a safe loop from the Mojave Outpost to Goodsprings and back.