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Many things left to die, but now, they have been given a second chance... Prepare for Simply Uncut - New Vegas!

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Fallout - New Vegas is arguably the best Fallout game to exist post-Bethesda acquisition. It is a great game with massive replayability due to not only the MASSIVE amount of content, but also the diverse ways the game can end as well as all the little fun things added in by the Wild Wasteland perk. In GOTY Edition, the point is only exacerbated. But like all games and gaming companies (Lookin' at you Obsidian) things are - most of the time intentionally - left out.

Hey, those of you who are Morrowind fans! Do you like Star Wars? Then please check out our partnered mod, Starwind! It would mean a lot to both my team and its creator and his team! :D

EDIT 1/1/2022: Why is this on IDMb? Can someone answer this for me?

Click this to go to Starwind on Morrowind Nexus!

NPCs, items, quests, and for example, even concepts. It's a shame. But, fear no longer. The NPCs who could've brought more life to the game are back, and items that never made the cut or were left over from the legacy of Fallout 3 are back! NPCs given the axe, or just forgotten before release are given a second chance. Those weapons and armor that was thought to be unworthy of being in the worldspace are given redemption through the GECK. Quests that were either too dark or didn't make sense have been brought to the light of day! Areas that were never published due to confusing and sometimes stupid reasons have been opened for all to explore!

Check out the list below to see what's been added!

But this mod has become something more than restoring cut content! This mod has become something else entirely! Immersive add-ons such as Albino eyes for albino characters, snipers now use sniper rifles instead of hunting rifles or cowboy repeaters, dead securitrons in Hidden Valley, and more! This mod not only seeks to restore cut content, but to add more immersion to this vast game.

Prepare for a totally restored and immersive Mojave, enjoy Simply Uncut - New Vegas! Below is a COMPLETE list of what has been restored or added in our mod!

Disclaimer: Anything with a strike through it is stuff that was worked on and was intended to be in the initial release but due to time constraints and wanting more time to make improvements we cut it out of the initial release and will add it back to the mod in future updates.

Further info for certain avenues in the mod exist in the Forums Tab.

Cut Content Grades

The following are the grades of cut content listed below. Each cut NPC, location, quest, perk, challenge, and item will have a grade. Use these grades to determine the authenticity of the cut content.

An Original Obsidian - Content left behind by Obsidian that was fully complete and was simply placed in the game world by us with no major additions.

Identity Crisis - Content left behind by Obsidian in the form of bits and pieces and has major additions from us.

Speculation - Content mentioned in the files and had no physical form, example, or raw version. Completely redone by us using the information we could find both in the files and online.

Pseudo - A recreation from something that was cut and was not able to be restored properly.

Buren - Van Buren content.

Legacy - Fallout 3 assets left behind in the files.

Mutt - Fallout 3 assets left behind in the files that we confirmed were intended for use in Fallout: New Vegas, but were ultimately cut from the game for one reason or another.

If you encounter any bugs in this mod, please file them under the BUGS tab.

NPCs Re-added:

Billy Bettis - A food caravaneer.
Location - Traveling between most major settlements.
Grade - Identity Crisis

Pablo Miller - A Crimson Caravan Guard.
Location - Following Billy.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

NCRCF Prison Guards - Protecting the NCRCF if it's retaken by the NCR.
Location - Read above.
Notes - They have their own unique armor.
Grade - Identity Crisis

A Bunch of Disabled and Unused Vanilla NPCs - Do I have to explain it? Shame on you Obsidian.
Location - Everywhere. Just take a look around. The Strips, Quests, Helios One. The list goes on.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Ranger Chauncey - A Super Mutant Ranger in the NCR.
Location - Ranger Station Foxtrot.
Notes - Comes with a comically odd-fitting ranger hat!
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Private Biggs - An NCR Trooper who has it out for Private Harcourt.
Location - Ranger Station Foxtrot.
Notes - Gives the quest Cat Fight.
Grade - Speculation

Private Harcourt - An unlucky NCR Trooper.
Location - Ranger Station Foxtrot.
Grade - Speculation

Angel - A Super Mutant Omerta.
Location - Gomorrah.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Alpha Male Lakelurks - A variant of the Lakelurk.
Location - A couple exist around Lake Mead.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Sunset Sarsaparilla Eyebot - A greeter for the SS Company.
Location - In front of the SS HQ.
Grade - Identity Crisis

Irradiated Radroach -  An unused radroach that will spawn around Cottonwood Cove when you drop the barrels. Also spawns in the Cottonwood Cove Bunker, as was originally intended for their use.
Location - Cottonwood Cove, Cottonwood Cove Bunker.
Notes - Has a unique attack.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Sergeant Warren Jacobs - An NCR Sergeant.
Location - Camp McCarran.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Trooper Willis - A big talking NCR Trooper.
Location - Camp McCarran.
Grade - Identity Crisis

MP Fretwell - A chill NCR MP.
Location - The Strip Embassy.
Grade - Identity Crisis

Meg Reynolds - The Mayor of Underpass.
Location - Underpass.
Grade - Identity Crisis

Underpass Citizen - Residents of Underpass.
Location - Underpass.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Dead Virtibird Pilot - A dead Enclave Pilot.
Location - Crashed Virtibird Site.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Ranger Gomez - The Ranger guarding the Monorail.
Location - Camp McCarran.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Lucky 38 Protectron - A Lucky 38 Protectron.
Location - The Lucky 38.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Mayor Steyn - The Deceased Nipton Mayor.
Location - Nipton.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Ranger Beaumont - An NCR Ranger in command of Ranger Station Charlie who was mentioned in game but never made an appearance.
Location - Patrolling between Novac and Camp Searchlight.
Grade - Speculation

Rose - A deceased Nipton Hooker.
Location - Nipton.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Sylvia - A deceased Nipton Hooker.
Location - Nipton.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Cannibal Johnson's Coyote - His pet Coyote.
Location - Cannibal Johnson's Cave.
Notes - Renamed Pumpkin.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

A Bunch of Unused Guard Dogs - Read Left.
Location - Some faction areas.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Camp McCarran Sentry Bot - An NCR Sentry Bot.
Location - Patrolling Camp McCarran.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Atomic Wrangler Escorts - Some experts at giving happy endings who were to work at the Atomic Wrangler.
Location - Atomic Wrangler
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Female Omerta's and Female Chairmen - A bunch of unused dialogue pointed to female Omerta/Chairmen existing at some point during development.
Location - Throughout Gomorrah and The Tops.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

NCRCF Hostage - A Hostage held by the Powder Gangers... it's up to you to determine her fate...
Location - NCRCF Cell Block C.
Grade - Identity Crisis

Hidden Valley Securitrons - Mr. House has tried to undermine the Brotherhood at every turn.. Even sending death squads.. They failed.
Location - Hidden Valley.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Ruby -  A Rancher cowgirl in Goodsprings who may be hiding a shameful secret...
Location - Goodsprings.
Disclaimer - She is a pseudo-recreation. Trudy - the Goodsprings Bartender - was originally named Ruby, but since all the characters reference her as Trudy, I decided to make a whole new character with her own life.
Grade - Pseudo

Hawkins - A fully functional Powder Ganger companion.
Location - Sloan/Quarry Junction area...
Disclaimer - Hawkins was in the game all along, however he would spawn in dead. Unused scripts shows he was meant to follow the player around for a bit if he was still alive. Well, we took it a step further since there really isn't any evil-oriented companions in the game.
Grade - Speculation

Private Hastings - One of the NCR Troopers at Boulder City that is in a standoff with Great Khans.
Location - Boulder City
Disclaimer - She was in the game all along, but her name was just NCR Trooper, while internally she was called Private Hastings. This is essentially a pseudo-recreation.
Grade - Pseudo

Private Nelson - One of the NCR Troopers at Boulder City that is in a standoff with Great Khans.
Location - Boulder City
Disclaimer - One of the NCR Hostages in Boulder City is named Private Nelson internally. Since the hostage in question is referred to by his new name in game, we decided to create a new NPC to use this name. This is a pseudo-recreation.
Grade - Pseudo

Ranger Stella - A Pre-Kidnapped version of Ranger Stella at Ranger Station Charlie.
Location - Ranger Station Charlie, pre- Legion attack.
Disclaimer - She actually appears in game at The Fort, but it is referenced she was kidnapped from Ranger Station Charlie when the Legion raided it. Well not only that, but only one NCR Ranger was ever there. Stephinac. Well not only did we add a pre-kidnapped variant of Stella, but also added the correct number of Rangers and Troopers to populate it to make sense with what we see in the destroyed version of RS Charlie. Stephinac will also appear dead in the destroyed version as well.
Grade - Pseudo

Felicia - A former Star Cap Hunter.
Location - Will track you down after talking to Malcom Holmes for the first time.
Grade - Speculation

Thunderfoot - Quartermaster of the Legion's garrison at the NCRCF.
Location - NCRCF, only when the Legion is in control of it.
Disclaimer - Van Buren Content.
Grade - Buren

Ivory - A Legionnaire stationed at Cottonwood Cove.
Location - Cottonwood Cove Bunker.
Disclaimer - Van Buren Content.
Grade - Buren

Uncle Leo - A traveling Super-Mutant who wishes for nothing but peace.
Location - Traveling the Mojave.
Disclaimer - Fallout 3 Legacy Content.
Grade - Mutt

Cruz -  A Legionnaire in Malpais Camp.
Location - Malpais Camp
Disclaimer - Van Buren Content.
Grade - Buren

Wierzbowski - A Legionnaire in Malpais Camp.
Location - Malpais Camp
Disclaimer - Van Buren Content.
Grade - Buren

The Camp McCarran Control Tower Guards - A squad of NCR Troopers tasked to guard the Control Tower in Camp McCarran.
Location - Camp McCarran
Grade - Identity Crisis

Combat Eyebots - Remants of an era long passed.
Location - Mojave
Grade - Identity Crisis

Freeside Open Patch

Water Pump Guard
- A King aiding in guarding the water pump.
Location - Freeside.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

A Bunch of Unused Kings - Read Left.
Location - Freeside.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

A Bunch of Follower's Patients - Read Left.
Location - Freeside.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Follower's Guard - Read Left.
Location - Patrolling the Exterior of The Old Mormon Fort.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Three Unused Freeside Bodyguards - Read left.
Location - Freeside.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Items Re-added:

Stun Grenades
- Fun flashbangs.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Sweetrolls - A sweet treat.
Grade - Mutt

Focus - An unused chem.
Grade - Identity Crisis

Flavored Mentats - An unused triplet of chems.
Grade - Mutt

Deathclaw Gauntlet - A hand of death.
Grade - Mutt

Powder Ganger Balaclava - A balaclava belonging to Powder Gangers.
Grade - Identity Crisis

Makeshift Gas Mask - A Gas Mask used by the new NCR Flame Trooper!
Grade - Mutt

Irradiated Radroach Meat - Exactly as it sounds. Even deadlier radroach meat. Yep.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Hostage Cell Key - Exactly as it sounds. A key to a hostage's cell in the NCRCF.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Hannigan's Note - A note to remind you to find him a medical book.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Ballistic Fist's Pipboy Icon - Read left.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Lily's Gaunlet's Pipboy Icon - Read left.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Combat Shotgun - A Fo3 Leftover found in the files of New Vegas
Grade - Legacy

Chinese Pistol - A Fo3 Leftover found in the files of New Vegas.
Grade - Mutt

Heavy Riveter - A tool now that has been re-purposed to deal with the harshness of the Mojave.
Grade - Identity Crisis

.32 Pistol - A Fo3 Leftover found in the files of New Vegas.
Grade - Legacy

Chinese Assault Rifle -  A Fo3 Leftover found in the files of New Vegas.
Grade - Legacy

Assault Rifle -  A Fo3 Leftover found in the files of New Vegas.
Grade - Legacy

Dart Gun - A Fo3 Leftover found in the files of New Vegas.
Grade - Mutt

Railway Rifle -  A Fo3 Leftover found in the files of New Vegas.
Grade - Legacy

Infiltrator -  A Fo3 Leftover found in the files of New Vegas.
Grade - Legacy

Chinese Officer's Sword -  A Fo3 Leftover found in the files of New Vegas.
Grade - Legacy

Double-Barrrel Shotgun -  A Fo3 Leftover found in the files of New Vegas.
Grade - Mutt

Eagle Standard - An unused weapon that was likely meant to be used by the Legion Vexillarius.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Axe - A woodworking tool re-purposed for combat.
Disclaimer - No model for the axe existed in the files of New Vegas. An Icon did however so we worked off of that.
Grade - Legacy

Vertibird Blade - The rotor blade of a Vertibird, re-purposed for combat.
Disclaimer - Was originally used by Lily, but I really liked the weapon and despised the fact they went through so much trouble creating icons and models for a weapon you couldn't ever use. So, now, I have added it to the level lists so it can be found naturally, if a bit rare.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Armored Vault 21 Jumpsuit - Doc Mitch's old suit he keeps in his dresser.
Disclaimer - Doesn't really belong to Doc Mitch. Just gave it to him because I could find no other place for it. Enjoy this iconic piece of cut content.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Laser PDW - A Personal Defense Laser Weapon.
Grade - Speculation

Beanie - Red, Grey, Green, and NCR variants of beanies.
Grade - Speculation

Papa Khan's Helmet - A stylish mongol helmet for Papa Khan.
Grade - Identity Crisis

Papa Khan's Armor - Unique armor for Papa Khan.
Grade - Identity Crisis

Laser CBW - A concealable laser blaster weapon.
Grade - Speculation

Heavy Rail Cannon - A special gauss weapon only found rarely in the Mojave. Could the Gun Runners have a model of it? Or perhaps the NCR? What about the Brotherhood, or the Van Graffs?
Grade - Speculation

G.P. Machine Gun - A general purpose light machine gun.
Grade - Speculation

Yvette's Note - A note reminding the Player to score her gang some ammo.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

NCRCF Riot Helmet - A riot helmet used by the former Prison Guards of the NCRCF.
Grade - An Original Obsidian
Disclaimer - The NCRCF Riot Helmet's existence is confirmed by the fact that several vanilla Powder Gangers use the vault 101 security helmet level list, but there is nothing in the level lists, therefore they will not wear the helmet. So, by taking the model and renaming it, we have what Obsidian originally intended.

Microwave Blaster - A prototype energy weapon that was mass produced for field testing. Has found its way in the hands of the Fiends and Van Graffs.
Grade - Mutt
Disclaimer - Would've sparked nonstop complaints if added into the core mod so it was added in a separate .esp available as SU - NV - The Microwave Blaster.

Perks Re-Added

Child at Heart
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Quests Re-added:

Cat Fight - Two NCR Troopers don't like each other.... time for you determine the victor...
Grade - Identity Crisis

The March West - The Legion needs to make an example of the profligates. Novac would do nicely....
Notes - Available only in the SU-NV The March West file.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Locations Re-added:

Underpass - An up and coming settlement.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Gomorrah Third Floor - The Apartment room in the whorehouse.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Cell Block C - The Unused NCRCF Cell Block.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Northwest Sewers - An expansion to the New Vegas Sewer System. Are you brave and strong enough to delve inside?
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Southwest Sewers - An expansion to the New Vegas Sewer System. Are you brave and strong enough to delve inside?
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Ranger Station Foxtrot Bunker - An addition to the barren Ranger Station Foxtrot.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Vault 24 - A Vault mentioned only in the files of the game.
Notes - It's experiment was unknown. We did our own thing... see what you can find... should you actually find the Vault...
Grade - Speculation

Benny's Escape Tunnel - The tunnel Benny used to elude you in the base game. Could be found in the vanilla, but unfinished. Also blocked off. We brought it back in a new glory! (AKA It's been decorated and some cool loot can be found there.)
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Powder Ganger Cave - A small little cave inhabited by Powder Gangers near the NCRCF.
Notes - Didn't have a map marker, not known if it was meant to. We still added it anyways.
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Vault 74 - A long destroyed vault with a horrible past...
Notes - It's experiment was unknown, so we did our own thing. This vault should be much easier to find than Vault 24. 
Disclaimer - This vault was originally built as a developer gameplay trailer vault for Fallout 3, yet somehow it didn't exist in Fallout 3's files but did in FNV's files. Well, thru the power of the GECK and my imagination, we brought this vault into the game in a lore-friendly way.
Grade - Legacy

Cottonwood Cove Bunker - An occupied military bunker near Cottonwood Cove.
Grade - Speculation

Camp McCarran South Gate - A southern gate to Camp McCarran.
Grade - Identity Crisis

Malpais Camp - A Legion camp on the Arizona side of the Colorado River.
Grade - Speculation

Calada Merchant's Rest Stop - A rest stop for the weary merchants.
Grade - Speculation
Disclaimer - Calada appears on the early maps of Fallout: New Vegas but not in the commercial release.

Camp Pahrump - A destroyed NCR camp.
Grade - Speculation

Challenges Re-added:

Locks, Schmocks
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Lucky Shooter
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Shoot His Eye Out
Grade - An Original Obsidian

You Missed The Apple
Grade - An Original Obsidian

Features Re-added:

The ability to reinforce the defenses of the NCRCF in favor of the Powder Gangers.

A Battle Rifle now exists in the McCarran armory, as their terminal states.

Two Female NCR Troopers who will join the Gomorrah Hookers in their dancing.

A Gomorrah Hooker can be seen dancing on the roof of the Gomorrah.

Two NCR Troopers can be seen sunbathing on the roof of the NCR Embassy on The Strip.

Captain Marie Pappas now wears the MP armor, appropriate to her position. She also now uses a laser rifle, as implied by her Collector's Edition playing card.

Canyon-Runner now wields a 9mm Pistol, as implied by his Collector's Edition playing card.

The Camp McCarran Commissary is now open for business!

You can now bang the Gomorrah Prostitutes.

NCR Troopers now populate the casinos on The Strip, Gomorrah especially.

You can now bang the Atomic Wrangler prostitutes.

You can now free a hostage held by the NCRCF Powder Gangers.

You can now aid the NCRCF Doctor, Hannigan, in finding a medical book.

Lt. Carrie Boyd now wears MP Armor, appropriate to her station.

Dead Sea and Alexus's Collectors Edition Playing Card depicted him wearing Legion Vet Armor. Yet they wore Recruit Armor in game. This has been fixed.

Hoover Dam water jets! Yay!

Ballistic Gauntlet and Lily's Gauntlet have had their original icons restored.

You can now free the Bighorners in Goodsprings during the quest Run Goodsprings Run so they can cause some chaos prior to the attack. All wandering Bighorners in Goodsprings were also replaced with Brahmin, as they were internally named Brahmin.

All the Goodsprings residents will now participate in Ghost Town Gunfight if Trudy was convinced to aid you, including Ruby and the Settler you can save at Goodsprings Source.

You can now convince the Deserters at Primm to surrender to the NCR should a certain nearby generic NCR Corporal still breath.

You can now incite a mutiny in the Powder Ganger leadership.

You can now open a safe that Carter at the NCRCF couldn't open, as was intended.

You can now fix a generator at the NCRCF for Dawes, as was intended.

A bunch of vanilla weapons with little presence in the world (Dog Tag fists, Rolling Pins, Fire Axes, BB Guns, etc etc) can now be found naturally in merchant inventories and on enemies.

The current faction owner of the NCRCF ACTUALLY matters now. If the NCR is in control of it, then any NPC that is arrested through quests (Layla, Chomps, Tyrone, etc etc) will appear here. If the NCR is not in control, then most NPCs that can be arrested will relocate to the Camp McCarran Jail (except for Layla and her gang. The owner of the NCRCF directly determines their fate).

Tons of unused dialogue.

Fallout: New Vegas loves to imply that the standard NCR Troopers are severely underequipped and many soldiers apparently lack basic weapons and stuff. Yet in game, every NCR Trooper had a combat knife and a service rifle. Well, we made use of several unused leveled lists for NCR Troopers and now each Trooper's equipment will vary just like the game says it does.

Harland at Repconn had a key that opened nothing in the vanilla game. Well, the key has a use now. Somewhere in the Bright Brotherhood's sanctum sits a briefcase containing a bunch of stuff belonging to Harland. The key can open this, but you can also pick the lock if you don't have the key.

The White Glove Society will send reinforcements to Hoover Dam should they ally with the Legion during Veni, Vidi, Vici!

The Lucky 38 has it's own unique climate now. The one it did have went unused.

You can now pass a small Explosives skill check in front of Easy Pete's house in Goodsprings. A small dynamite box should be there that uses a previously unused script. Should be a good pick-me-up for explosive characters early on. Look for a box under a dead tree.

The male generic Khans at Boulder City now wear the spiked caps they were wearing in the iconic intro sequence.

Most members of the Brotherhood in the first level of the Hidden Valley bunker will now use the bathroom at least once a day.

Some NPCs in the world have been given Pip-boys. Such as Chris Haversam, the survivors of Vault 34, Sarah Weintraub, and more that made sense to have them.

The White Glove Society Mask has been readjusted for females. The eye holes will now align properly on women.

The Legion can now occupy the NCRCF.

The Brotherhood of Steel can now retake HELIOS One in an exciting and epic battle.

Carlitos and Joana will go and live at the Aerotech Offices Refugee Camp should they both survive Bye, Bye Love. If Joana dies at the final confrontation of that quest, Carlitos will launch an assault on Gomorrah.

You can now fix or upgrade the water purifier at Underpass.

You can now get The Scorpions Gang more ammo from the NCR. They are also no longer hostile and you can now speak to Yvette and Roller.

Roller, The Scorpions Gang Member, can now sell you chems, as was originally intended.

Jas Wilkins will leave Sloan for New Vegas (The Atomic Wrangler) when she gets her deathclaw egg, as was intended.

The NCR Emergency Radio's unused lines regarding your choices (Stash, Ranger Support, Trooper Support) have been restored.

The unused Rangers in the NCR Emergency Radio's usage have been restored. Ranger types are as follows: Civilian Rangers will appear to help you if you request them if you're LIKED by the NCR. Patrol rangers will appear to help you if you request them if you're IDOLIZED by the NCR and the Vet Rangers have not arrived in the Mojave yet. Vet Rangers will appear to help you if you request them if you're IDOLIZED by the NCR and the Vet Rangers have arrived in the Mojave.

The Legion can now mount an assault on Novac. (Available only in the SU-NV The March West file)

All companions will now scream in terror and pain when they are on fire.

Mr. Bishop's Henchman will now play a role in Talent Pool, as was intended.

Restored a cut Brotherhood encounter during Still In The Dark if you betray them at the BoS at the beginning.

Restored a cut AI package for My Kind of Town. NCR Deputies, Powder Ganger Deputies, or new Local Militiamen will sweep the Bison Steve for surviving Convicts before getting out of the way and letting other lawmen take over.

Major Knight will now greet you when you enter the Mojave Outpost command center for the first time, as intended.

Restored a cut scene where the NCR Ranger who is actually a Legion Assassin will go to the guy he killed, and then attack you for finding the body. Also restored a cut line.

An Alliance Between BoS and NCR can now be felt heavily across the frontlines on the southeast of the map.

Frenzied Mr. Handies now appear randomly in the wasteland, allowing players to hear their rarely used combat dialogue.

A cut music track, Exit the Vault, has been re-added. This track was originally to play whenever you left a wilderness vault (Not Vault 21), so now whenever you leave a wilderness Vault, the track will play.

Boulder City Workers can now be put back to work, if their manager dude is convinced.

Schematics Re-added:

Shishkebab Schematic
- The schematic for the Shishkebab.

Deathclaw Gauntlet Schematic - The schematic for the Deathclaw Gauntlet.

Mantis Gauntlet Schematic - The schematic for the Mantis Gauntlet.

Ruby Nash's Casserole Recipe - A recipe for Ruby Nash's Radscorpion Casserole.

Railway Rifle Schematic - The schematic for the Railway Rifle.

Dart Gun Schematic - The schematic for the Dart Gun.

Things Added That Are NOT Cut Content:

DISCLAIMER - Everything that falls under this category are not cut content. The following items have only been created, and added, to add to either an aesthetic or realism. This list will not include NPCs added for cut quests, as even though some of those NPCs are not cut content, their inclusion is easily explained to keep the quest going. Most NPCs used in quests that are not cut content will not be mentioned here.

Lone Wolf Radio - A sinister radio that airs only at certain times in the very early morning...
Reason For Creation - Was originally listed as cut content but people were negative about it so I put it here instead. I personally believe in the Lone Wolf story so.... whatever. Essentially we created it to bring Little Dead Riding Hood to life.... if a bit divergent from the original story.
Type - Radio Station
Notes - Only Available in the Optional File Little Dead Riding Hood Enabler

Little Dead Riding Hood - A serial killer stalks the hills around Primm and Goodsprings... watch your back.
Reason For Creation - Same as above.
Type - Quest
Disclaimer - This quest is divergent from the original story. Instead of focusing on child killing, our Lone Wolf is a more mainstream serial killer as child killing is too disturbing to work on. The act is mentioned a few times however and our Wolf has even admitted to doing it a few times but this is all to give background and personality to our Wolf. He mainly targets Powder Gangers.
Notes - Only Available in the Optional File Little Dead Riding Hood Enabler

The Lone Wolf - A serial killer stalking the area around Goodsprings and Primm.
Reason for Creation - Same as above.
Type - NPC
Notes - Only Available in the Optional File Little Dead Riding Hood Enabler

NCRCF Guard Armor - The NCR Opposite to the Powder Ganger Guard Armor outfit.
Reason For Creation - The make the NCRCF Prison Guards more unique.
Type - Item

Frank - A chain-smoking Powder Ganger Captain.
Reason For Creation - To allow the Player the utilize the restored feature of Reinforcing the NCRCF Defenses among other reasons.
Type - NPC

The Lakelurk Hunter - A mysterious individual hunting Lakelurks by Lake Mead and Boulder City.
Reason For Creation - A nod to the Fallout Myth Hunters.
Type - NPC

White Glove Attendant - The White Glove girl serving drinks in the bathhouse.
Reason For Creation - I was populating the Casinos and saw a barren bar in the Ultra-Luxe Bathhouse. I just added her to help with my intentions.
Type - NPC

NCR Sutler - An NCR Trooper running the Commissary at Camp McCarran.
Location - Camp McCarran.
Type - NPC

NCR Flame Troopers - Members of the NCR Flame Trooper Corps, something I totally made up but is equally cool!
Reason For Creation - To make use of the unused Makeshift Gas Mask and to pay homage to the Flame Trooper kit of Battlefield 1, which was my favorite kit.
Type - NPC

Scribe Britney - The quartermaster for the BoS Garrison at HELIOS One.
Reason for Creation - The give the player both a bit more credit for helping the BoS as well as giving the player a better reason to come back to HELIOS One.
Type - NPC

A Roach Problem - Cottonwood Cove Bunker is infested. Perhaps you can do something about that?
Reason for Creation - There is an unused special Radroach that was intended for the unused Cottonwood Cove Bunker. So, we decided to add a little tidbit of a quest to deal with the infestation.
Type - Quest

We Shall Fight in The Shade - The Brotherhood wants HELIOS One back under their control. Take it back. (Or defend it.)
Reason for Creation - It isn't really known if the Brotherhood was to have a quest involving this, of course. But cut dialogue indicates the Brotherhood WAS to retake the facility at one point. We took it a step further and allowed the player to participate in such an event.
WARNING: This quest will field A LOT of NPCs in one area at once, it is highly likely this quest will lag or even crash games on slower or older computers. It is also a highly dangerous quest as it will simulate an ACTUAL battle, not just a skirmish that is over-exaggerated to be a battle and it is likely you will die a few times while on it. Only high level players are recommended to take this quest. You have been warned.
Type - Quest

NCR Deserter - A captured trooper who tried deserting.
Reason for Creation - There is some unused dialogue that cannot be heard due to how I Fought The Law is structured. So I created him so he could use it instead.
Type - NPC

Powder Ganger Bartender - A Ghoul Powder Ganger taking up Trudy's profession.
Reason For Creation - To keep a drink merchant around in Goodsprings when the Powder Gangers take over.
Type - NPC

Bitter Springs Mess Hall - A mess hall in a refugee camp of Bitter Springs.
Reason For Creation - To add some extra character to Bitter Springs and to make use of an unused and barricaded building in the camp.
Type - Location

Camp McCarran Jail - A dumping ground for the refuse of the NCR.
Reason For Creation - To house the various NPCs that can get arrested in the game but are usually disabled instead of placed into jail. This is mainly for aesthetic reasons, and NPCs from this mod can also be put in this jail. Current owner of the NCRCF determines where most of the possible jailbirds go.
Type - Location.

Tying The Noose - The Legion has been eyeing the NCRCF.... perhaps the time has come...
Reason for Creation - It was shown that, through an X Marker in the game, the NCRCF could fall under Legion banners at one point in the game. While it may not exactly be cut content, this quest, it does allow the player to experience the battle for themselves.... or stop it entirely.
Type - Location.

Uri - A dog at Underpass
Reason For Creation - In memory of my dog, Uri, who died tragically during the mod's development cycle. May you rest in peace, old man.
Type - NPC.

Drifters - Various NPCs drifting between place to place, not really finding a home except for on the road.
Reason For Creation - To make use of Fallout 3 legacy dialogue that was revoiced but never used in Fallout New Vegas.
Type - NPC

Legionary Glaive  - A weapon shown in the FNV Collector Edition Playing Cards held by a "Praetorion" (is actually a Centurion).
Reason For Creation - I liked the card it was featured on in the Playing Cards.
Type - Weapon

All Malpais Camp quests and NPCs.

Fiend Melee Arsenal has been expanded to include more than just a Baseball Bat and a Pool Cue.

Camp McCarran has two extra Jail Cells now, one makes use of an unused room previously inaccessible in the vanilla game.

All Goodsprings residents, including Doc Mitch, will now congregate at the Prospector's Saloon at night before bedtime.

Ranger Ghost at the Mojave Outpost now has a schedule to compliment her albinism. She no longer stands in one place for the whole game.

All Powder Ganger Camps within viewing distance of the NCRCF will send reinforcements when the NCR attacks it during I Fought The Law. Same with Tying The Noose should the Legion be battling the Powder Gangers.

The Bathhouse at the Ultra-Luxe now has an attendant.

Ranger Ghost and Manny Vargas use sniper rifles now instead of cowboy repeaters/hunting rifles.

There is now a unique eye color that is used by Ranger Ghost and Ivory titled EyesAlbino. Beforehand, Ranger Ghost used the EyesBrown color.

Lieutenant Hayes will take some of the NCR Soldiers at Primm with him when he relocates to Camp Forlorn Hope. Some however will stay behind to guard the road to Primm.

Lieutenant Monroe will take his entire unit when he relocates to Camp Forlorn Hope. This includes the hostages if they survive.

Boulder City is supposed to be an important area to the NCR, yet there are no soldiers to protect the supposed vital location. Well, now a squad of NCR Troopers will patrol and protect the town.

The Atomic Wrangler, Tops, Gomorrah, and Ultra-Luxe have cocktail waitresses now! And yes, you can bang the Gomorrah and Atomic Wrangler waitresses.

Certain characters will no longer disappear from the game when their role is over. Some vanilla and a couple modded NPCs will relocate to the Atomic Wrangler permanently should the proper prerequisites be met.

There is a hidden NCR Vet Ranger on the New Vegas sign, he appears after the Vet Rangers arrive in the Mojave.

Great Khan Armored Leather can now be found as normal armor on several Khans in Red Rock Canyon.

Most DLC weapons have been lore-friendly and realistically integrated into the Mojave Wasteland!

Load Order

Put this mod where you see fit. But low enough to fit personal taste with other mods. Putting it at the top is not advised. Keep the core ESP above the optional ESPs.

Create a Bashed Patch with Wrye Bash to maximize compatibility with other mods.

moburma80's Cut Content Mod Series - Fully Compatible

Uncut Wasteland - Incompatible, but playable with both. Let Simply Uncut - New Vegas override Uncut Wasteland. A patch is available for the Extra module.

Novac Legion Quest (Deleted From Nexus Mods) - Fully Compatible. Do not use SU-NV The March West together with Novac Legion Quest.

A World of Pain - Incompatible, Patch Available within Simply Uncut - New Vegas's downloads section.

Weapon Retexture Project - WRP - Incompatible, Patch Available within Simply Uncut - New Vegas's downloads section.

TTW - Not Supported. Do not ask, a patch will never happen.

Project Nevada - Fully Compatible

Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP - Fully Compatible

The N.V. Interiors Project - Incompatible
Severity - Low
Incompatible Area - Underpass
Reason - Both mods make use of the blocked off houses in Underpass.

FPGE - Function Post Game Ending - Fully Compatible

The Living Desert- Travelers Patrols Consequences Increased Population and more - Compatible

JSawyer Ultimate Edition - Incompatible with an easy solution.
Severity - Low
Incompatible Area - Varmint Rifle's caliber change
Reason - Both this mod and the mod in question change the varmint rifle to use the original caliber of .22.
Solution - Create a bashed patch using Wrye Bash.

Brave New World - Minor conflicts, but can work together (despite what BNW says, SU - NV and BNW can run together. Not seamlessly, but they can work in tandem.)

A Cyber Affair - Mr. House Seduction Route Uncut - Compatible.
Severity - Compatible

Recommended Mods

moburma80's Cut Content Mod Series


Novac Legion Quest (Deleted From Nexus Mods)

Radioactive Tumbleweed Cut Content

The Unholy Lands

Cutting Room Floor- Camp Golf Confrontation

NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash

Free the Slaves


Primm Reputation Restored

A Cyber Affair - Mr. House Seduction Route Uncut

Clear Security Helmet Visor

Special Thanks To:
All roles filled in this mod are included in a .txt file with the mod's download if you're curious as to who specifically did what.

Voice Actors
Call Me Kevin
Malkavian Grin
Frozen Foe
Brandon Leigh
K Mart
Danie G. Ramos
Thea Salone
Ross K
Cameron Reynolds
Stewart Moyer


Level Designers



Music Composer

Scripter for SU - NVThe Microwave Blaster Optional File