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Power armor stations are now found in gas stations, bunkers, facility interiors, and outside settlement buildings. Occasionally, full sets of power armor are left at power armor stations, free for the taking.

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New crafting stations for power armor found across the Mojave. Power armor crafting is available for the T-45 series, T-51 series, and various Enclave models. Unowned power armor sets are sometimes found at power armor stations. All power armors require completion of either the Crafty or Crafty Veteran challenges. Most power armor crafting requires Power Armor Training. High-end power armors require perks like Jury Rigging, Certified Tech, In Shining Armor, and Robotics Expert. Experimental modified power armors require completion of additional challenges such as Fixin' Things and Dr. Wasteland, M.D.. Disguised power armor crafting requires dog tags. Power armors listed in the power armor station depend on your character's current perks and challenges.


Choose only one version to install. Install the latest main file. For manual installation, extract the file to your game’s data folder. For a mod manager installation, install the file with your preferred mod manager.


Mods that place objects at power armor stations will likely conflict. This mod edits the stats of almost every power armor. Tale of Two Wastelands is likely not compatible as changes have been made to legacy Fallout 3 power armors. A World Of Pain is incompatible (for now). Yukichigai Unofficial Patch, The Living Desert, and Fallout 4 Power Armors have conflicts and will be patched in the next version.


Power Armor Station Crafting users may enjoy my other crafting mods Chemistry Station Crafting and Strange Still Crafting. The images used for this mod feature climates from my weather mod Post Nuclear Weathers.


This mod uses assets from Red Rocket Garage Home and T-51b Armor Display. This mod takes inspiration from the crafting interfaces of Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 as well as features from Get Your Power Armor.