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NVSE plugin that aims to fix UI bugs and add new UI features.
Sorting Icons and more!

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yUI is a NVSE plugin that aims to fix UI bugs and add new UI features.

This mod is made with DarN UI and VUI+ compatibility in mind, so if you encounter issues with either, please do report them.

This mod comes with bugfixes, all of which are disabled by default and specific optional features:

- bFixIndefiniteSorting - fixes the issue where items with different conditions would "jump around" on the menu update in Inventory, Container and Barter.
- bFixDroppedItems - fixes the issue where Container Menu would display only a single dropped item at a time. If you ever noticed that after moving a single item out of a container another appeared in its place, this will fix it.
- bFixTablineSelected - fixes the issue where Inventory Menu tabline shows up with buttons already selected.

Sorting Icons
This option adds an ability to assign image ycons for each ynventory item, using a system of complex conditions, allowing for automatic support of future mods. Optionally, you can make your entire inventory sort taking ycons into account, making navigation much easier. Additionally, you can add new item categories similar to Keyring.

Matching Cursor
This option makes color of cursor copy the color of HUD, additionally, to make it easier to provide a colorless cursor, it makes the game use the debug legacy cursor. Optional image files for different styles of cursors are provided in the Optional Files section.


Mods, that rely on this plugin for their function:
- ySI - Sorting Icons.