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Strider5's wonderful FO4 mod "Classic Computers" ported to FNV as a terminal replacer.

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Classic Computers

Strider5 made a great terminal model for Fallout 4 called "Classic Computers," found here. This is a backport of those meshes to FNV, complete with a matching first-person interface. All desk terminals should be covered- activatable ones, switched off ones, and the destroyed terminal husks.

I kept the original collision just for the sake of maximizing compatibility, and the collision matches very well with the new mesh.


Install through your preferred mod manager.

The exit button for the terminal interface is the green button in the upper-right, moved from the vanilla lower-right.

The included .esp is to fix a texture set which is used on only about a dozen terminal placements in the game. If you want to save space in your load order, it can be safely disabled at the cost of a very infrequent texture glitch or simply merged into another plugin.

If you encounter any desk terminals which aren't covered and you think should be, or that have messed up textures, let me know.

The first person terminal interface is shared with wall terminals, which are not covered by this mod. I don't find the mismatch too distracting, but it's worth noting.

Strider5 for the original mod - please go download & endorse it!
kazuhira777, aka Shiggus Diggis, who was gracious enough to provide me with ported textures.
Me for all the mesh editing.
And viewers like you. Thank you.