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Adds desktop computers inspired by Fallout 2 to locations throughout the Commonwealth and beyond. A constructible settlement object is included in a standalone plugin.
It does not actually replace default terminal models. It does however change some unique terminals in the game to use this model instead of the default one.

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This mod replaces some of the terminals in Fallout 4 and its DLC with more modern looking machines - inspired by the desktop computers in Fallout 2. As a bonus, there are two workshop objects you can build and use exactly like the default workshop terminal. You'll find them in the same category as the regular workshop terminal.

I replaced a decent portion of all the default terminals with this mesh, manually cell by cell. That means you'll find only default terminals in some areas or vice versa, and also some areas with both types of terminals. It is not a mesh replacer though, it merely alters specific terminal instances and changes them to use this mesh instead.

Enjoy, and please post any bugs you encounter or feel free to suggest improvements.


Changed the buildable terminals; There's now one without a table and one with a table. The chair is no longer there. Icons now match the object and the constructible terminals are in the correct category, unlike before.
Note: Don't try to use the tableless terminal if it's on the ground - you'll fall through the floor as you exit it. Figure out a way to place it on a table instead.


The main plugin is highly likely to cause your game to crash randomly. The settlement object plugin appears to work fine, however. If your game crashes, it's probably the main plugin (with or without DLC) that's causing it.