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A cleaned and fixed replacer for Gildemer's Van Graff Overhaul, which greatly enhances the Van Graff faction and the look of the Silver Rush overall. This replacer cleans the dirty edits and fixes bugs from the original as well as adding scripted compatibility for some other great mods.

Permissions and credits

I've always appreciated Van Graff Overhaul by Gildemer. Compared to the location's vanilla appearance, the changes made by that mod really make the Silver Rush feel more like an actual business and a workshop. The unique Van Graff armors, especially the Van Graff salvaged power armor for Jean-Baptiste, are icing on the cake. From the original page:

It reworks the Silver Rush inside and out to make it seem more like the establishment of an important merchant family. On the outside, the big windows are removed, since they don't appear on the inside of the store. Also some barricades have been placed at the door to give the guards some cover. The upper floor has been rebuilt and now houses some employees that take care of the energy weapons, as well as an additional guard. On the inside, the furniture of the old casino has been removed and replaced by a new set up. Blue neon lights and some Van Graff themed decoration have been added and the empty tables and shelves in the store have been filled up with goods (not to break the game's balance by offering too much loot in one small space I heavily decreased the health of the weapons).

Unfortunately, the mod has a few issues. The worst is probably the way it overwrites the vanilla NCR Salvaged Power armor with its custom Van Graff model, resulting in all NCR Heavy Troopers incongruously wearing Van Graff armor. Other issues include deleting records instead of disabling them which can lead to crashes and improperly disabling assets which causes floating and clipping slot machines to be seen inside the store. This plugin replacement fixes all of those.

I also took the liberty of converting the plugin from an ESP file to an ESM file and generated facegen textures which are included to eliminate skin tone inconsistencies between mismatched faces and bodies. In addition, this mod uses modern scripting methods to ensure maximum compatibility with other mods that might edit the same records.  Finally, there are just a few aspects of the mod which I tweaked according to my own preferences.

This mod only contains the plugin replacer and extra assets so you will still need to download the original mod by Gildemer and remember to endorse it as well if you like it.

  • Download the original mod by Gildemer and install. That mod contains required textures and meshes, without which you will experience visual bugs.
  • Enable the original mod but disable its ESP plugin in your load order.
  • Download and install this mod's main file. Enable its ESM plugin in your load order.
  • Regenerate your LOD with xLODGen if you want consistency for this mod's altered exterior mesh for the Silver Rush.
  • Update your personal navmesh compatibility patch to eliminate navmesh errors by following this guide.


All Deleted records have been converted to Initially Disabled and all ITM records have been cleaned.

All instances of floating/clipping or duplicated scenery inside the store have been properly disabled.

Edits to NCR Salvaged Power Armor have been removed so NCR Heavy Troopers do not wear Van Graff armor.

The navmesh has been updated so NPCs do not become stuck while navigating the new layout.


The Silver Rush crier has reverted back to wearing a Wasteland Outfit instead of being given Van Graff Combat Armor under the rationale that, despite being in the employ of the Van Graffs, the crier isn't a mercenary tasked with guarding the store. He's a poor resident of Freeside armed only with a company Plasma Pistol whose job is to attract customers. He gets to keep the Van Graff Beret as a souvenir though.

The dead Van Graff thugs at Durable Dunn's Sacked Caravan have reverted to wearing Black Combat Armor instead of the Van Graff Combat Armor and renamed to the more generic "Mercenary" to avoid spoiling their employ. I personally find it very implausible that Gloria would be so stupid as to send her thugs to covertly destroy caravans while proudly wearing Van Graff decals.


Jean-Baptiste Cutting now wears the Van Graff Salvaged Power Armor by default and carries a Plasma Caster, making him something of a mini-boss should the player pick a fight with the faction. Relevant AI packages and scripts have been updated so that he will use his currently equipped weapon when carrying out an execution and trigger the correct death effect for that weapon (plasma gooification instead of laser disintegration, for example).

Gloria Van Graff now sports the punkish Unladylike hairstyle instead of being shaved simply because I think it just looks better on her.

The Van Graff thugs inside the store have had changes to their ethnicity or appearance reverted to vanilla. Overwrite with your preferred NPC appearance mods.


The mod will automatically detect whether JIP LN NVSE's LocalizedDTDR feature is enabled and patch this mod's unique helmets for the sake of survivability.

The mod will automatically detect JSawyer forks such as the original from the man himself, JSawyer Ultimate or Vigor and patch this mod's unique armors to have consistent values.

Gildemer for the original Van Graff Overhaul and its assets
SGTbayk47 for the custom Van Graff Combat Armor mesh
lilmoefow for Titans of the New West patch and help multiple times with bug reports and improvement suggestions
SillyVladek for Sleeved Combat Armor Patch
FusionPrime for Classic Combat Armor Replacer Suite Patch