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Adds sleeved combat armour to the Mojave and the Divide, as a replacement to regular combat armour.

Permissions and credits

The Sleeved Combat Armour mod adds sleeved combat armour to the Mojave and the Divide, as a replacement to regular combat armour.

The mod changes the regular green, black, Van Graff and US Army combat armours into a sleeved version. The mod implements all changes via script, which means you do not need the Lonesome Road DLC to run the mod. Make sure you have downloaded version 50.20 or higher of the JIP LN NVSE Plugin or this mod will not work correctly.

An alternate texture for the black and Van Graff combat armour is now available. This texture is made to match the black combat armour in my Distributed Combat Armour mod. Make sure you load this mod after Distributed Combat Armour in your load order for the changes to work.

Changes in v2.0

Updated meshes and textures.
Meshes and textures stored in a .bsa file.
Complete version which replaces green, black, Van Graff and US Army combat armour, but requires Lonesome Road DLC.
The leveled version has been removed, because combat armour isn't a commonly seen armour, and you either want the sleeves or you don't.

Changes in v2.1

Mod is implemented completely via scripts.

 Changes in v2.2

Refreshes NPCs to avoid meshes reverting to vanilla when loading a save in which NPCs are wearing the edited armour. Thanks to Ladez for the scripting!

Changes in v2.3

Riley's rangers combat armour now has a sleeved model. This armour is uncut in the base game, and you'll need another mod which restores it to see the effects.

This mod requires NVSE and the JIP LN NVSE Plugin.

The latest version of this mod has no bugs or conflicts.


To install the mod copy the SleevedCombatArmour.esp and SleevedCombatArmour.bsa into your data folder. To uninstall just remove the same two files. Or use your preferred mod manager to install this mod as you would any other.

Me, for the armour models, textures and .esp.
Ladez, for scripting help.
Bethesda and Obsidian, for creating Fallout New Vegas.

Any assets in my mods that are made by me can be considered modders resources, so long as I am credited in some way. Any other assets will require you to check the permissions of the respective mods.

This mod is provided as is, and I'm not responsible for any problems using the mod may cause.